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It’s been a long while since I’ve been writing about filming locations cause I’m here in New Zealand right now and I haven’t been catching much on K-dramas but.. guess what! Few months ago, some time in September, my friends (who are BTS fans) started messaging me all of a sudden telling me to keep a look out for BTS as they have just landed in New Zealand. As I was working, I couldn’t really go all out on this needle in a haystack search so.. nope, I didn’t manage to see a single glimpse of them but.. over the next few months, I did visit the attractions and places that they visited (not on purpose) and I thought that I should compile a summary list + insane amount of details (my expertise) for the fans who want to ‘follow their footsteps’ and visit this beautiful country.

This will be a work in progress entry as the Bon Voyage series just started yesterday night and it will be broadcasted weekly till January. So do check back for updates as I strive to keep it as updated as possible ๐Ÿ˜€ (It is now completed!)

Also, as I am not a fan, please forgive me (and inform me) if I do have incorrect information anywhere. I’m doing this base on google/twitter search plus the help from my ARMY friends. Hope you guys will enjoy it ^^


Itinerary (Details below)

[EP 1&2] Day 1 (Christchurch > Castle Hill)

  • [09:40] 6 members arrive at Christchurch (Seoul-Singapore-Christchurch)
  • Visited Britz to get their campervan
  • [13:00] Jin arrived at Christchurch (Seoul-Auckland-Christchurch)
  • Lunch @ The SPEIGHT’s Ale House Christchurch
  • Shopping @ Kathmandu, Tower Junction
    • Address: Tower Junction Mega Centre Blenheim Road, Foster Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011]
  • Shopping @ Kosco (Korean Mart), Upper Riccarton
    • Address:
  • Cafe with Sheep @ Highway Cafe
    • Address: 5695 West Coast Road, Springfield 7681
  • Photo taking @ Lake Lyndon
  • Accommodation @ Porter’s Lodge (prices from $69/night for bunk bed or $140/room)
    • Address: Porters Ski Area Access Road State Highway 73, Castle Hill 7580

[EP 3] Day 2 (Castle Hill > Geraldine > Lake Tekapo)

  • ‘Z’ Petrol Station @ Geraldine (Where 1 member gets left behind)
    • Address: Cnr Waihi Terrace &, Pine Street, Geraldine 7930; W66V+22 Geraldine, Canterbury
  • Shopping at Gift Shop @ Kiwi Country (beside Z petrol station)
  • Lunch @ Farm Barn Cafe, Fairlie (Where they fed the sheep as well)
    • Address: 4 Mount Michael Road, R D 17, Fairlie 7987
  • Grocery Shopping @ FOURSQUARE, Lake Tekapo
    • Address: State Highway 8 22 Rapuwai Lane Tekapo-Twizel Road, Lake Tekapo 7999
  • Playground with ‘flying fox’ is beside the Foursquare
  • Mount John observatory, Tekapo for sunset views, tiktok videos and Mt John Observatory stargazing
    • Address: Godley Peaks Road, Lake Tekapo 7945 (Mt. John summit)
  • Accommodation @ Lake Tekapo Kiwi Bach (from NZD 325 per night)

[EP 4] Day 3 (Lake Tekapo > Mt. Cook)

  • Lake Pukaki View Point
    • Hayman Road, Pukaki 7999
  • Hooker Valley Track, Mt. Cook
    • 3 hours return with 3 suspension bridges; very beautiful
  • Campsite @ unknown (this is not an official campsite and they probably got special permission to do it)

[EP 5] Day 4 (Mt. Cook > Omarama > Queenstown > Glenorchy)

  • Hot Tubs @ Omarama ($56/person)
    • Address: 29 Omarama Ave, New Zealand Main Omarama Twizel Highway (State HWY 8)
  • Nevis Swing & Catapult
    • Note: As there is limited parking available at this place, you will have to take the bus from AJ Hackett Bungy Centre. The 20-mins bus ride is included in the price if you’re doing the activity.
    • Nevis Swing: $225/person; Nevis Bungy (where you can be inverted): $275; Catpault: $225
  • Supermarket @ Countdown, Frankton (Queenstown)
    • Address: 30 Grant Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9371
  • Campsite @ Kinloch Camping Site @ Glenorchy
    • Address: 876 Kinloch Road, Kinloch 9372

[EP 6] Day 5 (Glenorchy)

  • Helicopter flight with alpine landing
  • Lunch @ Glenorchy area
    • Location is near the 5 lonely trees in the water; near the Glenorchy Wharf (red shed)
      • Address: 4 Islay Street, Glenorchy 9372
  • Horse riding @ Glenorchy
  • Fishing @ Glenorchy
  • Accommodation @ The Views by Touch of Spice
    • Price from $1200/night

[EP 7&8] Day 6

  • Skyline & Luge @ Queenstown
  • Ivan Clarke Art Gallery
  • Cherry Blossom Tree Near KFC
    Note: Spring is from mid Sep to early Oct

    • Address: Village Green along Camp Street
  • The Boatshed Cafe
  • Fishing Location
    • I’m kind of clueless at the exact spot but it is likely to be along the way to Glenorchy. I do know that there are a lot of areas that people can stop to fish at.
  • McDonalds @ Queenstown Central
    • Address: O’Connells Shopping Centre, 23 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300
      It is at the basement of the shopping centre.
  • Park while Cycling
    • Address: Near Lake Avenue
      I am not 100% sure of the exact location but based on the angle of the footage + that place is near the airport. Do let me know if you know of the exact location.
  • Freshchoice Queenstown
    • Address: 64 Gorge Road, Queenstown 9300

Last Update: 16 Jan 2020.

[I have mapped out the locations in this google maps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1B10DZniGvRFl5e4fIUqns7vadBNKKSTh&usp=sharing]

Flight Details

Arrive: 17/18 Sep 2019
Depart: 23/24 Sep 2019

According to the information I found online, it seems like they (well 6 of them) took Singapore Airline’s Business Class from Incheon (with a stopover in Singapore) to Christchurch. It is an 18 hours flight, departing Seoul at about 12:35, reaching Singapore at 18:20, followed by a layover of 1.5 hours before departing at 19:50 and arriving Christchurch at 09:40am the following day. (Note that arrival timing will change depending on the ‘daylight savings’ nonsense.)

Guess what, their Singapore to Christchurch flight itinerary was exactly what I did back when I arrive in Christchurch back in end Jun 2019.

Okay so there was also one member (Jin) who flew Seoul > Auckland > Christchurch cause someone got the documents wrong or something along that line.

Car/Campervan Rental

According to the current photos/videos spotted, they rented their Campervan (aka Recreational Vehicles) from Britz (yes that orange logo).
(Note: There’s 3 mainstream/popular campervan brands in NZ: Apollo, Maui and Britz.)

Campervan means that you have a kitchen, fridge, bathroom and toilet within the vehicle. It is usually quite a pricey experience given that you have to pay for both your transport and accommodation at the same time. The price ranges a lot from winter to summer. A quote right now (end Nov 2019) will set you back at about $240/day and if you add on the insurance which gives you lower or no excess, it will be an additional $45/55 per day.

Cities/Towns Visited

  • Christchurch (started and ended)
  • Omarama
  • Mt. Cook
  • Queenstown
  • Glenorchy

Attractions Visited

[Episode 2]

Lunch @ The SPEIGHT’s Ale House Christchurch

  • Address: 2 Troup Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011]
    • Ordered Chicken Salad, Carbonara, Steak, Fish & Chips, Korean Fried Chicken

Shopping @ Kathmandu, Tower Junction

  • Address: Tower Junction Mega Centre Blenheim Road, Foster Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011

Kathmandu is a very popular clothing brand in New Zealand. Their jackets are pretty decent and they run sales quite frequently. The only downside from purchasing this brand is that half of the people will be wearing the same brand ask you. When I went to the ski fields, I saw at least 3 people wearing the same Kathmandu jacket as me..

Shopping @ Kosco (Korean Mart), Upper Riccarton

  • Address:

I actually visited this Kosco korean mart a few times (before their visit) as it was near the place I stayed in Christchurch. So, the moment they entered the shop, I could actually recognize its entrance despite them blurring out the shop name.

Cafe with Sheep @ Highway Cafe

  • Address: 5695 West Coast Road, Springfield 7681
  • Cafe’s Facebook Page: Highway Cafe

This is the location where they played with sheep and took photos against the nice sunset!

Photo taking @ Lake Lyndon

Accommodation @ Porter’s Lodge

This lodge is usually an accomodation for people visiting the ski field. I believe they probably had skiing or snowboard in their plans but either the weather was not good or perhaps the activity was too time consuming for them to try it out. I can’t figure out why they drove the extra de-tour to this accommodation when it is not really on the way for the next day. If you’re visiting New Zealand during winter, do give skiing or snowboarding a try but please note that this ski field is catered for intermediate and advanced people. There are first-timers package but you probably won’t get to explore much, compared to the larger ski fields in wanaka and queenstown.

[Episode 3]

The episode started with a hike. I beileve it should be a walking trail around the accommodation.

‘Z’ Petrol Station @ Geraldine

  • Address: Cnr Waihi Terrace &, Pine Street, Geraldine 7930

Note: Geraldine is a small town about 2 hours drive from Christchurch. You will have to pass by this town on the way to Lake Tekapo.

Shopping at Gift Shop @ Kiwi Country (beside Z petrol station)

  • Address: 38 Waihi Terrace, Geraldine 8751, New Zealand

Lunch @ Farm Barn Cafe, Fairlie

  • Address: 4 Mount Michael Road, R D 17, Fairlie 7987
  • Cafe’s Facebook Page: Farm Barn Cafe

This is the cafe where they played with the goats. The cafe also has a swing as well. I managed to visit this cafe back in Feb 2020. It’s a good place for a rest stop but please note that they close quite early at 4pm. They sell pies from Fairlie Bakehouse and the ice coffee is really delicious with the ice cream in it! You can interact and play with the animals as well. The view is superb on a good weather day too!

Grocery Shopping @ FOURSQUARE, Lake Tekapo

  • Address: State Highway 8 22 Rapuwai Lane Tekapo-Twizel Road, Lake Tekapo 7999

This is the only grocery shop at Lake Tekapo. Foursquare is the most expensive grocery shop and it is usually present in smaller towns. I’ve visited this place at least 7 times as I’ve visited Lake Tekapo 7 times in my 9 months in New Zealand.. It is a very beautiful place.

Playground with ‘flying fox’ is beside the Foursquare

Address: 5 Lakeside Drive, Lake Tekapo 7999

When I last visited back in Feb 2020, the flying fox was not available and the seats were removed. Not sure if it was just broken down or perhaps they were doing a safety review or perhaps renovating the facility. Hopefully it will be back soon. If you have a chance, do give it a try! It is a pretty fun activity, not just for kids =p

Mt. John Observatory/Astro Cafe @ Tekapo

Okay, so I was wrong about this photo being sunrise. It is sunset and they kind of got ‘after hours’ access because the cafe closes at 5/6pm and the access road will be closed after that. The only vehicle that can go up after that timing is the star gazing vehicle. I guess they have applied for special access and had a private stargazing session after that.

I visited this observatory/cafe twice. The photo (or rather tik tok) they took was right outside the cafe which had these stone benches.

The first time (probably 2 weeks before BTS), I drove up and had to pay $8/car to use the access road.
The second time, I hiked up (1 hour) from the bottom and didn’t have to pay anything.

The wind is very strong up there and they were probably freezing filming it. Yes, it was 1 degrees when I was there in early September, probably 2 weeks before they visited.

Yep, this is a screenshot from my IGstory featuring the stone bench.

The drinks at astro cafe was rather pretty as well.

Address:ย Godley Peaks Road, Lake Tekapo 7945 (Mt. John summit)
Website: https://www.darkskyproject.co.nz/eat/astro-cafe/

Stargazing at Mt. John

Just FYI, Lake Tekapo is an international Dark Sky reserve, where they will limit the amount of light pollution at night. Which means that it is one of the best places for stargazing and perhaps aurora hunting (during winter). The stargazing experience at Mt. John is the most expensive one at $175. If you’re feeling poor, you can opt for the other experiences with prices less than $100 but you will note get a chance to go up Mt. John (the place they went).

Depending on the season that you are here, you will get to see different stars and constellations in the sky. I have done two stargazing experiences to date in my stay in New Zealand. First at Geraldine (Peter is really awesome and his NASA setup is the coolest I’ve seen to date) and the second time at Cardrona (also alpine conditions).

When I did my stargazing back in Sep (probably around the same time as them), I could see Scorpio too! Also just a tip, stargazing is best to be done on a no moon night. The brighter the moon, the lesser stars you can see because the moon just overshadow the stars. The coolest part was I even got to see Saturn, with the ring around the planet! This is definitely worth a try as the stars/constellations you get to see in Southern hemisphere would be different from the Northern hemisphere.

Accommodation @ Lake Tekapo Kiwi Bach

Website: Lake Tekapo Kiwi Bach

Price: from NZD 325 per night

Address: 2 Lakeside Drive, Lake Tekapo 7999

Note: There are not many affordable accomodation in Lake Tekapo so if you’re planning for a trip, do remember to book this accommodation early. For cheaper alternatives, there’s a YHA Youth hostel which is newly renovated last year.

[Episode 4]

Lake Pukaki View Point

  • Address: Hayman Road, Pukaki 7999

Lake Pukaki is kind of like a sister lake to the more famouse Lake Tekapo. This lake is more peaceful as it does not have an attached township. However, there are several lookout points that you can stop to admire this magnificent view.

Hooker Valley Track @ Mt. Cook

To get to this view, they would have to walk about 1.5 hours from the carpark. The loop track takes about 3 hours long (for people with long legs and not stop to take photos) and to date, it is my favourite track so far. The difficult level is considered easy and you will be rewarded with very scenic views of the snow mountains on a good weather day. I’m not sure if the snow mountains will still be around in summer. From the photo of the sun positioning, they probably visited really early at about 7-8am in the morning; which explains why nobody spotted them despite it being such a busy and popular walk.

I visited in mid October and this was my view:

It is a very scenic walk and you get to cross 3 suspension bridges.

Address: Hooker Valley Track, Mt Cook National Park 7999, New Zealand

[Episode 5]

Hot Tubs @ Omarama

The price starts from $56 for one person and you get to have your own private tub!

Website: http://www.hottubsomarama.co.nz/

Address: 29 Omarama Ave, New Zealand Main Omarama Twizel Highway (State HWY 8)

Nevis Bungy, Swing & Catapult by AJ Hackett @ Queenstown

AJ Hackett is the birthplace for Bungy Jump but it seems like the members took on the Nevis Swing, Bungy and Catapult instead. The Nevis location is somewhat exclusive and you can only access the place by their shuttle bus. If you are planning to do the activity, the price of the shuttle is included in the $200+ pricing but should you choose to be a spectator, it will cost $50.

Website: https://www.bungy.co.nz/

Price: Nevis Swing: $225/person; Nevis Bungy (where you can be inverted): $275; Catapult: $225

Address: 3170950, Gibbston 9371

Supermarket @ Countdown, Frankton (Queenstown)

  • Address: 30 Grant Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9371

When you’re driving towards queenstown, you will go pass the township of Frankton (where the airport is located) and that’s where they did their grocery shopping. Countdown ain’t the cheapest option there but I guess they opted to visit this as it would be less crowded compared to the cheaper ‘Pak n Save’ option.

Accommodation: Campsite @ Kinloch Camping Site @ Glenorchy

  • Address: 876 Kinloch Road, Kinloch 9372

If you’re thinking of staying here, please be prepared that the drive would involve about 20-30 mins of gravel road (stones and rocks). It may not be ideal for all sorts of vehicles but if you drive slow and stay safe, you should be fine. This camping site is located next to the YHA hostel and prices can start from $40 for a bed. This is probably the cheapest accommodation the whole trip (if you were to follow their itinerary). However, the difference is that you will sleep on a bunk bed but they slept in their campervan and tent. This location is really outskirt and you will be rewarded with a sky full of stars on a cloudless and moonless night.

[Episode 6]

Helicopter ride @ Queenstown

The company they used is: Glacier Southern Lakes. I have no idea which snow patch they landed on. The mountains in New Zealand are too similar for me to differentiate them. If you do know, do leave a comment below!

  • Address: Glenorchy-Queenstown Road, Glenorchy 9372, New Zealand

I am not very certain on where they board their helicopter but I guess that it was the Glenorchy airport, given the proximity of the area they were in. I am also not sure which lake they visited as there are too many lakes in that area. Just one thing to note, it does not matter even if you visit in summer, you can get a glacier experience all year round!

Lunch @ Glenorchy area

  • Address: 4 Islay Street, Glenorchy 9372

They had a picnic at the green fields near the Glenorchy Wharf (red shed). I identified the area from the 5 lonely trees in the water.

Horse Riding @ Glenorchy

They did horse riding in Glenorchy area and there are two companies that offer this activity.

I’m still clueless as to which company they used: Dart Stables or High Country Horses

Fishing @ Glenorchy

They did fishing at Lake Wakatipu and the company used was Queenstown Fishing

One cool thing about salmon fishing is that it is done using a method called ‘trolling’ whereby you have to fish from a moving. The boatman has to be somewhat skilled as you will have to control the speed well in order for the salmon to ‘catch’ the bait and get hooked. I tried it once before in Malaysia while fishing for batang (spanish mackerel). It was a hell lot of fun but it’s not easy.

[Episode 7]

Accommodation @ The Views by Touch of Spice

This is a luxury villa accommodation in Queenstown which explains the crazy price tag.

Skyline & Luge @ Queenstown

  • Address: Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

This is one of the easiest recognizable location of it all! I tried it sometime in October 2019. It was pricey but I think definitely worth a try despite myself being not a speed demon. I was constantly breaking all the way.

It is easily accessible from the main town of Queenstown so assuming you can’t drive or don’t intend to drive in your visit to New Zealand, this is the one attraction that you can try out!

Ivan Clarke Art Gallery

Cherry Blossom Tree Near KFC

  • Address: Village Green along Camp Street

Note: Spring is from mid Sep to early Oct

The Boat Shed Cafe & Bistro

Address: 9300/847 Frankton Road, Frankton, Queenstown 9300

My friend visited this cafe in Feb 2020. This cafe is very popular with the locals and it was pretty crowded. You can enjoy lovely views of the lake. I would highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

McDonalds @ Queenstown Central

  • Address: O’Connells Shopping Centre, 23 Camp Street, Queenstown 9300
    It is at the basement of the shopping centre.

Park while Cycling, Lake Wakatipu @ Queenstown

  • Address: Near Lake Avenue
    I am not 100% sure of the exact location but based on the angle of the footage + that place is near the airport. Do let me know if you know of the exact location.

Freshchoice Queenstown

  • Address: 64 Gorge Road, Queenstown 9300

Lindis Pass Summit Lookout

While I am not 100% sure of this exact location but it definitely seems similar to the Lindis Pass Lookout (see instagram location for more photos: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/2167895143526166/lindis-pass-summit-lookout/) You will be able to drive pass this area whenever you’re driving from Omarama to Cromwell/Queenstown/Wanaka area. I did stop by at this place before but my photos look bad as it was a bad weather day.

One thing to note, there’s no mobile signal here and it was one of the drive I didn’t like as there’s a lot of curves and turns. Oh wells, maybe some day my driving will improve.

Note: this photo/scene was not featured in the episodes.

Address: Omarama-Lindis Pass Road, Lindis Pass 9382

Glide Omarama

Update: According to one of my readers who commented below, she mentioned that this photo was probably taken at the Omarama Hot Tubs waiting area and ‘Glide Omarama’ was probably just an advertisement on the wall. Okay this is a hilarious mistake of mine. Nevertheless, I heard the activity can be really fun too so I’m not removing the information below =p

Seems like they had their hands on flying their own glider planes! It is definitely not a cheap experience but it is kind of a compromise if you’re not daring enough to try skydiving. I’ve not tried it before but a friend of mine who has tried it said it was really cool! I mean, how often can you get to be your own pilot? Please note that this activity is very weather dependent and strong winds could mean plans cancellation. I guess they were really lucky.

Website: https://www.glideomarama.com/

Address: Terminal Building, Airport Road, Omarama 9448


Okay, that’s all I have for now!

Glad I made it in time to publish this post one day after the airing of Bon Voyage.

Whoever that’s reading this, hope you fill find this useful and feel free to share your feedback/comments/improvements that I can make to this post.

(Final words)

Thanks for scrolling till the end. I did spend a lot of hours watching the episodes (despite not being a fan), researching on the places, asking my friends and people I know plus spending insane hours on google maps street view trying to put the pieces together. Should you be using my information anywhere, I really hope that I can be credited with a mention or linkback.

I am very heartened to read the kind comments to hear your stories and plans of visiting New Zealand, following the footsteps of BTS. Wish you guys success in your travel plans and I’m sure you will enjoy New Zealand as much as they did. It is a lovely country, filled with beautiful scenery. The only thing that can potentially screw up anything is the weather. There are many good weather days but the bad weather days are extremely terrible as well. Dress warmly, even in summer, and I wish that all of you have a chance to drop by New Zealand some day!

Best of luck and do come back and comment below and share your wonderful adventures ^^

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    • Thanks for your comment! Do check back every week as I will be updating the post with the newer locations with every episode. Hope you get to visit New Zealand some day!

      • Yeah, iโ€˜m planning to go there next sept ๐Ÿ˜‰ and thankfully i found your blog โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • Fantastic job you worked really hard on this! I appreciate it! I want to visit some of these beautiful picturesque places BTS traveled to.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! I really spent quite a bit of time on sourcing the locations. Glad that itโ€™s useful! Hope you get to visit New Zealand some day. Itโ€™s a lovely country.

  • Omg you’re a life-saver! Thank you soooo much! I was a passionate fan in 2013, then stopped following them for many years. Haven’t watched their shows until Bon Voyage 4, and I started because my colleague shared with me an article about their amazement over Singapore Airlines First Class. Now I’m into them again ๐Ÿ˜„ and am seriously deciding on a family trip in Sep 2020 to the places they went to.
    Their 1st night’s accommodation at Castle Hill seems like quite a diversion and not exactly on the way from Christchurch towards Tekapo. Does anyone have a guess why they went there?
    Also, leaving Castle Hill, what is the best or most efficient route to go towards Tekapo? Track back towards Sheffield -> Inland Scenic Route road -> pass through Geraldine like them? Thank you!

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! I’m a little puzzled about their decision to the castle hill place but that place is a very small ski resort. I think they could have had plans to do some skiing but I guess there was a delay in schedule and they couldn’t do it? Yes, going up to Castle Hill doesn’t exactly seem like a good route before heading to Tekapo. Most people just drive straight to Tekapo from Christchurch via Geraldine (the place they pump the petrol).

  • Thank you so for sharing this insightful look at their trip! Only one minor point the photo of Jimin with the rainbow on his face is not at Glide Omarama it is actually at Nevis Bungy, Swing & Catapult. They showed the clip of Jin taking this photo in the behind the scenes of episode 5, it’s just an advert for gliders in the lobby/gift shop, they didn’t visit the glider place or fly any gliders, the only flying they did was in the helicopters as passengers. But other than that everything about this blog is great thank you for posting this!

    • Hey! Thanks for being so observant! Based on the development so far, it really does seem that they did not fly the plane. Thanks for leaving a comment and I’ll adjust my post shortly. Thanks!

    • Hey, I haven’t quite figure it out yet and I’ll probably take a long time if I ever do find out. Seems like a holiday home and there are few hundred listings over airbnb in queenstown. I’ll update this post if I do find out eventually. Hopefully someone else is able to help out. Haha.

    • Wow! you’re amazing. How did you manage to do it? I’ll update my post after I finish this week’s episode. Haven’t had time to complete it yet. Haha.

      • I was looking through booking.com but couldnโ€™t found it at first and I gave up. The next day while I was on Facebook, booking.comโ€™s advertisement pops up and I recognised the place. ๐Ÿ˜‚

        • You’re really lucky! I tried to search from airbnb but I couldn’t find anything. Smart of you to start with booking.com ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thank you so much for gathering all this information so well ๐Ÿ˜ญ I’ve been looking for this as I’m heading my way to New Zealand soon on a family trip and wanted to take my family to the scenics they visited, so I’ve very thankful and happy I came across this page. Thank you very much๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

      • Hey, January is summer and I think it will still be beautiful (assuming it is not raining, but the weather has been really cranky and pretty cold right now even though it is supposed to be summer). I don’t think you will get to see much snow, unless you fly to the glaciers. New Zealand is a beautiful country and I’m sure you will enjoy it if the weather is good.

  • Heyy
    Thank you for posting this, thanks to this post i was able to get an idea about where to go and what to do.
    I’m actually currently recreating the trip and i’ve already emailed all the places they went too.
    Thanks so much in helping with that.

  • The RV they used is the Britz. They used the Summer fleet campervans. But these are only available in certain seasons. If you’re stuck on things they’ve done, or you’re not sure, let me know. Also the Glacier Trip they did was $830pp. I messaged the company myself to make a booking and they told me that. Im from New Zealand, though i live in the North Island.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment and offer! Do you know which company they used for the horse riding? That’s one thing I’m not able to find out yet. It’s so amazing that you’re wanting to recreate the trip. I hope you enjoy it!

      • Hey so I think the horse riding might have been done at Dart River Adventures. I emailed High country Horses and they didn’t know what i was talking about. I also sent thru a video as reference but they were certain it wasn’t them. Dart Rivers haven’t replied back to me yet. I’ll let you know.

        • Hey, thanks for letting me know! I’ll update my post once Dart Rivers reply you. Do come back and update me ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hey, so Dart River got back to me and unfortunately it wasn’t them. ๐Ÿ™ Im looking rn around Kinoch.

          • Hmm. but there’s only two horse riding companies in that area though. Let me know if you do manage to find more info. Thanks.

    • Congrats on booking your flight! I’m sure you will love New Zealand. Do note that June is winter time and the roads might be affected by snow. The daylight times will be shorter but it means that you can get a higher chance of seeing snow, stars and the southern lights! Happy planning!

  • OMG, you are the best. Thank you so much it’s helped a lot with my trip planning I really wanted to do the star gazing that they did. Again THANK YOU ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Just want to say a big thank you for crafting this post! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have been wanting to go to NZ for a long time, and seeing BTS at the beautiful NZ tells me that I really shouldn’t wait any further even if it’s solo travel! I should be travelling there in May by joining a local tour. Hoping to see the star gazing at Mt John which left everyone in awe, the thick snow glaciers which made Jimin happy like a kid, the Nevis Swing which JK totally ace it, and even the simple cycling at the Queenstown lake that seems so enjoyable!

  • thank you for posting!!!
    I had to write a diaary entry for a trip to new zealand and you really helped me out. I alredy thought of usng the route of bts, i thought i have to rewatch al bon voyage episodes for this but then i found your website. I am realy grateful!!! Thank youuuu!! (sorry for my english)

    • Hi Julia~ Your english is fine, no worries about it. Hope you get to visit and enjoy new zealand as much as I do. If you do get to visit new zealand, come back and share your adventures with us. cheers ^

  • Haaaa,,, thanks alooott! I plan to visit on May
    thank you for riting this. I bookmarked this and i will share your blog on my journal.
    do u live in NZ?
    greet from Indonesian Army!

    • Thanks for your comment! Glad that you are able to make it to New Zealand! Yes, I do live in New Zealand (for the past 9 months) but I am returning home to Singapore soon.. I’m sure you will enjoy New Zealand! It will be cold in May so do pack warm clothes~

  • Wow thanks, u are so kind! NZ is so beautiful! Cant wait to have a trip to this country and visit where bts film their variety show ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Hi,
    Iโ€™m just curious whatโ€™s the place they went to I guess it was on Day 1 the boys stopped at a Cafe for coffee where JK & Jimin whom also hugged a baby lamb at the back of the Cafe? Then the next day I believe, the boys stopped at a place for Lunch, while theyโ€™re waiting for food even tho I cannot remember where JIN was during that time, but JIMIN went to see the deers (alpacas), JK. playing on a swing, after that RM Suga J-Hope and another member was just chilling and sitting somewhere resting after a big lunch and on the other side there were a lot of sheep and RM was calling out โ€˜JINโ€™ & one of the sheep lifted his head up like he heard (funny)! My question to you was were those two places the same, if not please stated which one was which please? Cuz Iโ€™m going down there for a road trip with my friends and would it be fun if we could be able to stop every place where BTS went to! PS: Love your article! ๐Ÿ’œ

    I look forward to hear from you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Best wishes,
    Angela Xu

    • Hey, both cafes are not the same. The first cafe for day 1 is Highway Cafe. The second cafe on day 2 is Farm Barn Cafe. I’ve updated my post with the information and pictures. All the best for your trip and do check back in a few weeks time as I am uploading the screenshots soon. Thanks!

  • I’m so surprised by how much effort you made in this blog!! wow!! many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    I already live in New Zealand, I’m so happy that BTS enjoyed my country.

    • Thanks for your comment! Really appreciate it when my readers leave a comment (at least I know someone is reading what I write). You’re so lucky to be living in New Zealand. It is such a beautiful country~~

  • Hello! I really love how your post on BTS’ itinerary in New Zealand is so detailed and intricate! <3 I really appreciate this considering you're not a fan of the group (I want to give you a hug hehe).

    I visited NZ in May last year for my cousin's wedding (my relatives are living in NZ for 20 years already) and I fell in love with the country. So when I found out that BTS visited 4 months after my visit, I was so excited! However, it turns out they visited the other side of NZ. Haha. My relatives are living in Auckland so I only get to roam around in North Island. T_T

    That is why I decided that the next time I travel again to NZ, I will definitely visit South Island. I realized most of the fun activities are in the South. Haha. But the places in the North Island are equally breathtaking as well, i.e. Blue Spring and Te Waihou Walkway. I love traveling and making (detailed) itineraries for me and my friends whenever we travel. I am always in-charge of making the itineraries for our group ^_^ So this blog post of yours is really a great help (I would love to team up with you for a trip lol).

    I'll share this to my ARMY friends and recommend them to visit NZ's South Island with me and follow BTS' itinerary. The more, the merrier right?

    Stay safe and take care always!

    • Yes, New Zealand is such a beautiful country! I’m pretty impressed with North Island but I like South Island more. If you have a chance to visit, Wanaka is my favourite town (though BTS did not visit this place). Yes, it would be nice if you could form a group of ARMY fans and travel to New Zealand together! Their itinerary is definitely do-able and I’m sure you guys will enjoy the trip. It’s always awesome to travel with fans. Good luck planning and I hope you get to visit New Zealand soon ^^ Take care too!

      • Thank you for the recommendation! Will try to squeeze in a visit to Wanaka in our itinerary ^^ What activities do you recommend doing in Wanaka town? Majority of the people I spoke with recommend a travel to South Island than North Island. They say there are more places to visit and activities to do in the South Island. ^_^

        It has been a dream of mine to travel a lot with my friends. I guess we will start saving up for this as early as now. Hehe. Thank you again! <3

        • Hmm.. Actually there’s nothing much to do in Wanaka but it is just a very peaceful town to stroll by the lake. If you’re visiting during winter season, you can go skiing in the ski fields as well. I love the hot chocolate at Pantagonia (they have outlets in Queenstown too). and yes, there’s definitely more things to see in South Island (Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo, Mt. Cook) than North Island. If your trip ain’t gonna be long, it is fine to give up north island and just concentrate on south island for the best experience. All the best in your planning!

          • Noted on those points ^_^ I am looking forward to having the hot chocolate in Pantagonia~hehe

            I pretty much visited the key tourist locations and some local places in North Island during my first visit since I stayed in NZ for 16 days. Haha. So if my friends are not gonna insist on touring North Island, then we might as well focus our itinerary in the South Island.

            Thank you so much again and keep safe always! <3

          • Yes, just south island would do! Happy planning and feel free to reach out to me for help.

  • Thank you so much for made this blog, im very appreciate you. ^^
    Thanks youuu ๏ผฏ(โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ)๏ผฏ

  • Thank you so much for this! I’m a North Islander who’s always wanted to visit the south and I was actually in ChCh and Dunedin just a few weeks before Bon Voyage was filmed ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to go back and follow the BTS trail so hopefully I’ll be using this guide in the future

    • Thanks for your comment! You’re so lucky to be living in New Zealand. It’s such a lovely country ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure you will have a chance to drop by South Island in the near future. Hope you will enjoy the journey ^^

  • I use your source when I visited Christchurch and Queenstown in mid December 2019. But that time, your reference is not yet complete but it’s so fun and I got excited visiting the place that they went. I did Nevis Bungy and Skyline & Luge @ Queenstown. Even posting in the instagram bragging that I went the same place like BTS ๐Ÿ˜‚ Hopefully I can visit NZ again so I can go to Hooker Valley Track @ Mt. Cook next!

    โค๏ธ from Malaysia

  • Thank you so much for your hard work! Really appreciate it and hopefully I have the chance to visit some of the places they visited in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes you definitely should visit New Zealand! Itโ€™s such a beautiful country and Iโ€™m sure you will love it.

  • wow thank you so much for this!! i used to live in new zealand as well but had no idea where some of these places were hahaha. this must have took a lot of effort to make, especially when you’re not a fan so thanks a lot for sharing:”) i look forward to visiting some of these places when i return to nz~

  • A little late to the post but thank you so much for this! I have a friend who’s currently in NZ and I’m planning to visit her and possibly see some of the places BTS went to. I really appreciate your efforts!

    • Hi San, thanks for leaving a reply on my post! Really glad that you found it useful and all the best for your NZ trip. I’m sure you’re gonna love it there ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hey there ! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I was looking for it everywhere and finally found it Over here.
    I also have a request that could you please. Make a blog about filming locations of Bon Voyage season 1 of BTS which took place in Sweden, Finland and Norway. I would be really thankful and grateful if you do so..
    I am planning to visit Northern Europe with my friends once conditions get better.
    Me and My friends are huge fan of BTS.
    You can even add some More places which you feel are worth visiting.
    Thankyou and Have a Great Day!
    Keep The Good Work Up ๐ŸŒŒ

    • Hi Aurelia, thanks for the suggestions! I haven’t had time to watch the other bon voyage seasons but if I do, I will definitely write a post. Let’s all hope the situation gets better and we all get to travel again!

  • Thank you so much for this detailed post. Through BTS, I am now more eager to visit New Zealand and visit some of the places they went to as it is really beautiful!

    • Hi Hazel, thanks for your comment! Yes you should visit New Zealand when you do have the chance. I’m sure you’ll love the country.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad that you found it useful and hope youโ€™ll visit NZ some day~

  • Hi thanks for this itinerary fam… im really looking for this to prepare… 1 qq though are all the prices u provided in USD or NZD?

    • Hi there, the prices I have provided is in NZD. Do note that most prices are estimates and were accurate at time of writing. It would be good to double-check the prices when you’re about to plan your visit. Glad that you found it helpful!

  • thank you so much for this information! i needed it for my wattpad fanfics! this really helps. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi there! Joonie, mochi and Hobiโ€™s cycling location is in Lake Wakatipu near Frankton. I went there today trying to find it since I had a feeling that was the place lol..

  • Thank you so much for this post! We recently took a similar trip (lucky us to live here in the first place and be able to travel!). Just in case you/anyone still wants any updates on places we stopped that might’ve changed since they were there I thought I’d let you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kiwi Country in Geraldine: we stopped thinking they purchased the NZ t-shirts they wore in later episodes here. The woman on duty (who’s name I didn’t catch, sorry!) was wonderful and loved talking about when they came in. She printed out some pictures she had saved of them wearing things they’d bought there and just generally made our day.

    Lake Tekapo: Sadly the flying fox seats are still missing as of October. The structure is still there though.

    Farm Barn Cafe: Nothing has changed here but as we got there after they’d closed the owners were lovely enough to just let us look around outside etc – they just left us to it and showed us how to lock the gate when we were finished so we got to take our time with pictures, we were very lucky.

    Queenstown: Sadly, Tae’s Macca’s is no longer there, the whole mall is undergoing renovation. And just a minor one, the area next to the luge where they sit at tables discussing lunch now has a shipping container you can buy photos from. Last one, the park they go to while cycling is where you thought it was, opposite the intersection with Birse Street to be exact.

    • Wow you’re really lucky to be living in NZ~~ It is such a beautiful and relaxing country! Thanks for sharing your travel experience on my blog. I’m pretty sure many fans would have been planning to visit NZ this year but COVID didn’t allow it to happen. Thanks for sharing the location of the park where they cycled. How I wish I could return to NZ again and spend an afternoon just sitting at the grass patch. The view there would have been so beautiful. Your comment is making me miss New Zealand so much!

  • I am not army but co-incindeny i stayed at the same room their stayed at Lake Tekapo.After cameback from NZ..i watched bon voyage and realize that yes we were staying the same cabin room..just i was 2 month late.

    • Haha. Thanks for leaving a comment~ Iโ€™m sure the army fans will be crazy to know that ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      • Yup surely..i will post some location that accidentaly same with bts too.haha if i watche the whole season 4 surely i will take a proper photo on the exact location even i am not an army..btw iโ€™m following your instagram now. My instagram is @Masayuzi ,maybe army wanted to check out my photos too ๐Ÿ˜

  • Thanks for making these list, i have visited most of these places and was able to take photos exactly from what I have seen from Bon Voyage 4. They visited during winter but mine was summer so it made the sorroundings look differently as it is full of greens and no so much snow in the mountains.

    • you’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ Really happy that you’re able to visit New Zealand as it is such a beautiful country! Do treasure the lovely memories ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks for sharing! Very informative.. I was really wishing that someone could tell me exactly where BTS went in NZ, not only bec Iโ€™m an ARMY, but also NZ has so many amazing places to offer. I really hope that I could go to every places you and BTS went (maybe not the helicopter and bungee stuff) lol. Rest assured, the credit is all yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thank you for your effort and generous sharing. Hope we will get to visit NZ soon enough and experience its beauty with my own eyes.. I shall not miss the Glacier Southern Lake Help flight.

    • There are two main companies that rent campervans in NZ: Britz (https://www.britz.com/nz/en) and Apollo (https://www.apollocamper.co.nz/)
      I don’t really have a price for you as there are many factors to consider. The prices change according to the vehicle type, demand/supply and also the seasons. Furthermore, there are many things that you can add on and all these increase the price. It would be better for you to check the pricing when you have all the dates/criteria in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hiya! I’ve just finished watching BV4 and being a Kiwi, thoughly enjoyed it! I will definitely be planning a trip one day to visit some of the places the guys went to.

    I saw you weren’t too sure about the fishing spot(s) where Suga, Jin and JK went, so I thought I’d also do a bit of investigating and I think I found the spot! At least the 2nd, less windy spot haha. It looks like it’s in Kingston ^_^ Going by the boat jetty and the surrounding mountains/scenery. Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amazing work on all the places you’ve listed already. Something that took a lot of time I’m sure! It’s truely appreciated

  • This has been awesome thanks! We were in Queenstown the same weekend as they were, but never saw them ๐Ÿ™ We were busy during the day, but hoped to see them at night, but it looked like they stayed in. I live in Christchurch and was sitting in my office only 5 minutes away from them when they were picking up their camper and didn’t even know! We’ve since visited lots of the places they went (and have been to many of them before) and had a stay down at Kinloch Lodge, which was set in such stunning scenery. I can confirm the person below is correct in that they were fishing in Kingston, I recognised the area straight away. Now if only they’d come back and give us a concert some day…sigh.

  • Thank you so much for all the information it really means a lot that you have putted such an effort in collecting these info
    Can you plz try to share the locations of all the seasons plzzzz

  • Wow….So pleased that I found this website. I just got every tiny bit of information from it. I don’t know how to thankyou, you spending insane hours researching on this so that we could coverup everything about this journey in one single webpage n sv our time. Everything was so nicely presented n so detailed which shows up ur dedication. All the best for ur future endeavors. Tnx again…

  • Wow….So pleased that I found this website. I just got every tiny bit of information from it. I don’t know how to thankyou, you spending insane hours researching on this so that we could coverup everything about this journey in one single webpage n sv our time. Everything was so nicely presented n so detailed which shows up ur dedication. All the best for ur future endeavors. Tnx again…