[Filming Location] It’s Okay to Not be Okay

7,853 ViewsApologies for my lateness in blogging about the filming locations for this drama. I had started watching the drama since it started a month ago but I wasn’t too sure if the locations were blog-worthy and the storyline and characters didn’t grow on me from the beginning. However, things took a turn in episode

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Tiger Brokers – Making my first purchase in US Markets

13,314 ViewsA week ago, I was ‘targeted’ by a Tiger Brokers Facebook Ad which indicated that their fees for SGX trading were 0.08% and that there were no minimum fees. Being a person always on the lookout for cheap deals, I was immediately attracted to the promotion and I ended up doing research on the

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How I am cutting down my expenses in times of crisis

715 ViewsAh yes, this is another piece of my “money matters” series as I’ve been thinking about money these few weeks. It has been 4 months since I last got a paycheque (my last job was shucking mussels in Talleys @ Motueka, New Zealand) and I’m glad that I am still somewhat, surviving. Before I

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