Day 3 [25th June 2011] Dorm Check in


Today was a pack up day, where we moved from our hostel at hongdae to our sch, SNU.
Since it was drizzling and we were really lazy, we decided to take a taxi to our school.

Gosh, it was really thankful we took a taxi. halfway through the ride it started pouring like mad. in the end taxi far was 17,000W because there was traffic jam probably due to the rain.

i snapped this picture of the iconic SNU’s gate while in the taxi.

It was a long waiting game and battle with the rain as we settled down for the briefing.. and then transporting us to the dorms and waiting to ‘register’ our blood vessels. The security system there captures the front of your hand. you have to tap the front part of your hand to the sensor. According to the staff, she said it was blood vessels. I don’t know how it works but yea it’s like that.

That will bring you into the lift lobby and after that, each suite will have another lock. each suite has 3 rooms and 1 toilet. and for each room, there will be another lock.. kind of confusing isn’t it.. they are all so high-tech in this aspect. lights are automated.

one lift lobby only caters to 2 units each floor. Meaning within block B alone, there were 5 lift lobbies. it is about 9 to 10 stories high.

Anyway, the shock began when my friend and I realised that we were allocated rooms. We thought we could choose our own rooms and blah blah blah. And my greatest shock was after checking into my suite, i realised that i was the only international student here for summer. and after that, i realise that my roomie’s english was not good.. neither was my korean and we had trouble trying to communicate. *oh gosh*

well, but she had to go out and i had the whole room to myself while i decorate up the place.. this was the before shot.

Well, i just threw out everything from my luggage except for the face shop things i bought for my mum 2 nights ago. And then i started dumping things everywhere and suddenly everywhere is so filled up.

When my friends visited my place, they said you looked like you’ve been staying in it for 3 months already. oh wells. i did brought a lot of things. heh. But i’m glad that i brought that many things and most probably i will regret it when i’m about to pack up to go home. hmm.

This was what the outside of the dorm looks like.

After that, we took a bus 02 to nak seong dae and we had dinner at this small family restaurant, in the lane between baskin robbins and dunkin donuts. it was rather affordable.

alright i ordered cheese ramen which i can’t even taste the cheese at all. oh wells.

the rest of the food was not bad and after that, since it was a saturday night and it was pouring, me and my friend decided to go noraebang~~ wahax.

This drink will become my favourite drink in korea…

The scores are so so so so so not accurate. it’s very bullshyt and ya.

Anyway, the person kept extending our time! we paid 15,000W for 1 hour and i think we sang close to 2 hours or even more than that! Since it was a very small karaoke, they will tend to extend you if possible and it was so good! We just kept singing and singing and singing. it was a b2st night for me. heh. got to sing some random songs from dramas and movies too. anyway, if you have iphone, download this application called Noraebook. With that, you can just search the whole songs listing very easily!

For Korean noraebang, you have to  key in the number for the song which you would otherwise have to search through this very thick book. So with the iphone application, it is so freaking easy! you can even create a favourites list for easy retrieval!

Apart from the smoke smell in the room which shortened my life for about 2 years, the whole noraebang experience was so shiok and i think we’re gonna do it every week. HA.

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