Mid-year reflections for 2017


<This is not a travel post, just some ramblings from me, so you don’t actually have to click to read more cause it is pretty wordy..>

This post of mine is pretty random but I’ve been planning on writing something for the past few weeks and as usual, procrastination seems to be my best friend. Tonight, well is the last night I remain as a liability to society (probably contributed to the unemployment rate of the population), or we shall see if I manage to pull through in the new place.

Many thoughts went through my head through the past 8 weeks or so (from the letter which gave me some lead time to do some planning). Of course, I had the idea of ‘perhaps it is time’ to really start working for myself and make some ideas that have been incubating in my head into a reality. However, trying to do a start-up is really truly seriously not an easy job. The main excuse I give myself was that I am not prepared, but then again who is really truly ever prepared for such things? It’s just that I can’t find the courage for the leap of faith to step into the world of uncertainty. Or perhaps I was never once confident in any of my supposed ‘business’ idea which actually never made sense with the P&L. As time went by, I found more and more excuses and.. I ended up choosing the more conservative method of just looking for a new job.

That being said, I didn’t even YOLO as ‘thought’ and move to South Africa as an escape route to explore life. I decided that if I’m going to South Africa, I’m not going use cash but pay by Krisflyer miles which I’ve been trying to accumulate. I should be reaching the goal of the tickets by the end of this year. (excuses)

Despite being somewhat ‘free’ throughout the past 5 weeks, I didn’t manage to accomplish more of my plans.

  1. Getting the free Google accreditation and certifications was one of my plans.
    It has been 5 weeks and I’ve only cleared two topics.
  2. Re-brand my Facebook Page from ‘Follow my Footsteps’ to ‘Flyhoneystars’.
    It has been on my to-do list since forever but I’ve been delaying it because I don’t know what ‘logo’ to use for ‘flyhoneystars’. This is one of the stupidest worry ever but I haven’t settled out that ‘don’t know’ thought.
  3. Exercise or perhaps ‘keep fit’ a little more – I only swam once and cycled once.
  4. Pack my room.
    Well, I did clear about 20% of my trash but it somehow stopped.
  5. Figure out more ideas to monetize my website – nothing happened except renting out some pool floats during the June Holidays.
  6. Sell my valuable trash on carousell – too lazy to start.
    I have at least 10-20 sets of brand new in box NanoBlocks available for sale and some super cute but unwanted stuff that I bought from Japan. #whenwillistopbeinglazy
  7. Finish the articles for my South Korea trip back in May.
    I’ve completed about 30% of the articles but I’m feeling lazy to write the remaining ones and.. now I have a brand new Taiwan trip to write about.
  8. Wanted to start some marketing services page on my blog.
    Thought that having a page could make my ‘services’ more credible and invite more freelance jobs but I have yet to start on this.. #maybesomeday
  9. Start investing or at least reading up on investing.
    Well, for a start, I created a CDB account. That’s all that I have done.

<I guess I will have to relook at the above 9 points on 31 Dec 2017..>

On the other hand, there were the random things I ended up doing.

  1. Getting a job earlier than expected.
    My ‘hit’ rate for interviews was rather low for the first few weeks and I was expecting myself to slack off till August or something and perhaps go for the Working Holiday in Australia as a means of escape but.. things happen and I’m starting work like tomorrow. I’m not dreading it but I’m just wishing that my ‘break’ could be longer. #whyamistillcomplaining To be honest, this 5 weeks break was really a good breather for me. The last time I ever had such a long period of nua-ing was during my post-uni job search. For my previous job switch, I only had 2 weeks of ‘break’, of which 1 week was spent overseas for a Media Trip. Alright, I guess I’ll change my mood to ‘feeling thankful’.Now that I look back, I kind remembered that I drew an ‘super unlucky’ lot at one temple in Osaka back in March. At that time, things weren’t looking great and my career was somewhat at stake. I usually don’t ‘ask’ for specific things when I’m drawing lots but for the first time ever, I specifically ‘asked’ about my Career luck. Then shit happens but I remember my fortune cookie reading “You will be travelling and coming into a Fortune”. Well, I fulfilled the first part cause I indeed travel a lot this year! As for my fortune.. I guess I’ll find out soon?
  2. Went for another overseas trip
    Well, scoot gave me vouchers for my super delayed flight to Seoul. The voucher expires in 6 months and I had to find a way to use it right?
    So this year alone, I’ve been to Japan and Bali in March, South Korea in May and Taiwan in June – 4 trips for the first half of the year! This number is familiar for 2014 (where I switched jobs) and went for 4 trips too – Bali, Krabi, Hong Kong and Kota Kinabalu. Wow. I guess, is this a sign?
  3. Figuring out what to do now that Photobucket ‘removed’ the photos from my blog
    I feel so bad for the readers who found my blog and end up in disappointment after realizing that there are no photos available.
    If the ‘ransom’ fee wasn’t USD 399, I could at least consider but the problem is that Photobucket did this change with no warning/notice at all! It feels like they are stuck in a serious financial situation right now and I don’t even feel safe paying any amount of money as they might just close down soon.Well, so for the past week, I resolved one of my domain/host issue (which cost me $150sgd) and it is likely that I will have to upgrade my hosting space in order to cater to the photos that I will now have to host on my own domain. Can’t believe that my meagre earnings are all going back to my website. Why oh Why..
  4. Getting addicted to a Korean reality show ‘Produce 101’
    The show was introduced to me by a friend who told me that there was a contestant from a previous reality show that I watched back in 2013 was participating. The rest was.. history. As much as I feel weird watching these ‘boys’ (They are like damn young. The youngest is 14 and the oldest is 29 but the average age is about 21/22), and how I swore off that SHINee will be the last boyband I will ever ‘chase’ and then.. shit happens. I got so hooked on the show. THANKFULLY – the show ended and my top 2 favourites are not in the final 11 which are debuting. Tonight was their final concert and I promise myself to bid sayonara to the show and updates (except for my new 2 favourites which will probably not debut anytime soon).On the other hand, because of this reality show, I’ve stopped watching Korean dramas. In fact, I haven’t been watching dramas ever since Goblin and Legends of the Blue Sea ended earlier this year. I don’t know why but I just suddenly lost interest or perhaps there isn’t any drama worth watching?
  5. Hanging out alone
    Uh-huh! I finally did it – I watched my first movie alone! Being ‘free’ on a Tuesday simply means that you can make good use of the $6.50 GV Movie Club promotion. The experience wasn’t too bad after all and I guess I don’t see why I won’t do it again. However, being in such an empty cinema did bring back some memories of my earlier days here I used to catch morning movies on weekdays. Oh wells.Apart from the movies, I also shopped alone and had coffee alone. I guess I’m preparing for my future so it’s not too bad for a start. Oh wells,
  6. Went Karaoke
    I love singing K and I used to do it like once every few months (in my younger days) but I haven’t been doing it many times for the past few years so.. I was really thankful to have friends that are free on weekdays to go KTV with me. It was really good and I love it that I will be voiceless at the end of the session.
  7. Enjoyed various off-peak promotions
    You have no idea how awesome it is to be free on a weekday afternoon. There are many places with weekday teatime promotions (like between 3-5PM) so I kind of got quite a few good deals during this period.
  8. Registered to be a GrabHitch Driver
    I get to use the family car on some days and.. I successfully fetched my first Grab hitch passenger! It’s pretty scary as there were many times, I couldn’t get a passenger because I was ‘thinking too much’ and by the time I swiped, they inform me that the passenger has already been taken. This was happening on weekdays which makes me realise.. are there many free people like me camping on the app to pick up passengers? I guess the freelance/unemployed percentage in Singapore is pretty high right now? On a side note, if I were to still be jobless, I was seriosuly considering taking up the 5-week contract for Grab/Uber.. but oh wells, I don’t have to do it anymore!

and then i sidetrack again.. 

I originally wanted to write a portion of this post on ‘How Much I need every month when I Retire’ by calculating my expenses in the past 5 weeks.

I guess I wouldn’t have enough time to calculate this since I need to bathe + sleep and pray that I can wake up (the earliest for work since 2014) and feel great about my new adventure starting tomorrow.


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