[22 ~ 26 Oct] AUSEOULME = Awesome Autumn in Seoul


It’s been 28 hours since I’ve touched down back in Singapore~~

Well.. I didn’t keep to my promise of doing micro-blogging when I was in Korea because I was simply too tired every moment. I barely completed one episode of drama when I was there. Despite feeling really tired, I enjoyed myself thoroughly in this 5D4N trip fully sponsored by Korean Air & Korean Tourism Organization (KTO).

This trip is simply amazing. It gathered 20 people from all over Asia (9 countries -> Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore) for a first-ever Asian on Air Program. Apart from these 20 people, there were representatives from the media, Korean Air, KTO, photographers, 2 tour guides and of course the host(s) of each individual attraction. Each and everyone of them contributed to make this trip a success and apart from the “all expenses paid” carrot, I’m really glad to have this opportunity to network with these people. I think it could have been a program which contributes towards building the bilateral relations of countries in Asia (Okay, maybe I am exaggerating).

Oh wells, like I mentioned before.. this program is a lot of “first” to me.. it was the first time i stayed alone in a hotel room too~ i kind of enjoyed the experience though it was a little lonely sometimes. i can throw my stuff all over the place since i don’t have to pretend to be neat in order to be polite =p it also mean deciding how long you want to nua before bathing/sleeping, which also means sleeping later and there will be no issues over the television. I kept the TV channel on channel V which played chinese MVs. Well, there’s an ipod dock in the room but SADLY I AM ON IPHONE 5 and it cannot be docked down. WHAT A WASTE >_< but it is a really good thing to have in the hotel room (only if you are an iPhone 4S and below user). Actually, I was wondering why they didn’t give samsung dock since it was more popular in korea.. hmm..

Another first for me is that I ventured out alone and yes I got cheated by the taxi driver who demanded an insane charge for the fare. For a ride which usually cost 8~9,000, he told me that my fare was 64,000W (it was after midnight, so there was a surcharge WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ONLY 20%). I don’t know but I ended up paying him 29,000W which is still ALOT. Well, lesson learnt was that I shouldn’t be travelling out alone in a foreign country, especially not after midnight. FURTHERMORE, I should have confirm the price before entering the taxi. I keep asking him that he has to be metered taxi but he had this thing blocking his meter which was so dubious. If I could turn the clock back, I would have wanted to take his photo and number plate and reported it to the police!! But then again, i think i have cursed him long enough for him to be sneezing straight for 5 days. Seriously >_< On the hindsight, I have learnt to be more careful and ohmygawd. I think it’s my first time getting cheated overseas. I guess if it ever happens again, I need to be quick and smart to dash out of the taxi and not give in and pay them the stupid excess money. argh i’m still kind of pissed with myself =/

Shopping-wise, I couldn’t buy much things in Korea during autumn because i don’t need any winter wear in sunny and hot and humid SG. Having went to shop alone, there were a lot of items which I fancied but due to the lack of “second opinion” I ended up not buying them.. Apart from the huge cosmetics/skincare buy from innisfree and anyhow-whack in etude house and the skinfood items bought for my friend in the airport and the major purchases from lotte mart & olive young, i bought one H&M top (on offer for 10,000W), 4 pairs of earrings,1 hairband, 1 CD, 4 High Cut.

Guess what, my luggage was 21kg + 9~13kg + hand carry of approx 6kg. Sometimes I’m amazed at my ability of shopping in Korea.. It was almost the same weight as my luggage from my 30 days trip from Europe.

I will do proper entrie(s) when I find the time for it.. Please allow me to clear all my backlog first..

Once again, thanks to Korean Air & KTO for making this Asian on Air (AoA) Program Possible. Everything was great and I will probably visit Korea again in approximately 1.5 years time, hopefully for Spring!

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