Day 12 [4th July 2011] Joining Hottest 3rd + ‘wasted trip’ to fan sign + Guide for Fan sign


Woke up rather late if I didn’t remember wrongly.

Had lunch at the nice place near our hostel.

Then after that I decided to set off to the bank to settle my payment for Hottest 3rd. Well, Hottest is the official fan club name for 2pm. WHY? Because 2pm is the hottest time of the day. ( I don’t know how true this is)

Reasons why I am joining Hottest 3rd.
(1) You need to be an official member to become #1 priority when queuing for music shows
(2) It is 20,000W for people residing in Korea and 40,000W for people residing outside Korea. I consider myself residing in Korea. HEH. I gave my hostel address. But well, they take forever to ship out their membership card and idol goodies but I successfully changed my address to my korean friend’s address before I left korea.
(3)  Nickhun (he is the reason for everything)

Well, it wasn’t difficult~ I wrote all the information in my notebook, went to the bank and said deposit 20,000W into this account. Gave me a form to fill up, and then i paid the money and I got the receipt. It was easy. The deadline was 7th July. After depositing the money, I had to leave a note on their daum cafe. I’m so impressed with myself. I manage to do all these with my limited korean. HEH.

After that, I went for my art and craft lessons which obviously I was late since I spend quite some time queuing up in the bank.

Skip the whole part about class, after class I dashed off to the bus stop, went to the train station, took the train to Omokkyo~

There was 2pm fan sign at 730pm and my friend (whom I met on Friday) was attending the fan sign.  Fan signs are so freaking exclusive in korea. This was something I found out after I was there.

Anyway, the fan sign was held in this community centre. It was a freaking close door event. Met up with my friend (SG) who had 2 other friends from china. Anyway, the fan sign number was pre-assigned and they had to collect them from the hottracks shop before they reach.


(i’m not sure if it s applicable to all other idol groups, but this is the case for 2pm)

USUALLY, there are 2 major shops who will conduct fan signs; (1) Synarra (2) Hot Tracks (Kyobo)

Before the fan sign, Maybe a week or so, there will be official news released either through fan cafe (daum) or through the CD shops website.

They will tell you the date of the fan sign, who is attending , where the fan sign is and which outlet(s) will be participating in the fan sign and this time frame whereby you can only qualify for the fan sign if you buy within the period. So.. one album = one chance for fan sign. USUALLY there are only 200 tickets for fan signs. Results will be announced like 1 or 2 days before the event on the website.

Buy more albums = more chances of lottery = higher chances of going for fan sign.

Tips I got from the fans: (1) Synarra staples all your ‘entry forms’ together. This means that if you buy more album, your stack would be thicker and your chances of being drawn is higher.
(2) Hottracks; no stapling is done. Whether you buy 1 album or 10 album, all entry forms are separated. No extra advantage if you buy more album.


This was the registration counter and the door was the entrance to the small auditorium. It was a freaking close door event. I sat outside waiting in vain. Tried my luck by asking the staff to let me in, but it was a failure. I JUST WANTED TO SEE THEM. ‘No & Sorry’ ARGH.

Anyway, I was waiting with another fan from china. Despite buying 10 albums, she did not manage to win the lottery and enter. She was there to accompany her friend who had the #2 ticket for the fan sign. We didn’t really talked much because she didn’t sound too friendly =/ But she left shortly once her friend exited.

After she left, i tried to ask for entry again but the staff was so firm on his stand. There were like slightly less than 10 of us waiting outside the audi. Thankfully there were seats.

I was feeling bored and I decided to talk to the girl beside me. My first sentence was ‘Do you speak english?’ and oh my gosh she did. We started talking and I saw her khun’s signature on her ipad. She got the signature from the fan sign on saturday. and i was like OH.MY.GAWD. they do such requests during fan sign? she had a whole poem written out by khun on her ipad. OMG.

I was breathless when I heard her account. But then again, she bought 10 albums for this fan sign and she did not manage to get in.. It’s really all about luck and chance and probability =/ Then, there was this rumour of this young girl who won the fan sign ticket when she only bought 1 album and so many fans were really angry.

I chatted with her and she was actually the co-founder of this forum;

And she told me tons and tons of stuff about 2PM which made me squeal and spas like a total fan girl. She told me that she never watched a single episode of WGM. (Honestly, I got influenced by her) but then again, not watching WGM is really much better. WGM will be one of the reason why I won’t get married in future. LOL. and it’s so funny how the ‘break up’ & ‘divorce’ ideas got intoxicated in my head after that night. We had a fun conversation that night and I was really glad to be sitting beside someone who can speak to me in english =)

After about 1 hour, she brought me out to the carpark, where we waited for them to leave.

Apparently, this was their van also. According to her~

What I recorded~~

Alright, I was pretty upset because khun did not look at me. But he did walk half around round the van, gave a bow to the staff before entering the van. Oh wells, 2pm hardly give fan service outside official events =( =( =( or rather i’m just not in luck. But I was happy I guess. I could chance upon a glimpse of him in the dark and from a distance.

Then, I went back to the auditorium. The doors were wide open.

So this was what it looked like inside. Just an ordinary auditorium.

Saw my friend’s photobook (limited edition) which was signed.


They actually write your name. Can you imagine, for that 5-10 seconds of them writing your name, your name will actually be imprinted in their head.

*photos to be updated once I get permission from my friend*

Anyway, the korean girl i was talking to said it might just be their last fan sign as there were no other fan signs in their official schedule and I was really sad because I did not even try for their fan sign. Dear me had to say something like, I don’t care, if they are going to have a next fan sign, i’m so going to attend it. And with that, usually I tend to be bounded by the words that I speak. It set off the impulse for.. the fan sign which I will eventually attend.


Oh gosh, I was starving when we left but my friend did not have time for food so I grabbed kimbab on my way back.

Well, I had a glimpse of my angel. It was a good night sleep but a painful experience which I try not to reveal to my friends. ha.

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