[notice] to be continued in august!


Hi all,

If you have been reading my blog about my updates on Korea~

I am afraid that I will not be updating this blog until I return to SG in August..

There is simply too many things to do in Korea and I have to spend my time every night to research on where to go next and I really do not have time to blog in Korea =( =( =(

I will try my best to blog whenever possible but i guess it will be hard!

Sorry if you have been checking out my blog and be disappointed with the lack of updates..

To those who want to idol chase or watch music shows or attend idol-related events in Korea,

Good Luck & don’t be lazy! Being lazy won’t let you see celebs. I had to put in a lot of effort and a lot of luck!


** back in SG already.. trying very hard to continue with my backlogged entries! be patient!

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