[Filming Location] You are my Spring


Didn’t realise that I have not done a filming location post for almost a year!

Well, the not-able-to-travel syndrome is hitting on me and over time (16 months and counting since my last plane ride) I am less attracted and less curious about these filming locations and recently, there was a pretty beach that caught my eye.. which is why I am returning from my hiatus to write about the filming locations for this drama.

I’ve binged watched 8 episodes so far and it is an ongoing drama. I’ve watched the female lead in many dramas in the past (Another Oh Hae Young, Temperature of Love) and the male lead was from Coffee Prince (one of my all-time fav drama). The ratings haven’t been too good for this drama despite being on Netflix. I guess many people have been swept up with the Olympics or perhaps this drama just doesn’t have enough ‘luck’. Nevertheless, it has pretty filming locations and I’m here to investigate =D

Bus stop @ Suamgol Village Observatory

Address: 81-245 Jungang-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
충청북도 청주시 상당구 중앙동 81-245

Google Map

I haven’t been to this place before but the bus stop is highly unlikely to be real. This is a rather famous observatory deck in the city of Cheongju, which is about 100 mins away from Seoul by bus. I guess this city has been rather prominent in drama filmings. I remember Hyun Bin’s drama – the memories of Alhambra – had scenes in this city too.

Building 99 @ OHJI CAFE

Address: South Korea, Chungcheongbuk-do, Cheongju-si, Sangdang-gu, Su-dong, 81-155 OHJI
충북 청주시 상당구 수암로36번길 13 OHJ

Google Link | Instagram

This 99 building is actually a very pretty cafe in Cheongju. You can check out their Instagram page to check out the latest bakes and all the good views you can enjoy (including the rooftop view) in the cafe. Anyway, it is likely that only the exterior was filmed here. The interior (house and psychiatrist clinic) is probably a film set. I’m not too sure about the ‘Selecto Coffee’ – whether it was rebranded at this location or the interior was another outlet. FYI – Selecto Coffee is a product/location placement in this drama – thus, it is inevitable to see them recommending cakes and drinks with prominent logo features. Used to be more subtle in the past but now it is pretty obvious

Pizza Alvolo (Filming location may not be a real pizza outlet)

Address: 53 Yonghwahaebyeon 1-gil, Geundeok-myeon
강원도 삼척시 근덕면 용화해변1길 53

Similar to Selecto Coffee, Pizza Alvolo is a product placement. If you find it familiar, that’s probably it appeared in several other dramas as well, more significantly ‘It’s okay to not be okay’ featuring Kim Soohyun. Anyway, the filming location for this pizza outlet is situated at Samcheok, near Yonghwa beach. However, I tried to dig deeper on this location and I can’t seem to find any information that a pizza shop actually exists at that address. Based on Kakao/Naver Map street view, I can only find ‘renovation photos’ dated March 2021. Given that Yonghwa is a pretty small town, I highly doubt that it is viable for such a chain to survive so.. if you happen to visit that area, do let me know so I can confirm my suspicions (that it is not a real pizza shop).

On a side note, East Coast of korea is a very pretty place and I’ve last visited it back in 2013 (8 years ago). In case you’re keen, you can read about my adventures.

Gangneung Beach @ Chuam Beach

Address: Chuam-dong, Donghae-si, South Korea
추암해변 동해시 추암동

Google Link

From the photos, it seems like a very pretty beach with nice rock formations. In case you’re wondering, yes, it was the beach scenes that motivated me to write this post. Really miss travelling.

Other less significant locations that I have not provided a screenshot for:

  • The suicide scene where second male lead jump onto his car
    • Abandoned school in Gimcheon (김천 한국보건대) which you can’t visit as it is out of bounds.
      It is now used as a rather popular filming location for dramas (Vicenzo was here) and MVs (One of taemin’s MV was here too).


To be continued if I don’t give up on this drama and that there are more pretty locations to share (:

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