My first autumn holiday~



I’m trying out blogging from my mobile since I’m going to try to be “on the go” throughout my trip which starts tomorrow night~~

I’m currently in the process of packing. Took a candid photo of my toys inside my luggage. I guess I’m only 15% done and I’ll procrastinate everything till tomorrow~

Can’t believe I’m going on a vacation again this year.. It’s just so hard to imagine but KOREA 2012!!! Here I go again~~ I’m sure Korea misses me in some way or another =p

This trip is my first all expenses paid trip, my first vacation since I started working, my first time traveling with people who aren’t my friends yet, my first time on Korean air, my first time experiencing autumn in a country, my first time traveling in the 3rd quarter of the year! (Schooling for 15 years of my life = no chance for vacation in October) and of course, it’s the first time I’m gonna be part of something big which is travel related (my passion).

Really excited about it but then again 5 days is extremely short~ oh wells!! Throw all my worries behind.

It’s time to truly enjoy myself!!!

The first overseas trip for my Polaroid~


And the first time I’m bringing paddy to Korea~~


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