The search for a hobby


My blog post title may sound a little weird to you but this was something that had been bothering me for the past few weeks. Alright ‘bother’ may not be the correct word in this context but I can’t seem to untangle myself from these thoughts across the past week. Today, we had to answer an email from a colleague which asked us to list down our hobbies and interesting facts that you would like to share. I struggled internally for the ‘hobbies’ portion as I don’t exactly have a long-term hobby that I am passionate about my whole life and I decided to list down the two unique things that had been on my mind at that point in time – reading Japanese fiction books and planting eggplants. Of course, life is easier if I give a more generic answer like reading and gardening but me being me, I wanted to give a quirky and distinctive answer (they are collating responses for a virtual team bonding activity). As for the interesting facts – I gave two -> I am still playing monopoly deal (the card game) for more than 10 years with the same group of friends PLUS I am still playing Pokemon Go. I guess it doesn’t sound interesting enough but I don’t know what else I wish to share with my colleagues. I thought it would be insensitive to share about my New Zealand working holiday experience since travel is kind of like a forbidden fruit right not. I don’t want to share that I am a blogger as I would pretty much prefer to keep my private and blogging life in two separate baskets. I don’t know what else is interesting about me. At times I find myself leading a really boring life, living day to day, with the same routine, in the same comfort zone and.. that’s pretty much it.

So.. back to hobbies.. what’s the deal with it right? I somehow came to realisation over the past few weeks that I am a person with.. too many hobbies and interests. I always call myself a jack of all trades, master of none. I get excited over things easily and I may go all out for it, only to lose enthusiasm after a while and retreat to find my next new interest. Before I started this article, I actually googled if there was a term for someone who has multiple interests and hobbies. The first result displayed this kind of ‘over the top’ term called ‘multipotentialite‘.

A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny. We have many paths and we pursue all of them, either sequentially or simultaneously (or both).

Somehow, I feel this term is beyond me but yea it does seem that I don’t have a ‘one true calling’ (resonates with my multiple career switches) and I guess that lies in my.. destiny? Had I been born like that? Well, that’s talking about the advantages. The disadvantage of being a person like that is that.. I am pretty fickle-minded and I lose interest and gets distracted easily. I like to multi-task and put everything on ‘keep-in-view’ instead of getting them out of my life. Currently, my chrome browser has 71 tabs and this is a familiar view in all aspects of life. I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing at any one time and I need to wreck my brain all the time. Now that I’m typing this, I need to have music in that background. While typing this paragraph, I carted out a basket of online groceries (fruits and vegetables) that I surfed for while eating dinner just now. When I watch TV, I multi-task with playing handphone games. When I go for long walks alone, I am either listening to music or an audiobook. I always put on earphones whenever I’m out of the house – from walking to the train station, to taking the train/bus – and yea, you guessed it. AirPods pro was one of my best buy of the year -> I use it so so so often. On weekday nights, I tap in to check on how my US stocks are doing. I can pretty much say that in most of my ‘alone’ time, I think 90% of it is spent multi-tasking. Even when I sleep, my multi-tasking capabilities don’t stop as I have dreams/nightmares often. I can’t figure out how or when I was sucked into his rather bad habit of mine but I believe it is here to stay.

To be honest, such multi-tasking capabilities has a fair share of side effects too. I do get anxiety at times (more prevalent in the past) and I have to spend money to keep myself calm. I used to frequent beauty services such as hair treatment, body massages and facial as these are activities that require me to put down my phone. A couple of years back, I had issues with sleep because my mind was always occupied with work. I check my email before I sleep and right after I wake up. Technically, it wasn’t a requirement of the job but somehow, I chose the convenience of having your work email on your personal phone. It is kind of a double-edged sword but it’s very hard to undo the action. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with this now.

Okay so let’s get back to the topic of ‘the search for a hobby’. I realised that the indecisiveness in me, or perhaps the ‘me’ wanting to try and ‘know’ everything, sometimes put me in a rather awkward social circle so I don’t exactly have a ‘type’ of friends I hang out with on a regular basis. The friends I tend to have sometimes seems to be pretty mutually exclusive and that it is not common for their paths to intertwine. As a result, I often do different things with different groups of people and at times, I do feel that I’m kind of all over the place? How should I put it.. I do know of friends who play mahjong every single weekend as a regular social activity but for me, I don’t exactly love it that much to play it often. As a result, I’m not good at it and I often lose money when I play. I also hang out with a group of friends perhaps on an average of once to twice a month (we’ve been a clique for 14 years and counting) but every time we meet it up is to eat, play LAN (L4D2), monopoly deal or other cards/strategy games like dominion. In the pre-covid days, we used to watch blockbusters movies together (e.g. Marvel collection) plus in the even earlier days, we played pool and bowling. We were more of the ‘activities’ clique and on regular days, we don’t exactly sustain a conversation over Whatsapp. Another group of friends.. can I consider them my childhood friends given that we met when we were.. 13? To be honest, this group of friends would forever be on the most random combination because when you meet at such a young age, there isn’t really much commonality that brought you together – just the same fate of being in the same class plus the desire to hang out together after school – the basketball days, the badminton weekends, the pink shop with everyone holding scissors (neoprints shop); somehow these are memories that will allow us to reminisce on even when we are old and grey. Growing older, my clique of 8.. our interests and paths didn’t really coincide as we, later on, went to different schools exploring different careers. There’s no one singularity of hobby that held us together when we grew older, except the memories. We still try to meet every Christmas as there’s some sort of familiarity, some sort of family and I guess some sort of.. habit?

So.. if I think hard, like really hard. The friends that I have who possibly came from a hobby was my idol-chasing friends. As awkward as it sounds, I met them online as I wasn’t keen on attending concerts alone. I don’t know if I can consider idol-chasing as a ‘hobby’ but somehow it fits the description perfectly, an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure. Apart from blogging, idol-chasing is one single activity that takes up a huge proportion of my leisure time. Assuming I include the amount of time I used to spend on online forums, on twitter and social media, on overseas trip, on queueing up for their items, visiting places inspired by them and also chatting with friends that share the common interest. Sometimes, I do ask myself.. ain’t I too old to be doing this (note: I don’t chase all idols, just my favs who had remained constant in a really long while), but something inside me wonders what happens if I don’t hold on to that common denominator with these friends? So.. one of my occasional random worries is that either I or my friend(s) quit the hobby, or perhaps the idol/group we support decides to quit the industry.. will we still be friends? Well, I do have a few fall out friends here and there.. it’s sad but inevitable but I guess that’s where having a consistent hobby is important to keep the bonds intact. Sorry for being really random yet again.

Right, so I did mention that ‘blogging’ is somewhat another of my hobby as it is something that takes up quite a significant time in my life (like me writing this on a Sunday night – actually it’s Monday 1am already but I’m still not asleep). Weirdly, I don’t actually have any close friends of mine that are fellow bloggers. Well, I did meet a few of them from the rare media trips I attended many years ago but none of the connections bloomed beyond an Instagram follower. Sometimes, I do wish that there’s someone out there to discuss with me on the ups and downs of blogging, what keeps them motivated and what’s ‘in’ and what’s not but somehow that person didn’t exist. In the past (like 10+ year ago), blogging was a pretty ‘in’ thing where I had a lot of blog links to my friends/classmates blog where I would link-surf every night to check out their updates. I recently did a throwback search (my old non-travel related blog is still up and alive on the internet) but I realised that 90% of my friends’ blogs were no longer available, while the remaining 10% had not been updated for more than a decade. It’s funny how this thing called ‘the internet’ invaded our lives almost 20+ years ago and it had continued to grow in importance as the year went by. When I’m 80, would I still be having such random throwback moments and reminisce the days of my childhood and youth? Will the information and data online be available forever..? Many uncertainties, many unknowns but the sad thing of having a paid domain is that the moment I stop paying the annual hosting/domain cost, this piece of history of mine would somehow vanish forever; unlike my free blogspot site which will remain unscathed until blogspot shuts down – like diaryland.

Another month of 2021 has gone by and this is me writing another random blog post.

If you’re looking for something to read, I’ve just completed three books – ‘The woman in the purple skirt’, ‘Breasts and Eggs’ and ‘There’s no such thing as an easy job’. I have a rekindled love for translated Japanese fiction books. I don’t know how to describe these books especially the first one. It was weird and intriguing at the same time. I’ve been trying my best to ‘seek out’ for bookworms around me as an attempt to discuss the book (like how people have discussions after watching movie) but it ain’t going anywhere. Perhaps there’s a reason why book clubs exist and everyone try to read the same book at the same time. Right now, my current read is ‘To pixar and beyond’ and it’s refreshing to read such non-fiction books where you process mainly facts – which is much easier somehow.

Oh and dramas wise, I’m currently watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha and Yumi Cells. Cha Cha Cha is a simple and easy to watch drama; not much investment of emotions on my end but Yumi Cells on the other hand is another weird but charming drama. The concept and storyline appeal to me more than the acting and I’ve started reading the 600+ episode webtoon as I couldn’t get rid of my curiosity after watching the first two episodes.

As for the popular ‘squid game’, I haven’t watched it and may not intend to do so as I’m not a fan of hunger games. Friends who know me well say I wouldn’t enjoy that type of content though I’m getting tempted because the whole world is talking about it. Then again, something that is popular does not mean that it is everyone’s cup of tea as.. I didn’t enjoy money heist (couldn’t get past the first few episodes of season one). Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get absolutely bored and jump on the squid game ‘craze’.

Oh, and I watched marvel’s Shang Chi last weekend too. Enjoyed the movie (like every other Marvel movie) and thought that awkwafina’s character was really charming, much more than simu liu. heh. I’m watching Kim’s convenience too but if you ask me, I still enjoy ‘fresh off the boat’ a lot more.

So.. the battle with covid.. we’ve reached 81% vaccination rate but our cases have skyrocketed again. Somehow, the vaccination dream to achieve endemic is a dream after all. We’re back to a 2-pax dining out / social gathering rules and offices are back to ‘working from home’ as a default. I’m not in the best of spirits when it comes to all that negativity arising from the covid measures but I guess this is part of our lives now and it will be the norm – constant flipping of measures to stay abreast of the latest situation.

What is travel? where is the ‘fly’ in flyhoneystars? maybe it’s time to change it to stayhoneystars instead =p

Stay sane yea.

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  • Hello! As usual I enjoyed your random blog post. You do have a talent for penning down your thoughts. I can identify with some of your personality traits even though I am in my mid 40s. My husband has entered Sg for work since May. I am at home with 2 teenagers, a dog that sleeps all the time and a garden that needs a lot of work (my husband was in charge). I tried to revive my career but it died with covid and my children are on home based learning until dunno when (we live across the border). I got into new hobby in March but I am feeling the fizzle now. Lol! Feel so stuck stuck stuck. Oh when you started talking about filming locations, I recalled this was the reason I followed your blog a few years ago. Heh! Well… life goes on… We will find ways to live through it. Take care.

    • Hello! Nice to see your comment again 🙂 Hope your husband is doing well in Singapore. Covid cases are rising back up again but I guess at least he should be vaccinated already if he’s in Singapore. Must be pretty tough for you to maintain the household alone! I guess you can give gardening a go! It’s pretty fun to grow edible vegetables – I’m trying to grow eggplants right now! Haha. Many people found my website when they are googling on filming locations.. was it Goblin? On a side note, I think travel has resumed in Canada cause my Goblin post on Quebec is receiving a lot of views these two months – and it is autumn right now!

  • Love that! Multipotentialite! Sounds so much better than “dabbler”. Also, you should change out the word hobby for passion. (“Hobby” is just so 50’s!) I get passionate about things all the time, and pursue them until I’m tired of it. Don’t feel guilty about moving on to a new passion. That’s what makes life interesting. Much love to all you Singaporeans. :-))

    • Good suggestion to use the word ‘passion’ but sometimes I feel ashamed to use that word because I know my passion will run out very quickly. It is too much of a strong word for a fickle-minded person like myself. Hope you are getting ready for autumn/winter!