[Filming Location] Ticketing with Two Feet – New Zealand


*Ongoing Travel Variety series. Updated till episode 5*

I will be updating the locations week by week or whenever there are new translated episodes available. There are SPOILERS so please do not continue if you would prefer not to get spoilt.

What is this show about?

This is a Korean reality travel variety show (by TVING, a web channel) where they send 4 celebrities (Ha Jung-woo, Joo Ji-hoon, SHINEE’s Minho and Yeo Jin-goo) on an exhausting yet fulfilling trip to complete missions that will allow them to ‘win’ air tickets (to New Zealand) for their Korean viewers. I like that they also provide footage of the winners in New Zealand too.

Just some background about myself if you’re reading my website for the first time

I’m really excited about this travel variety as New Zealand is a beautiful country where I spent 9 months under the ‘Working Holiday Program’, of which majority was spent in South Island. Wherever in the world you are, as long as you are under 30 (or 35 for some countries), you are able to apply for a visa that lets you stay and work in the country for up to 12 months. I returned from New Zealand back in March 2020 (it was cut short slightly due to the covid fears) and it’s a country that I hope everyone will get a chance to visit someday. If you have questions about the country, feel free to leave a comment below or check out my extensive New Zealand adventure here.

Possible travel dates for their trip: 22 to 28 September 2022 (Found this info on Twitter but am not too sure about its accuracy.) In fact, they were only spotted in Queenstown (halfway through their trip). New Zealand is a good place for celebrity travel as 90% of the population wouldn’t be bothered with K-pop (I feel). Back in 2019, BTS also did one of their Bon Voyage in South Island and I believe they had quite a good time without being mopped by fans. In fact, the only reason why people will take a second look would be because of the camera crew.

September is the start of Spring in New Zealand. Being in the southern hemisphere (the seasons are flipped e.g. Winter is in June/July, Summer is in December). Spring is a beautiful time to visit as it is not that cold (perhaps about 10 to 20 degrees in the day) and you may be able to spot cherry/plum blossoms if the timing is right. There would still be snow on the mountains are you may be able to ski in the mountains till early October (though the snow is likely to be icy). If you can’t make it for Spring, autumn (March – April) is also a good time to travel (but sadly it is the only season I’ve missed out in my 9 months stay).

Flights to Christchurch

There are no direct flights from Seoul to Christchurch (as of Jan 2023).

Based on the flight timing (they arrived in Christchurch in the morning), they must have taken the Incheon – Singapore – Christchurch flight (SQ297).
Random fact, I took this flight back in 2019 as well =p

Car Rental + Rooftop Tent

Based on my observation – It is a LandRover Discovery 3 (4,390cc) with Feldon Shelter Roof Tent. Number Plate for reference: KLR940

Highly suspect that it was rented from Intrepid Rentals (price from $173/day) but at the point of research, I haven’t found any conclusive evidence to support my guess.

Also FYI, a car with 4,0L engine means that it consumes a lot of fuel which means that your petrol cost will be x2 or x3 of a regular Toyota (known to be fuel efficient). You will end up spending a lot on fuel and petrol is not cheap in New Zealand especially right now (with the ongoing Ukraine war)

Day 1

Drive from Christchurch airport to Fairlie is approx 2 hr 15 mins (179km) .

Foursquare Supermarket at Fairlie

Address: Main Street, Fairlie 7925, New Zealand (Google Maps)

There are 4 supermarket chains in New Zealand and Four Square is known to be the most expensive one (after Pak n Save, Countdown and New World) and it is usually found in small towns with a smaller population. Fairlie is a very small town and it is most famous for its pies. Most travelers will have a pitstop at the Fairlie Bakehouse (my favourite is Pork Belly and Bacon Salmon) before heading down to the usual destination, Tekapo.

[Fun info about the show] They were only given $26 to spend on groceries as they lost a challenge. Using this money, they bought a bag of potatoes, chicken drumsticks, sausages and salt – and this was their dinner at the campsite later in the evening.

Being a reality series, the production crew drove their land rover away the moment they exited the supermarket and left 4 bicycles for them.

Challenge #1 – They had to cycle 44km from Fairlie to Tekapo.

When I first saw that challenge, my heart was like OMG as I am familiar with that drive and I know that there was going to be upslopes and a beautiful downslope and I was like oh gawd the production crew was really mean. Thankfully, there was a Plan B and 2 of the members (Jung Woo and Jin Goo) ‘gave up’ at the 10km mark and drove to the campsite instead. Ji hoon and Minho continued the ride and I believe it took about 4 hours. Please do not attempt cycling unless you are experienced. In fact when I drive in New Zealand, whenever there’s a huge truck that goes past my tiny Honda Fit car, I will feel the wind which will leave me startled a little. There’s a lot to overcome (physically and mentally) if you’re cycling alongside the highways in New Zealand. Thought that it was a huge danger to put these celebrities through this ordeal but I believe the crew has sufficient safety precautions in place for them.

Lake Tekapo

It can be as pretty as what you see.. if you have good weather. Not to be a Debbie downer but the reality is that there might be a chance that you are greeted with bad weather when you’re in Tekapo. It happened to me twice in my 6 visits (if I didn’t recall wrongly). You might not be able to see the mountains beyond the lake and it might just be rainy and gloomy and you won’t even have any chance with the stars in the skies if there were thick clouds. If the reality hurts when you are there, you are not alone 😉

Lakes Edge Holiday Park

Address: 2 Lakeside Drive, Lake Tekapo 7999, New Zealand (Google Maps)

Website Info for Holiday Park

In New Zealand’s context, a Holiday Park is a place that provides toilet and kitchen facilities for people who intend to stay in their vehicles/tents. Depending on your requirements (powered/non-powered) and how much space you require, the price may defer. If sleeping in a car is not your kind of fun, you can also opt for the hostel or private cabins (very limited and often sold out). Lake Tekapo is one of the most expensive accommodations in South Island if you’re planning to stay in a decent average motel. It is also a Dark Sky Reserve which means that they limit the amount of light disturbance the entire town can have and this makes it a perfect place for star gazing. If you have money, it is highly recommended to go for a star gazing tour where the star guide would provide explanations and even allow you to look at planets (or the moon) via a telescope. Can check out Mt John Observatory stargazing if you are keen.

Day 2

Challenge #2 – They had to clock 120,000 steps (avg 30,000 per member) in 12 hours.

With such a mission, their first instinct was to go for a hike (before breakfast). Gosh, where did the find that energy from?

Mt John Summit Circuit Track

Address: Unnamed Road, Canterbury 7999, 7999, New Zealand (Google Maps)
Difficulty: 3.5/5, 40 to 60 mins to summit

To clock the steps, they decided to climb uphill and do the ‘Mt John Summit Track’ which is not exactly a smart choice as why do you want to exhaust your energy by climbing uphill but the views were so gorgeous that morning. I’m proud to share that I’ve done that hike before (Oct 2019) and I would say it is of a difficulty of 2.5 upon 5. I am not very fit but with friends’ support, I can somehow find the strength to do it. It took me one hour and there’s a cafe at the top as well. If you do not wish to hike, you can also drive up during the opening hours (fees are payable per car) and enjoy similar views. FYI – BTS visited this summit in Bon Voyage too but they took the car up.

Random fact, I visited this place 3 times in my 9 months. Twice by car and once by foot.

Foursquare Supermarket, Lake Tekapo

Address: State Highway 8 22 Rapuwai Lane, Tekapo-Twizel Road, Lake Tekapo 7999, New Zealand

There is only one supermarket in Tekapo town and it’s a place that I’ve visited countless times (given that I’ve stayed multiple times in Tekapo). I remember buying Lotto here a few times. The prices in New Zealand are not the same across towns and it is highly likely that the prices here are more expensive than the ones they visited on the previous day. There is a ‘flying fox’ playground beside the supermarket and it’s a little sad that they were rushing for time and to complete their steps mission that they didn’t get to enjoy the playground.

Decided to screenshot their receipt as many of you guys might be unfamiliar with the exorbitant pricing in New Zealand, especially when you’re buying ingredients that are not in season. Astonishing pricing: 155g of garlic @ $8.52, Half a cabbage @ $3.50, 5 pack ramen @ $10.50, Spring onion @ $3.99, Diet Coke (2.25L) @ $3.99, Caged Eggs @ $5.99, Brown Sugar @ $2.49

Anyway, the prices would only be shocking to you if you’re living in Asia. South Island (+ a tourist attraction @ Tekapo) is one of the higher cost-of-living towns in New Zealand which is why you are seeing such pricing. Dining out is even more expensive thus most locals cook their meals and only dine out on special occasions. The only thing that is relatively more affordable in New Zealand is meat =p

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon aka Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre, Lake Pukaki

Note: The drive from Tekapo Town to this salmon shop is approximately 36 mins.

Address: Lake Pukaki Information Centre, Pukaki 7999, New Zealand
Website: https://alpinesalmon.co.nz/

(Extra Travel Info) There are 2 shops that sell salmon in this area. The prettier and more touristy one is the one they visited – Mt Cook Alpine Salmon. Their menu items are pretty limited – sliced salmon (in small and big packs, but usually the big packs are out of stock pretty early), smoked salmon and salmon caviar as well. The best part of buying from here is that you have such a beautiful picnic spot (which may not be ideal in bad weather). I have visited on days when the wind was so strong that you can’t exactly dine outside. The ‘dining area’ inside is very small as well so it is a pretty much eat and evacuate kind of setting. The other salmon shop is called High Country Salmon at Twizel, a town that you will pass by when you are driving to Wanaka/Queenstown. The fun part about this place is that you can feed and see real salmon (they breed them), buy more varieties of salmon (I once bought a slab for grilling) and even buy cooked salmon (not everyone is a fan of raw fish). There isn’t any ‘view’ at this place so it is less ‘instaworthy’ thus I think there’s lesser recommendations as well.

To be honest, I haven’t heard of any tourists trekking around Lake Pukaki. Most of the time, we just drive and stop along various spots for photo taking. The lake is indeed majestic and they are many viewpoints (with parking bays) for you to stop and soak in the beauty of the mountains. The only reason they are doing the awkward trekking (till late, which I do not recommend as NZ is really dark at night; there are not much road lights and even when you drive, you are reliant on your own high beam against the road barrier), is to complete the steps mission. At this point in time while watching the show, I feel that they are truly exhausted from all the physical activity and it was only their 2nd day! I guess being a celebrity is indeed not easy. The only time I managed to exceed 30,000 steps in a day was when I climbed a mountain (Mt Taranaki at North island) and for them to clock steps just for the sake of clocking steps (to complete the mission), it is quite a waste of what NZ has to offer. whoops. But I guess it is for a meaningful cause, for them to earn flight tickets for the youths of Korea.

Glentanner Park Centre, Lake Pukaki, Mt Cook

Address: 3388 Mount Cook Road, Glentanner 7999, New Zealand
Website: https://www.glentanner.co.nz/
Pricing: Non-powered sites from $25 NZD per pax, Backpackers (Hostel) at $45/pax to $260 NZD for a self-contained unit

Given that the YHA at Mt.Cook has closed down, this place is the more affordable option if you don’t wish to fork out more money for the pricier hotels at Mt. Cook. I’ve stayed once at the YHA at Mt.Cook and it was really lovely. Sadly, the entire YHA chain in New Zealand ceased operations during covid and there is no news about its revival yet.

Day 3

Hooker Valley Track

Address: Hooker Valley Track, Mt Cook National Park 7999, New Zealand
Pricing: Free
Difficulty: 2/5, 3 hours return (If you do not take excessive photos, When I visited, we took 5 hours and took a lot of photos on the way because we had good weather and the view was breathtaking.

Do not be intimidated by the 3 hours duration! The hike is relatively flat with just a few areas which require you to walk slopes. There are various rest points with benches along the way so do take a break when you’re tired. If there’s good weather, you will probably stop every 50m for photo-taking as every turn can be a photo op. I would consider this as my favourite hike in NZ. There are 3 swing bridges along the way but I didn’t think it was scary. However, if you happen to visit on a windy day, it might be quite scary. Wouldn’t recommend visiting it in bad weather though. When I attempted this place a second time, it was cloudy and rainy and we decided to make a U-turn after the second bridge as there wouldn’t be any view of the mountains.

Challenge #3 – They had to soak parts of their body in the ice cold glacier water

I thought the mission was ridiculous and I highly don’t recommend anyone to do it and risk yourself getting a cold. The only thing we did when we reached the lake was to ‘skip’ rocks and held on to the floating pieces of the glacier ice. Felt pretty amazing to be touch a piece of ice that is probably centuries old.

Day 4

Thank goodness they had a relaxing Day 3. I’m sure they needed all that rest after the torturous Day 2.

They stayed two nights at the Glentanner Campsite and continue their journey after winning their ‘allowance’.

Drive from campsite to twizel town was about 30 mins.

Twizel Bakery Cafe

Address: 5 Market Place, Twizel 7901, New Zealand

Don’t recall this bakery being particularly famous for anything. My past visits to Twizel, I’ve eaten at the thai and indian food. The other time where I stayed overnight, we bought salmon from High Country and oven-baked it. It was a very dark town and I recall the skies being dark enough for me to sit outside and stargaze before I got too cold.

The drive from Twizel to the farm at Kingston was 3 hours. Such long drives are very common in New Zealand. There were many photo spots along the way but I guess they were rushing to reach the farm so they didn’t stop much along the way.

Real Country Farm Experience

Address: 275 Kingston-Garston Highway, Kingston 9748, New Zealand

If you are planning to make a visit to this place, be sure to make a reservation in advance as I don’t believe they entertain walk-ins. I’ve not had a real farm experience like this before in New Zealand so I can’t comment much on this except that the animals really have a smell! Apart from that, Im sure you’ll have a blast!

Day 5

Shotover Jet Queenstown

Address: 3 Arthurs Point Road, Arthurs Point, Queenstown 9371, New Zealand
To book: via
Klook ($139 NZD from official site/walk-in but would be slightly cheaper if booked via Klook)

As I’m not a fan of extreme sports and speed, I’ve not tried this before but if you’re a thrill seeker, I’m pretty sure it’s worth it!

Absoloot Hostel, Queenstown

Address: 50 Beach Street, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand
Prices: from $182 (for their ensuite room, 3 single beds + 1 double) for non-peak (check prices)

As Queenstown is a popular winter destination, the accommodation prices will inflate significantly during the winter months (July – Aug). Wouldn’t advise to visit Queenstown during the winter unless you plan to do winter sports.

Cody’s Restaurant (Chinese Food), Queenstown

Address: 1/24 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

There are many other food options available in Queenstown so I wouldn’t really recommend Chinese food as a top choice. Unless you’re having a bad craving I guess.

AJ Hackett Kawarau Bungy Centre

Address: Gibbston Valley, Queenstown 9384, New Zealand
To book: via Klook ($220 NZD from official site/walk-in but would be cheaper if booked in advance via Klook)

If you don’t already know, this bridge was the start of bungy jumping. It may not the be the highest jump but it is definitely the most popular and ‘oldest’ in terms of commercial value. Apart from bungy jumping, they have zipline option as well. Furthermore, they do have another location that allows you to do the ‘swing’ (BTS did it in their Bon Voyage) which throws you down at a greater height with a partner (so you’re not alone).

Boardwalk Restaurant, Queenstown

Address: Level 1 Steamer Wharf, 88 Beach Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand
Prices: from $30 (Get 50% off with First Table)

I guess it was fate! I actually dined in this restaurant before back in Sep 2019. We were using the 50% promo where if you manage to make a reservation for the first table (w/$10 deposit), you can enjoy 50% off the menu (T&C applies). It was a really good deal and I ‘camped’ on the website to make bookings for the popular restaurants and the prices were really a steal!

Day 6

Brennan Wines

Address: 86 Gibbston Back Road, Gibbston 9371, New Zealand
Website: http://brennanwines.com/

This activity is not a typical ‘tourist’ activity as you can’t exactly work as a tourist. However, if you’re under the age of 30, you may still have a chance to apply for the ‘Working Holiday’ program in New Zealand (Which I went for 9 months back in 2019-2020). I also experienced working in a vineyard too. If you’re keen to find out more about the working holiday program, feel free to read my consolidated guide here.

Anyway, if you’re travelling and would like to visit the vineyard, they do have a tasting room and some wineries in NZ are chargeable (but may be reimbursed if you buy a bottle). There are many vineyards in the Otago area so do keep a lookout when you’re there and try a bottle of expensive Pinot Noir. I wasn’t a fan of red wine until I tried Pinot Noir.

Day 7

Skyline Queenstown via Tiki Trail

Address: 53 Brecon Street, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand

When I was in Queenstown, I visited the Skyline Queenstown via cable car (aka Gondola) which cost about $73 NZD for the gondola and 2 luge rides. If you would like to save money, you can consider doing the tiki trail but be prepared for a tiring steep upslope climb. I didn’t do the climb up as my friends warned me against it (I have weak knees). It is always advisable to visit on a sunny day as the view would be superb. If it is cloudy/hazy/rainy, i really wouldn’t recommend it. Do try the luge if you haven’t done it before because the feeling of having the wind in your air with such a picturesque view is an amazing feeling!


I guess we have come to the end of the series (Eight episodes in total) and I hope that you are interested in visiting New Zealand. It is lovely country and I hope that everyone has a chance to at least visit it once in your lifetime. If you have any questions about the locations or New Zealand or travel tips, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reply you!

Cheers ^^

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