Cafe hopping Bears


Since I was compiling my traveling bears series, I thought I might just feature the various random cafes and local attractions that I visited.

Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Cafe, Dec 2013

Pre-dinner treats. #bearsdayout #cafehoppingduffy #cafehoppingpaddington #duffyandpaddy

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Lady M, Jan 2014

Awesome Green Tea Mille Crepe #bearsnightout #cafehoppingduffy delicious~~~~~~

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Cafe Melba, Apr 2014

#cafehoppingpaddington #cafehoppingduffy #bearsdayout #goodfridaybrunch #duffyandpaddy

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Fresh Fruits Lab, May 2014

Brew Maison, Jun 2014

East Coast Park, Dec 2014

Gardens by the Bay, Jan 2015

Thomson Medical Center, Feb 2015

Longkang Fishing at ORTO, Feb 2015

Lemon Tart at McCafe, May 2015

The Provision Shop, Aug 2015

Singapore Botanic Garden (UNESCO Heritage Site), SG50 Concert in the Park, Aug 2015

Tanjong Pagar Railway, Aug 2015

#duffyandpaddy first visit to the #tanjongpagarrailwaystation #flyhoneystarsg50

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Padang, SG50 National Day Parade 2015, Aug 2015 This photo is slightly special because there are two paddington bears instead of one! We were watching the NDP and my cousin happened to bring her bear along for the occasion too! Well, to date, this is the only photo that I have with 2 paddington bears and 1 duffy together.


Look where we are! Paddington meets his twin. 😁😁😁 #duffyandpaddy #flyhoneystarsg50


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  River Safari, Aug 2015

Collective Brewers, Jan 2016

  Royce Mary Cafe, Jan 2016