[Filming Location] Saimdang, Light Diary


Hi there, I’m doing up a rough list of filming location for this drama. Will do the detailed screen capture if there’s a demand!

Also, one of the key ‘location’ of this drama was that they kept talking about the beauty of this Mountain called Kŭmgangsan (MtKumgang). Sadly, the real mountain is located in North Korea. From 1998, visits to this place (also known as Diamond Mountain) from South Korea was permitted all the way till 2008 where someone got shot by North Korea. In 2010, they started accepting tours from travellers travelling from North Korea side (apparently seizing the once-south korean resorts and run themselves). Information above was extracted from Wikipedia. Well, true to the drama, the place is really beautiful based on the photos that I found online. TripAdvisor Listing | North Korea Tour Agency

I hope to visit this place some day..

Image result for geumgang mountain

Above Photo from TripAdvisor



National Museum of Korea

  • Dog and puppies painting by Yi Gyeom

Seoul Museum

  • Seoul Jongno-gu Buamdong 201 서울특별시 종로구 부암동 201


  • Uiamho Lake


Overseas Location


  • Florence
  • Parma (all I can think of his Parma Ham..)


To be continued.

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  • Hi, may i know where is the museum where they display saimdang’s painting? Do they display kumgangsando painting? Thanks for the info!really helpful for me to plan my trip

  • Can you tell me how they did the shots of Mt Kumgang in Ep24? Is this computer graphics? It really looks like the are on the mountain.

    • Hello! I am really not sure about the filming process but the real Mt Kumgang is in North Korea so I guess it is impossible to do filming in the real location. My guess is that they do a mixture of real footages and green screen footages. I believe the video editing crew can do wonders.

  • bonjour
    je viens de voie la série seulement cette année. je viens de voir que le lieu où est trouvé le tableau est à Parme et dans le film cet endroit siesta di luna où Lee Gyeom a résidé et a peint le portrait de Saimdang est situé en toscane. y – t-il plusieurs endroits. est-ce dans ce lieu que Lee Geom a fini sa vie.
    merci pour vos réponses