The hobby I hardly ever share about


Can you believe that it is going to be March soon? When mid-march comes, it will also mean that 1 year has passed since my ‘gap year’ and gosh, COVID is still around to haunt us.

While going through the diaries of my younger days, there was one aspect of my life that I had intentionally left out sharing in the public space. It has been many years but I’m still not comfortable with sharing this ‘hobby’ in the public space so I’m gonna try writing about it here, and see how it goes (will I end up keeping this post in my draft folder instead of posting it out?)

Just curious, when people ask you what hobbies do you have, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

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Random musings while flipping memories

137 ViewsI usually try to plan my writing with a purpose (though sometimes I digress until I can’t recall what was my initial objective) but for today, I don’t really have an agenda in mind. It is the Lunar New Year Weekend (Fri – Sun with half-day on Thursday) but due to the COVID restrictions,

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Thoughts on solitude and the future

328 ViewsWhoops. I’ve been working on this post since 2020 and suddenly realised that I have not finished this piece. 2021 – 11 days in – how are you feeling about the year? Not sure which part of the world you’re in but back in my home country (Singapore), it had been raining non-stop. The

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2020 – the lost year

295 Views2020 – how do I begin with writing a concluding post to document the most uneventful year of my life? Looking back on 2019, my post was titled 2019 – It’s okay to live the life you wished for which had been inspired from the book by Haemin Sumin. One year ago, my life

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Unhappy Birthday to You – COVID19!

325 ViewsIt’s sad to be reminded that something important is having a ‘birthday’ (or perhaps 1st year anniversary) and instead of being merry about things, there are certain things in life we would like to be bitter about – and COVID-19 is certainly one thing that falls into the basket of goods that we wish

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Lessons for myself – understanding being

444 ViewsI’m not sure how this post will turn out to be but it is something that I would like my future self to reflect upon, when the right moment comes upon. Just some background information, this had been a really heavy week for me, in terms of emotional thinking as I spent 4 days

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The journey to having a mind of your own

715 ViewsIf you can read through the end, I will share more about my personal experience on my thoughts on having a mind of your own. I tried to reduce the length of the article but it is hard as I wanted to remember his story, and my story, in the many years ahead. Brace

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Growing up with Coffee (Prince)

1,023 ViewsInitially, I wanted to write a post dedicating to Growing up old with Korean (Taiwanese/Chinese/.. and the list goes on) Dramas in general but as I typed and typed, I realise that this post had to be solely dedicated to this one single drama. The writing of this post had been inspired by the

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