[K-Movie] Il Mare – Siworae – A Love Story – Filming Location and Review


This is a review for a movie that was aired 20 years ago; back in Year 2000.

I just finished the movie and there was something compelling me to do a write-up on this movie as it is definitely a movie I will be re-watching again (and again) when I grow older. It’s a classic; just like My Sassy Girl where I wrote about it back in 2014.

I’m not sure how long this YouTube video will remain valid but it seems to be the only source of this movie for now. Subtitles can be turned on.

Just some background info on how I stumbled upon this drama. I’ve heard of it but I’ve never searched for it or watched it but somehow or another, I chanced upon it either on reddit or some forums discussing about ‘Time Travel’. Tomorrow (or perhaps today since it’s past midnight), is the final episode of Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun (half-flopped or could-not-achieve-ratings) drama, The King: Eternal Monarch and the drama has the concept of time and space travel. It’s a whole discussion but if you’re keen, I like this YouTuber’s video on explaining the various type of fiction time travel. Anyway, the Il Mare movie was shared in the discussion and that was how I ended up watching a 20-year-old film, with an actress, Jun Jihyun, who is supposedly my only fav female Korean celebrity, if I had to choose one. There’s something about her acting that makes me very engaged with the show.

I shouldn’t say too much about the movie as I shouldn’t be spoiling it (in case you haven’t watched it) but yes, it is the same storyline as ‘The Lakehouse’ (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) which I didn’t watch as well. It revolves around this magical mailbox that connects two individuals that live in different timelines.

In the show, there’s a very beautiful house which is constructed by the sea (or perhaps above the tidal flats).

In case you’re hoping to visit this beautiful filming location, despite being 20 years late, I’m sorry to inform you that the actual house has been torn down right after filming ended. Ouch.

However, if you’re keen to just find out where it is, the location is in Seokmo-do near Ganghwa Island which is the area above Incheon International Airport.

There’s a Korean website which gave the address as 39-53, Hari, Samsan-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon (인천 강화군 삼산면 하리 39-53) so in case you’re feeling adventurous and you have a car in Korea, you can check it out. I’m pretty sure public transport is close to impossible on this island. According to this website, the grass have overgrown the area and it no longer looks the same.

Then again, it has been 20 years.. how could things have remained.. the same?

There’s a train station that is featured and it was filmed at Jungang station (Ansan). This station belongs to Line 4 and it is accessible from Seoul but you will likely take a long while as it goes a long way. Random memory – there were train scenes featured in My Sassy Girl as well. Was it a trend back in the days?

Address: Jungang station, Hosu-dong, Ansan-si, South Korea (중앙역 안산시 호수동)

Morning Cafe featured in the film

(Sorry, no screenshots for this as I felt it was rather plain)

In the film, it was a cafe but as of 2017, it was a pub, taking on the same name ‘morning’. It is 2020 and I’m not certain if it is still around.

Address: Morning Beer Pub, 45-15 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul (서울 영등포구 여의도동 45-15)

FYI: It is very accessible if you’re in seoul, right smack in the middle at Yeouido, the ‘island’ which is the headquarters of KBS.

Lastly, this scene is filmed at Sanho Beach, U-do at Jeju Island (우도산호해변).

Here are more photos of the beautiful island in case you’re tempted for a visit.


I really love the OST for this movie and I have no idea why there are so many versions.

Anyway, as I was researching about this movie, there were people who mention that it was somewhat similar to the famous Japanese Anime Movie ‘Your Name’. The concept of love that transcends through time is not new but somehow this movie (perhaps it was the OST and Jun Jihuyn) makes me think (or perhaps confuse myself) about time travel and all the random possibilities and what changed and what did not change.

Any other movies to recommend me? I might just finish the entire filmography of Jun Jihyun..

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  • I loved that movie as well. As well as Gianna Jun, it was a lovely early performance by Lee Jung-Jae. The whole atmosphere was haunting and wistful. I am always amazed at how good the Korean film industry is at creating scenes that look so remote, when they are actually filming close to the city. You start to recognize the filming locations over and over. It really is an art.

    • Yes! It was such a calming movie~~ Yep, Korea is a pretty interesting place with a lot of beautiful sceneries and sights. A lot of times, the filming location repeats as I believe they probably have the same set manager or something. Have you had a chance to visit Korea yet? You should if you have not!