Day 25 [17th July 2011] BOF filming spot (english village) + Dinner @ Konkuk


Anyway, there was KBS open concert yesterday (16th July) but I had to give it a miss. Kind of sad but I heard you have to be really early to get a good view! But I guess you have to balance your travel plans with idol chasing plans. hmmpf.

Alright, so after the tiring day yesterday, rushing from jeonju and suwon and fighting the rain..  we decided to venture to BOF filming place.. our plan was (1) English village and (2) Petite France. but eventually, we only manage to go to the english village.

Information about the place:

Gyeonggi English Village, Yangpyeong Camp

The English Village in Yangpyeong was the setting for Shinhwa High School’s hallways, lobby, and exterior facades. First opened in April 2008, Gyeonggi English Village Yangpyeong Camp covers a 100.935㎡ area and has a total of 55 buildings, which are modeled on historical buildings in Virginia, United States. This educational English camp consists of condo-style dormitories, an artificial soccer turf, indoor gymnasium, health club, swimming pool, outdoor concert hall, observatory facilities, and more. The English Village was the location for the scene when Jan-di’s friend, Oh Min-ji, spills ice cream on Gu Jun-pyo’s shoes.

Directions: take Metro, all the way till the last stop: Youngmun; Jungang line.

The mrt ride will be about 1 hour+ so you sleep and wake up sleep and wake up.. and then you will reach. we were starving! so we grabbed this waffle which taste fantastic! It is very simple, just crispy waffle, whipped cream and maple syrup!

From the train station, take a cab. HAHAHA. Ride should be 3000~5000W. it’s like a 10 minute ride there..

So basically, the place is actually an english school wherby koreans go there to learn english i THINK.
when we reached, it was really crowded! there were many parents with their children.. and apparently it was the check-in day for the summer camp.


Guess what, actually when we were alighting, they said that they were not open today.. and that if we want to visit we had to make reservations beforehand.. but after a while, seeing that we really traveled a long way.. she decided to let us in. entrance was about 4000W if i didn’t remember wrongly.

she also went to open up the classroom for us.. the filming set. everyone knows why we were there.. apparently beyond bof, there’s a lot of films/movies/drams/MVs which used scenes from this place. i’m watching the greatest kpop survival drama right now and the starting scene which was supposed to be in UK was filmed in this place..

beyond that, shinee world concert 2 VCR for tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree.. is filmed here as well..

it’s so so so pretty. if your school is so pretty, won’t you study really hard? HAHA.

This staircase is very familiar looking right…?

We did not manage to go to petite france =(

It was this mural on the wall which made me recognize the place where shinee filmed the VCR. (2:19 onward)


It’s pretty cute, they actually have a boarding gate!

After that, we took a taxi out. If you call for taxi, have to pay 1,000W more.

Anyway, so we sourced for a place to eat around the train station and ended up n a chicken place. This was complimentary. we gobbled it up =/their egg is so awesome.


Then we took the long train ride back to seoul city.. we were a little unsure of where we want to go, but we ended up and konkuk university stop! usually, university stops will have a lot of food and shopping.. this was okay only. reasonable stuff to do but it was really crowded!

we had dinner at this place~ well we wanted to eat meat. after that painful bibimbap in jeonju.. we really need meat. lol.

well we ordered like different grades of pork or something. USA or Australia or Korean.. apparently korean pork was more expensive?!  but nevertheless meat is always good!

*tiring weekend*

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