Day 13 [5th Jul 2011] Icheon Museum + Namsan Tower


Visiting the Icheon Museum for the art galleries was part of the itinerary for our arts & crafts class.

I’m not a fan of looking at art pieces. Well, there was minimal english in the galleries. The pieces had english names but that’s it. Most of the explanation were in korean. Nothing much to elaborate. heh.


We spent like half a day there~ Had lunch in the museum too. Food was rather terrible =/

Anyway, we got back to school slightly before 3, and we had korean language lesson from 4-6.

As it had been rainy for quite some days, the forecast said it wouldn’t rain today, thus I made a last minute decision to visit the N Seoul Tower. Quite a pity I left my polaroid behind as my class room is rather far from my dorm (20 mins walk up-hill)

Anyway, after lesson, we took the bus to the train station, went to Seoul Station, went out through a random exit which said Namsan Park or something like that, and we went out searching for food.

We entered a meat place~ and ordered the usual.. and my awesome makkoli.


Apparently you are supposed to eat the meat with a lot of onions. It was okay because I quite like onions =D

You’ll never go wrong with meat. How terrible can meat get, seriously?

Dinner was good, probably to make up for that awful meal we had on sunday.

Anyway, dear friend didn’t like makkoli so I had to finish most of it.. And koreans usually drink makkoli from the bowl but I didn’t really know and felt comfortable with it, so I asked for a glass. They probably felt that I was so weird. heh.

The amount of makkoli I drank was enough to make my head spin slightly. I remember walking to the toilet but I refused to use it. LOL. Anyway, so we exit-ed the dining place and walked randomly till we spot Namsan Tower in the distance. As I did not plan to go Namsan yet, I had totally no directions or instructions or whatsoever, we just followed the tower and walked towards it.

Sights along the way~


The walk really seemed like forever.

Anyway, the conclusion was that we actually walked up the car’s route. Which meant that we walked round and round the mountain till we reached the top. When we could have chosen to walk the stairs. Well, I didn’t know about the stairs but it looked really dark, so we chose to follow the cars. There were many cyclist along the way. Also a couple of people exercising and the walk was really a torturous one. I felt it was never-ending, but then again it made me sweat and sweat and sweat such that I no longer needed the toilet and my dizziness was also gone.

We also spotted a gem along the way up. The truth is I get really shy everytime I see him half naked. I rather him keep his clothes on all the time. HAHA.

And finally, we reached!

Feeling rather poor, we decided that we were not going up the tower, THINKING that we would return again (but we never did) I went over to the gift shop and bought a post card (I’m still moving towards my aim of collecting post cards from all over the world)

Then we walked up to the famous locks~

The view was really nice~ It was a clear night and the lights were pretty!


Well, we didn’t prepare any locks. I did think of locking something there though it would be of no significance to me but I didn’t do it eventually. heh. I was trying to visualize in my head, the countless dramas which has been filmed here. The one on my mind was actually Shinee’s yuhanam. There was an episode where minho brought nuna up to Namsan tower. Well, I was lazy and I didn’t think that I could search for locks that belong to celebrities, though I believe some idiots would have probably cut it away. Hmm, so there was the cable car station which appeared in BOF too.

I was trying to look for the flight of stairs from don’t know which drama but I couldn’t find it. And I’m not sure which flight of stairs minho carried nuna up. argh, i’m very bad at observing the details of such places but I’ m not sure if I was at the correct place because I think there are many ways up Namsan.

The walk down was so much easier, since we were climbing down stairs, and not around the mountain.


We asked for directions, and it brought us to Myeong dong metro station.

and I remember that I went to my favourite shop and purchase another pack of star cards. maybe i bought 2, i’m not sure. heh.

But it was quite late when we reached nak song dae and there was no more bus no.2 back to our dorm. we had to take a cab back. raaah.


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