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South Korea

Southeast Asia

Krabi, Thailand


[The Travelog] Onew with Jaehwan

Travel dates: 11 to 19 Nov 2022 (9D7N)

Flight: Singapore Airlines – Depart 16:35, Seoul to Singapore (SQ601) <transit> Singapore to Sydney (SQ231), Arrive at 11:50am

Day 1 (Sat) – Bondi Beach, Sydney 

They filmed this on 12 Nov (Saturday) evening as it was the date for Dîner en Blanc (a unique dining experience where you are supposed to be dressed in white and bring your own white chair). It’s really amazing how they can feel so at ease in such a crowded place as I don’t think they were recognized that day. Don’t recall any fan photos at this location either.

Day 1 – Clearview Cruise with Dinner, Darling Harbour, Sydney 

Dinner cruise with signature menu:

Prices from AUD $135

Day 2 (Sun) – Symbio Wildlife Park

Please note that this place is not near the main Sydney area. It takes about 1 hour by car and unless you drive, you’re better off joining a day tour as the public transport would take you about 3 hours each way. At the time of writing, I am not able to source for any tour operators.


Price: AUD $42 (Adult)

Day 2 – Lunch @ Jervis Bay Pavilion

Day 2 – Dolphin Watch Cruise @ Jervis Bay Wild

Dolphin Watch Cruiseprices from SGD 31 (from Klook)

In the show, they did not manage to spot any whales or dolphins. According to the website, whale watch is from May to November while dolphins are all year round but of course, there’s no guarantee for anything. Also, I’m not sure if they were given the full 90 mins experience out in the sea or was the timing reduced due to filming limitations (and rush for the rest of the day). The weather wasn’t too perfect either. If you’re planning to visit, I’ll wish you the best of luck!

Also, please note that Jervis Bay is about 2.5 hours drive away from Sydney so you may wish to cater in the travelling time if you’re heading down.

Day 3 (Mon) – Lunch @ Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant, The Rocks, Sydney

Google Address:

Day 3 – Opera House Tour @ Sydney Opera House

The tour is about 60 mins and fun fact, they offer Korean tours too (which was why they had a Korean guide). If you want to, you can opt for the backstage tour which is 2 hours long (and much more expensive). I believe they went on the 1-hour tour. If you don’t plan to go for the tour, the surrounding area is also very nice and beautiful. Do not miss out on the icon of Sydney!

Prices from SGD 39 [Klook]

Day 3 – Gifts at the Quay @ Sydney

You will walk past this shop when walking to the Opera House. In case you want to buy the same item as them, they bought a blue koala oven glove =p

Google Location:

Day 3 – Onew singing ‘In the Whale’ @ Hickson Road Reserve

My guesstimate was that the singing session was filmed on Day 3 morning (based on the sun and the shadows). It must have been difficult for him to lipsync that day or perhaps he sang out loud but they had to play the CD version in the variety as there would be too much background noise. They found a really pretty spot to film this.

<They flew from Sydney to Melbourne> It is a 1hr 35 mins flight.

Day 4 (Tue) – Lunch @ Xpressomondo, near Flinders Lane

Random: they are sitting in front of a chocolate shop called ‘Koko Black’ which is a rather famous Australian chocolate brand.

What they ordered: White, Black, (Parma Ham & Rocket) Pizza, Oil Pasta (Aglio Olio), Risotto

Google Location:

Day 4 – Onew singing @ Graffiti Wall, Rutledge Lane

Google Location:

Day 5 (Wed) – Puffing Billy Train <Menzies Creek to Belgrave; return>

Train departure @ Menzies Creek: 10am [Only once per day for this route]

Departure train station is about 1 hours drive from Melbourne’s main area. The entire duration will take about 2 hours and you will get to enjoy sitting on the Carriage Sill during the return journey from Belgrave back to Menzies Creek.

Prices from SGD 36 [Klook]

Google location:

Day 5 – Penguin Parade @ Phillip Island

The place opens from 4pm but depending on the season and time of the year, the penguin ‘returning home’ timing could vary. When they visited, the expected timing of first penguin was 8:10pm (Note: November is their summer time which is why the days are longer.) It is likely they just did the ‘General Viewing’ package which allows them to sit at the platform to view from a distance.

Prices from SGD 25 [Klook]

Day 6 (Thu) – Wine Tasting @ Domaine Chandon, Melbourne

There are many vineyards in Yara Valley / Mornington Peninsular but I guess this was the lucky vineyard (which makes me wonder if they are a sponsor or something).

This vineyard is famous for sparkling wines and the one that Jinki says ‘I love it’ was the Garden Spritz (orange flavoured) which costs $32 AUD a bottle. I am super tempted to buy one to taste for myself and if I do get it, I’ll come back and share my review. However, it seems like they bought the red one instead (Pinot Shiraz) which I don’t think they tasted but the packaging looks more suitable for Christmas. My guess is that jinki is a red wine lover.

Google location:

Day 6 – Ending scene @ Transit Rooftop Bar, Melbourne

Google location:

[After thoughts]

I’m really happy that he got to go on a really relaxing trip. Based on the itinerary that they have featured in the show, it is a very relaxed itinerary which gave him a lot of time for things like shopping UGG boots for Jaehwan. If you’re planning to replicate his travel plans, there are a lot more things you can add to your trip to make it more wholesome and cover other places of Australia like the famous Great Ocean Route. Sadly, Australia is not a cheap travel destination for tourists and each meal out would set you back about $30 – $50 depending on whether you get a drink. I recently visited both Melbourne and Sydney in Aug 2022 and in fact I didn’t visit 90% of the places he went. Perhaps the only one I went to was the Sydney Opera House exterior. I guess it gives me a reason to be back again. If you do try this itinerary out, please comment below and let me know!