Working Holiday New Zealand Guide


Current Status: I’ve completed my New Zealand Working Holiday experience and returned home in mid-March 2020, just before the lockdown in New Zealand.

I started off in June 2019 in Christchurch, proceeded to Wanaka and then Alexandra (Central Otago) before going up to Motueka. I worked in 6 different jobs and spent more money than I earned. Feel free to IGDM me (@flyhoneystars) or email me if you require any help or advice.

Here’s a list of posts that I have written:

[The Preparation]

[Job Experiences]

[Other Useful things]

[Weekly Updates]

I wrote this more for my own memories than it being a ‘guide’, so it contains more emotions and thoughts, rather than useful stuff. You can read about my ups and downs of the journey so far.

[Ask me Anything]

This will be updated when.. people start asking me questions. Feel free to buzz away!

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