USA Work & Travel Week 1 (17th May 2010 – 23th May 2010)


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Alright, I’m going to start on the official week 1, since the previous week only has 4 days, thus this is the first full week.

17 May 2010, Monday

We went to the office to sign our documents. All those nonsense paperwork for our taxes etc. After that, we had subway for lunch again. It was the most convenient after all.

I think I went to fly my spongebob kite in the afternoon. it was so cold and the win was so strong.


can’t remember what happened next but i mentioned that i slept early. probably wasn’t feeling that well i guess.

18 May 2010, Tuesday

woke up early, braved the rain and chiong to the bus stop which was 15-20mins walk away. gosh it was a downpour and we were really quite wet. we were supposed to go ocean county mall, haha the mall with forever21. i think i kind of googled the nearest f21 outlet. anyway, the journey there was expensive, $2.10+$2.55 since we had to change buses. Well, we kind of waited at the wrong bus stop and we went to barnes and nobles starbucks to seek shelter from the cold rain. if i recall correctly, i think there was smoke when we spoke. that was how cold it was. probably 15degrees or less.

 photo 29445_440339896208_4115264_n.jpg
after that, we successfully managed to make our way to Ocean County Mall and the first thing i did was to went over to Old Navy and bought a pair of slippers to change into. My red converse was soaking wet and my feet was gross. I remember the toilet looked rather pretty with sofa and all that.

Didn’t buy alot though. bought some stuff from f21, aero, macy and had lunch there. the lunch was okay only. nothing fantastic but that slice of pizza cost $3.84. freaking ex.
haha i remember i bought a pink beanie from f21. my red beanie is coming tomorrow in the mail! i wonder when will i ever have the chance to wear. Oh, and the victoria secret were selling their secret garden collection for 5 for $30 or 6 for $30. gosh so cheap. I bought the awesome secret charm body lotion!

we went back one bus earlier then we thought we would. luckily it stopped raining by then.
this was dinner.

19th May 2010, Wednesday

There was no work for me again. Yes my boss is lazy and doesn’t want to open the shop. It was a cooking day for me. It started with french toast which didn’t turned out well for breakfast, followed by macaroni with cream sauce.
After that we went for grocery shopping followed by a fantastic dinner of chicken soup and cabbage with rice; and ice cream as well!

the sky doesn’t turn dark early. this was after dinner. we had an early dinner anyway.
interesting way to hang stuff. from the frame which was supposed to build a double decked bed.

20th May 2010, Thursday

We had to report for work at the shop I was allocated to, South Beach Sweets for job orientation which was practically just a walk through. After that, some friends brought home leftover pizzas and gosh. u see the size of one pizza. It costs $2 each. $2.14 with tax. and yes it is that huge. Supper!

21st May 2010, Friday

Started work. I was posted to the candy side. Things were okay i guess. Can’t remember much. But I remember I made those caramel and caramel nut apples on the first day. It’s really exciting to be doing things by yourself. I guess the first few days at work is always exciting and things get boring as the days go by. I remember my enthusiasm level was quite high on the first few days.
Fried rice for lunch. Marshy fried rice.
 photo 29195_441575631208_5062150_n.jpg

22nd May 2010, Saturday

Nothing worth mentioning. Except for the cheap ben and jerry ice cream on memorial day offer. if you look carefully, it was just $1.99 USD per pint.
 photo 29195_441918706208_4408131_n.jpg

We kind of started packing food for work. Packed sandwiches this time.

23rd May 2010

If I recall correctly, it was cold and it rained and there was no work. So we had subway AGAIN and I went over to the arcade to waste money. Can’t remember what was the first few games I played. We did some grocery shopping where I bought my awesome nutella.
macaroni with barbecue sauce!
bbq macaroni photo 29845_442448991208_4322296_n.jpg

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