USA Work & Travel Week 2 (24th May 2010 – 30th May 2010)


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For this week, I was only scheduled to work on the weekends (Fri-Sun). What a waste, seriously, but obviously I won’t let the other 4 days go to waste!

24th May 2010, Monday

after very last mintue decision, we decided to catch the bus and fly to jersey shore premium outlet. gosh, it was a total of $8.80 for both ways using public transport. had to go asbury park or something to change bus. I guess, with iphone, with google maps, i can’t get lost 😀 No where is too difficult for me!
jersey shore premium outlets! photo 29845_443842156208_5814833_n.jpg
 photo 29845_443842171208_6832258_n.jpg

Regretted not buying more there. Haha but I bought this very pretty roxy shoes which I really liked.
new shoes~ photo 29845_443843516208_6665527_n.jpg
but it doesn’t look that fantastic anymore because I kept on wearing it when I was in US.
there was a very pretty sunset on the way back. This was taken when I was on the bus. argh, another regret. not being able to view a full sunset while i was there =/
 photo 29845_443842221208_4939023_n.jpg

25th-26th May 2010, New York

27th May 2010, Thursday

nothing interesting. it was just stoning. cooking, oh, forgot to mention that we barely had an internet connection throughout this whole period. i think it was more of watching movies on my computer then.

28th May 2010, Friday

this was the morning i woke up so so so so so so early. just for, someone who i never knew existed because i never watched american idol. i just decided to go, because he was famous. oh wells. ha.
it was an awesome morning.
 photo 29845_443843546208_7702087_n.jpg
 photo 29845_443843531208_3496730_n.jpg
we had to queue to get in and it was like quite early in the morning. but it was for FREE. why in the world would i give it a miss?!
 photo 29845_444066606208_2694191_n.jpg

 photo 29845_444066626208_257076_n.jpg
this was the nicest picture i could take. paparazzi not at its best since it was so freaking early =/
kris allen. photo 29045_445302961208_3042381_n.jpg

also, i won my domo that day too.
had to work in the evening. it was a busy busy weekend the memorial day weekend. don’t ask me what memorial day is. i asked the locals they didn’t give me an answer. it was just, another holiday.

29th May 2010, Saturday

i was starting my addiction to the arcade. needed to get enough tickets to exchange for my carousel.
can’t find a clearer photo of it then. i tried to google to see if i could buy it but i guess i couldn’t. i shouldn’t reveal how much money i splurged on arcade in exchange for this. but it was video poker all the time, and deal or no deal. the super stressful games. by the way, i needed 18,000 tickets. so, just imagine.

we had chicken wings and rice for lunch. i didn’t prepare it though. i remember i was preparing it halfway then late for work. how smart of them to take my camera and take photos of the final product. ha. there’s a reason why i have the most number of photos. zomg.
 photo 29045_444959786208_1676729_n.jpg

30th May 2010, Sunday

had to work full shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and on 30th May 2010 at around 8pm (US time) i sneaked to the toilet to check my results which were released on the 31st in Sg. signed up for push sms. never knew it was that early. oh well. i refused to put my handphone in the locker. it was in my pocket all the time, despite the rules. i guess they knew but they never scold. i’m an alien after all. we are all know as aliens with legal working documents. oh wells.
it was a busy night as 31st was a public holiday(memorial day) i can’t remember if there were fire works. hmm.

well, on good days, we get some free food somehow.
this is damn damn damn nice :D and it is free! strawberry ice cream waffle with soft serve vanilla ice cream! photo 29045_444959811208_1379982_n.jpg
peanut butter waffle sandwich! the waffle is burnt. ahaha, but it is free photo 29045_444959821208_4454628_n.jpg
this was the corn fried rice we prepared for lunch. with 3 slices of pork because we had to ration the meat.
corn fried rice with 3 pieces of pork. meat-rationing. ahaha. photo 29045_444959831208_5847576_n.jpg
this was part of my job scope. making chocolate dipped strawberries and charging them at exorbitant prices.
i did this at work! photo 29845_442450341208_3420786_n.jpg
how pretty~

with that, i am done with week 2! and that’s not even 20% =/

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