My Dream Travel


There are many places in the world that I would love to visit.

Decided to start on a list like this so that I won’t forget the places that I wish to go.
At the same time, this list is for friends who would want me to their travel buddy.

Things to Do

(1) Have an adventure on a Transparent Kayak to see beautiful corals and marine life. The water must be more than 1m of clear visibility.
Possible places: Jeju, Krabi, Bali, Hawaii, Guam

(2) Snorkeling with colourful fishes and corals in the wild. Doubt I will ever dare to learn scuba diving so this shall be an alternative. I want to see fishes that I haven’t seen before.
Possible places: Great Barrier Reef @ Australia

Snorkeled in Krabi (May 2014) and Kota Kinabalu (June 2014).

Attempted discovery dive in Kota Kinabalu. I guess the next thing in line is to take my Basic Diving Course, hopefully in Redang Malaysia.

(3) Stargazing on high ground and open space while falling asleep on a Hammock. Ideal temperature should be 16 to 20 degrees.
Possible places: Some mountain in Thailand/Taiwan/Korea or Yellowstone National Park

(4) Hot Air Balloon.
Possible places: Turkey, Myanmar, Australia

Places to Go


Easter Island – As always, I’m always a fan of awkward, weird & unique things. These poker-faced looking Moai statues makes you want to stare at their face all day and wonder if they will ever blink.

The aurora borealis is one beautiful phenomenon that some countries have been blessed with. To enhance the experience, I would love to stay in a Glass igloo to see the northern lights @ Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finnish Lapland

Img Cr:


Santorini – This beautiful photo has been my desktop wallpaper at work for very long and people would usually say “WAH!” and assume that I’ve been there and took that photo. I guess since I travel quite a bit, this assumption shouldn’t be shocking but sadly, I’ve yet to visit this interesting island of white and blue. Despite being the remains of a volcanic eruption, it has magically transformed itself into a romantic travel destination for many. This beautiful architecture has inspired many other places in the world.
*Thinking of HH Santorini, the guesthouse in korea which i didn’t manage to visit yet*

FYI, if you’re a citizen living there, you are not allowed to repaint your house colour at your own free will. It will be subjected to approvals and judging from the photos we see today, I’m pretty sure the requests usually don’t succeed.

Yes, this was the reason why I found out about Guam back in 2006. In this MV, there was just this one chapel which caught my eye and remained in my head since then. It is so beautiful! Hawaii is too far, expensive and overrated. I’ll opt for Guam instead!
As of today (2 Jan 2014), there are no airlines that have direct flight from Singapore to Guam..

St Laguna Chapel @ Pacifics Island Club


Waterbom Theme Park – I’m not exactly a great fan of extreme rides because I think my heart can’t take it. However, this place looks too cool to be true. To be honest, I can’t gauge my courage level when I’m really there. We shall see =/

[4D3N] My first Bali Adventure!

(Visited in Feb 2014) Infinity Chapel@Conrad Hotel – There are a lot more beautiful photos but I wanted to select a photo without a wedding couple. I can’t remember how I came to know about this place but it’s so beautiful. I guess the naming of this place contributes to its term of “beautiful”. When people talk about holding their weddings in Bali, this image always pop up in my mind but seriously, i can’t imagine the huge price tag which comes along..


I want to stay in a private hut which is stilted on the crystal clear blue sea. Somewhere that I can just jump into the water if the weather is too hot. I want to have a private jet ski which ferry me from location to location. This is also the world’s lowest lying country, only 1.5m above sea level. So, so very beautiful.

South Korea
Chuncheon – A beautiful place locate north east of South Korea. It is the capital to Gangwon province an it is also famous for its korean dish – dakgalbi (marinated chicken ribs). Popular attractions include Nami Island, the filming location for popular Kdrama, Winter Sonata.

If I were to visit Nami island, I would be ziplining to the island (1 minute), and not take the conventional 5 minutes boat ride! It’s only 38,000W for that once in a lifetime experience!

As part of the Gapyeong tour bus excursion, Petite France & Garden of Morning Calm is included in the tour destination too.

Jade Garden – popular filming location especially for that winter, the wind blows.

Seoraksan National Park
Link to KTO website:

Seoraksan National Park (OeSeorak) (설악산국립공원 - 외설악)Seoraksan National Park (OeSeorak) (설악산국립공원 - 외설악)

Jebu-do – I want to go this west coast island for some clam digging! Anyway, the cool thing about this island is that the tidal patterns makes it accessible only during certain times of the day, where the tide is low. They have this phenomenon aka Moses parting twice a day where the water opens up to show the passage way between the island and the mainand. Jebu-do, together with his older brother Daebu-do, is home to many quirky pensions with Aladdin, Smurfs, Greek, Boat, Treehouse, .. theme. Whatever theme you name it, I’m sure korea has it !

Jeju-do – Despite visiting Korea thrice, I have yet to visit this beautiful island.

There are so many attractions and I have yet to shortlist the attractions that I wish to visit. I’m thinking of a 7 to 10 days trip to Jeju sometime in Spring/Autumn. It will be a road trip because I do not want to go the usual places =p
Excited 😉

North Jeju –
South Jeju –
West Jeju –
East Jeju –

Muui-do – This island is rather close to Seoul, or rather nearer to Incheon International Airport. It looks like a lovely island and I’m planning to stay in one of those beach huts they have along the beach. I want to sleep and wake up to the sounds of the waves and of course, play with fireworks, sparkles on the beach!

Muuido Island (무의도)

Ulleungdo Island (울릉도)
This island will be a pain in the neck. It is highly inaccessible, with ferries only departing once or twice everyday. During bad weather, trips may be cancelled and your ideal planned vacation may suddenly shrink or extend. To further worsen the journey, it is three hours long and getting sea sick is common. Even KTO it markets it as a “Mysterious Island”. This volcanic island is home to approximately 10,000 people and if you do get a chance to set foot on the island, you would have to visit controversial Dokdo aka pile of rocks. Japan has been fighting for the rights of the ownership of the land (Takeshima-Japanese name) and it still remains disputed today. FYI, there are only 45 trips to Dokdo per year, so I wish myself good luck.



I want to come to this place to stay in this minsu (Kenting Seaside Boarding House):

I want to refresh my memory on the filming locations for Angela Zhang’s drama back in 2003.

Danshui – Dan Jiang High School (Jay Chou’s Movie Secret Filming Location)
Can’t remember why i haven’t visited this place despite going to Danshui twice. Nevertheless, Danshui is such a comfortable and relaxing place to be at.

Danshui & Beyond – 白沙灣海水浴場(You are the apple of my eye filming location), Young Door Cafe

(I think I need to dedicate a full entry to Taiwan alone)

(Visited in Sep 2015) Hua Hin also known as the King’s Royal Beach resort is so beautiful. I’m gonna add this in the itinerary the next time I’m going to Bangkok. You can take either the train or the bus to this place and it will take approximately 3 hours to get there.

(Visited in May 2014) Krabi
When you’ve been to Phuket, you should check out the not-so-popular-yet neighbour Krabi. Basically it is about the same, you indulge in water sports, soak up the sun at the beach, go on the island-hopping tours and of course enjoy the true beauty of what nature has to offer. Photos of Krabi are always so beautiful that i always question whether they are photoshopped or filtered greatly. I’ll have to visit that place myself to find out.


Vang Vieng – Blue Lagoon

Luang Prabang – Kuang Si Falls

Photo Cr:


California – Malibu Beach

Yes, to fulfill my stupid obsessions with filming locations. And of course, to surf, if I succeed in learning.

Florida  The paradise for theme parks.

It is home to Universal Studio Florida & Island of Adventure, Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, SeaWorld, LegoLand, and the list goes on and on. Even If I stayed in Florida for two weeks, I doubt I can complete all the available attractions. Argh. I can just die choosing the ones that I want to visit T_T

That’s it for the list, which is going to grow and grow and grow, unless I am able to strike the places off quicker than my new additions =p

Last Update: 19.10.2014

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