Pool Floats Rental

What’s available

  1. Donut Float (Pink)
  2. Donut Float (Brown)
  3. Watermelon Float
  4. Pineapple Float
  5. Unicorn Float (275cm)

Donut/Fruits Float – $10 each/7 days (Deposit $40/float)
Unicorn Float – $15 each/7 days (Deposit $55/float)

Rent 1 float – free rental of hand pump

Rent 2 or more floats – free rental of electric pump

To rent/make an enquiry, send a message via my Facebook Page or email flyhoneystars@gmail.com

Photos of floats

 photo IMG_4727_zps20fc57d9.jpg



Unicorn Float is available for rent at $15/7 days.

 photo IMG_4702_zps8b886c1e.jpg

Additional Terms & Conditions:
If you would like to borrow both floats for 7 days, you will have to pay me $100 when I pass you the floats and pump.
Upon returning the floats, you will not get your $80 refunded immediately. 
I will transfer the $80 to your designated bank account once I have fully inspected the condition of the float at home.

(1) Each Float requires approximately 30 minutes to be fully pumped up (using the hand pump). If you use the electric pump, it takes 5 to 10 minutes.

(2) Deflating would take approximately 15 minutes with usage of the binder clip.


(4) After every use, please rinse the float with fresh/tap/clean water.

(5) Floats have to be returned washed and dried, fully deflated and neatly folded.

(6) If floats are not returned in good condition, I reserve the right to confiscate full/partial deposit.

Happy floating~~ 

Review from past customers can be found in my old post.

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  • Hi I would like to rent about 7 pool floats I’m am fine with some of them being a dublicate sewing that there are only 5 available however I would like to rent it only for a day for my pool party I will take it for 2 days maximum

    I would like to ask if that would be ok because it says that $10/week
    So is it possible to rent for a day or two
    Pls reply