Day 2 @ Random cafe


Here I am, sitting in a random cafe along myeongdong. It’s called Osulloc, Jeju Tea Garden since 1979.


I was attracted to the green tea ice cream at the outside but while staring at the menu, I ended up ordering “Apple Honey Milk Tea” SOUNDS GOOD RIGHT. I love to try random unique things.

Turns out to be that it was just apple honey pieces at the bottom of the drink. However, the milk tea blend was awesome. Probably premium tea leaves has been used as I paid 7,000W for that (approx $8). The only bad thing about this place is that it doesn’t have wifi which is why I’m resulted to writing an entry here =p

Maybe I should have chosen a cafe which has a seat facing outside so I can people watch but the place I’m at right now.. I can’t even eavesdrop due to the language barrier. LOL. Funny how Koreans talk so loud. Like really loud, even though they are right beside one another..

Earlier just now, I ventured to AK Mall, wanting to buy Skechers or vans but they didn’t have both brands 🙁 was tempted to get a 99,000W naturalize sandals but I had no idea if it was worth it since I don’t know what’s the retail price in Singapore. So, I went all the way there, for an awesome tonkatsu meal at the basement where the waiter was amused with my language disability. I guess my fair skin + BB cream makes me blend in quite well with Koreans. Ahhhh. Minus my dress sense.

As I type, my drink is coming to its end.. Leaving only the ice cube and apple pieces behind. I don’t know what comes next for me. Finding a place to cut my hair and praying language barrier won’t screw my hair up? Haha still gotta settle dinner myself later. This is the price to pay for my laziness and resistance to go everland on a weekend, with barely 4 hours of sleep the night before and not wanting to go through the peer pressure to sit scary rides.. I’m.. Old-er and the thrill is different now 🙁

Oh wells, I guess my rest should be some soon. Shouldn’t waste any single moment of my precious holiday in Korea. I’ve waited 3 months for this.


As I finish up the last few pieces of apple bits.. It suddenly came to my mind that this cup of drink was the same price as my tonkatsu lunch.. Wow..

Ok back to more walking!










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