[Filming Location] Produce 101 – Training Studio & Dormitory


Alright so I’m currently watching the reality TV show ‘Produce 101’ and their training studio footages look somewhat familiar and I kind of thought that perhaps I’ve seen it before and it turns out to be.. yep I think I know where the location is.

With such building architecture, there’s only one place in mind – English Village.

Note: There are 3 locations of english village which looks somewhat similar to one another. The one they filmed at is located at Paju, while the other two is located at Yangpyeong and Ansan (apparently this is closed since 2012). I’ve visited the one at Yangpyeong back in 2011 as it was the filming location for popular K-drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. If you are keen, you can read my experience here.

Initially, I kind of have doubts on whether this location is still open to public as they could possibly be closed for filming purposes but.. look what I found on instagram.. Someone visited the location 2 days ago (which will be 12 May 2017) and the poster of ‘Produce 101’ is seen on the windows.

Oh gawd. why didn’t I think about this place when I just visited Korea last week!! Then again, I don’t think it is appropriate to stalk but oh wells, I’m just happy to have successfully found the filming location of another spot and I guess many readers of my blog have found me through the search of filming locations.

Also, in this link, they feature the various productions that have been filmed in this place. It includes EXO – Miracles in December (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVLxRXoLaas) and Super Junior Victory Korea MV (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCdYAYPjZ4M).

In their official website, you can find images of the accommodation which.. obviously looks similar to the dorms we see in the show. Please note that the dorms are not available to be booked for individual use so in case you are trying to be crazy and wanting to visit the dorm (after the filming), it would be highly impossible.


Address: 40 Eoreumsil-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Website: http://english-village.gg.go.kr

Directions: Hapjeong Station (Line 2, Line 6), Exit 1. Take bus 2200 and alight at “Paju English Village”. The journey time is about 1 hour.

If you do manage to visit this place, please come back to my blog and comment about your experience!

Also, don’t forget to explore the Paju area too. There’s this really nice art valley in Heyri which I visited back in 2012

Oh, and if you are a Goblin fan, one of the filming spot (the steak restaurant they dined in ‘Quebec’) is at Paju too.


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    • The last time I contacted them, they said it was open for visiting but they didn’t specify if there are any out of bounds area so I’m really not sure.

  • Hello, so is the village still open? I know someone had previously asked but I just wanted to make sure one more time since I’ll be visiting korea next 2 weeks and Ireally really wanted to visit Produce 101’s filming site 😀

    • Hi there, I am really not sure if it is open but I guess you can check out instagram location to see if there are recent photos of the place nearer to your trip? Anyway, the areas may be blocked up if it is used for filming so.. I’m really not sure if you can get to see the premises.