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Yes I am back! (Minus the enthusiasm) It’s somewhat a pleasure to be back in a somewhat rainy and cooler Singapore.

Korea was HOT & HUMID & 35 degrees or more and I was drowning in my own sweat almost everyday. There were random showers of rain but the overwhelming heat removed any traces of cool-ness.

It was my first flight on Scoot and it was rather satisfactory. I was able to sleep and read on the plane. I guess I’ve been seating budget flights too often such that legroom space doesn’t really matter to me anymore. The only downside on Scoot is the 8 hour flight AND the annoying transit which is confusing and needs a lot of improvement. Transiting means lugging your luggage about 400 to 800 meters, through security scan, collection of “boarding tag” and queueing to enter the plane again. The one hour wait was quite timely and I have like just enough time to queue up, visit the toilet, refill water and snack on my own snacks at the boarding gate. However, if you have a very heavy hand carry, it might be a nightmare for you as the walk is annoyingly long. For the price.. BEAR WITH IT. You would need the extra cash you save for more shopping in Korea.

Well, if you happen to catch the random promotions of Asiana, Korean Air and Singapore Airlines with promotional tickets costing less than $600, it could be a good catch and you should just choose that option.

Looking back on my “To Do List” for this trip, I can gladly say I have completed 70%? There were a couple of hiccups along the way (especially with the weather) but nevertheless it was a fruitful and super tiring trip. Either I have lost the stamina because I am indeed, older; or that working life has drained out so much in me. I barely rested before my trip because I only pack my luggage the night before.

A short summary of my trip:

Day 1 (2 Aug, Friday) – leave SG at 1 plus, reach Seoul at 10:55 (slightly delayed)
Day 2 – Shopping, Random Walking + Hair Cut
Day 3 – Incheon Village + Shinhwa Concert
Day 4  (Mon) – Western Korea – Anmyeondo Pension Stay
Day 5 – Suwon (Failed trip to Jebudo) + Night Train to JeongdongJin (East Coast)
Day 6 – Exploring Jeongdongjin
Day 7 – Sea Train to Sam Cheok + Explore the area
Day 8 – Bus back to Seoul + Infinite Concert
Day 9 – Wooden Bridge + Shopping
Day 10 – Hanok Village + Samcheong-dong

As an attempt to change my blogging style, my entries will come in themes rather than a day by day basis.

Took me quite some time to settle on how I should categorize them but here it is:

Stay tuned for more updates and.. I am sad to say that my MV idea did not become a reality. The other downside of the trip is that I didn’t get to sing Noraebang AT ALL and neither did I drink my favourite Makkeoli (I don’t know why I just didn’t drink it!!!!!!!!!!!! Annoying right, BUT it’s like.. we are rushing everyday and if we were to drink makkeoli i’m so afraid that I will drink a lot and then have a hangover and then not have energy to pack up and rush the next morning.. and we are usually super drained out at the end of the day that the feel of drinking didn’t exist. =( =( =( =( =( Troubles of a short and super packed Korea Trip.
Oh well, there will be a next time *fingers crossed* and I’m promising myself to never travel in summer again.

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  • Hi there!

    I stumbled upon your blog and realized that you attended Infinite’s concert in Korea. How do you get to know about the schedule of concerts happening in Korea? Is there a website I can refer to?


    – fellow singaporean

    • Hi there,

      You can refer to this link for schedule of concerts and to buy tickets. The entire page is in english! I think you will be able to navigate.

      However, it would be good if u keep track of the sales date early. The tickets gets sold out very quickly HOWEVER, you should check everyday as people will release the tickets that they hold.. If I’m not wrong, they can actually hold their tickets up to 2 weeks before the concert.

      Hope it helps =)