Week 33 – Possibly ending my career in New Zealand


Gosh. Time flies ain’t it? I just ended work at possibly my last job here in New Zealand.

It’s 12:55am right now on Sunday and I ended work at 11pm. Kind of happy that I no longer have to do the least desirable job of opening mussels but kind of sad that it is possibly my final job for my working holiday stint. Technically, I still have time left on my visa but it is kind of too short, which makes me less desirable as an employee (in comparison to those with longer visa duration). We shall see how things go.

For the past two days, I’ve been listening to travel audiobooks which kinds of prepare me in the mood for my potential 6 to 7 more weeks of travel, assuming I max out my visa over here. Although the work that I’ve been doing here is kind of boring, I’m thankful that I was able to multi task by listening to audio books, some of which have been rather inspirational, and perhaps gain some knowledge through these mundane and boring tasks. Some time in the future, I might do a recommendation post of all the books that I’ve ‘listened’ to. Prior to this, I always felt weird listening to audiobooks but after my time in New Zealand, I truly treasure the existence of them cause it has made my jobs a lot more bearable.

Apart from sharing about my time in New Zealand, I would like to mention about the corona virus that has been affecting the world right now. The situation is pretty bad and most of my friends have been messaging me and asking me not to return home so soon as no one knows when the virus will be contained. Just two days ago, Singapore raised the alert level to ‘orange’ which means an intensity of 3 out of 4, and it kind of caused a widespread paranoia. The supermarket shelves were wiped clean. Things like masks, sanitisers, rice, instant noodles and toilet papers were wiped clean. Sighs, if the situation doesn’t get better, should I use it as an excuse to continue my already long vacation?

(Writing from a hostel in Westport)

It’s currently Monday night (11.47pm) and I’ve started on my travel plans? I was thankful that I was able to hitch a ride from a housemate down to explore the west coast area, starting with Westport. I’ll probably be dropped off at Greymouth and take the expensive alpine train back to Christchurch.

Just some random thoughts about my move this morning. Well, I kind of left the most crowded sharehouse of my entire trip (to date). I can’t exactly count how many people were around but it was perhaps 15 – 20 people. It was a rather messy but after staying for two weeks, some of the mess ends up getting organized and its really easy to adapt to the crowd and liveliness of the house. As expected, I didn’t feel much when I had to leave as I was able to tell myself that this stay was only temporarily and that I didn’t need to invest too much emotions into the people, experience and house. If you’ve been following my IGS, I’m sure you would have seen the beautiful sunrise and sunset moments from my house on top of the hill and I think it has definitely earned the title of being the accommodation with the best everyday views. Looking back, I’m still pretty proud of my adaptability and how I managed to tide through crowded accommodation and having to do the worse job ever of opening mussels. I have nothing against the company, just the nature of work. I guess this experience does somehow give me a level up in my endurance skills.

Then again, I’m really thankful to have visited the Tasman region, visited the beach of the windows 10 wallpaper (though the weather kind of sucked that day), went for several hikes and led a different kind of lifestyle here. To be honest, I think that my two weeks stay went pretty much according to plans.

If things goes as planned, next monday I’ll start traveling for 2 weeks and I should be able to lead a true vacation life without the agony of going to work. Everything is still an uncertainty now but let’s just hope and pray that everything goes according to plan.

I feel really apologetic to my readers and myself that my weekly updates are getting dry, boring and I don’t even know what I’m typing myself sometimes. As the end draws closer (could be just 6 more weeks), I’m starting to panic about my future job (which I think about all the time whenever I’m opening mussels) which is as uncertain as the weather next week. Sometimes, worrying too much can’t help a shit and I should just embrace and accept whatever comes.

On a random note, I posted to my pathetic number of IGS viewers a question – If given a choice to enter through a time tunnel, would you prefer to go back in time or jump ahead into the future? Right now, the results stand at 56% future and 44% past which is pretty much on the fence but.. I thinking jumping ahead into the future is the more realistic answer as.. can you even change the past and alter the future if you went back in time? Ain’t it better to know the future and plan towards it? How ironic is it for me to be talking about this when I’m someone who records every single past history of my life in order to relive it. Haha.

Wish me best of luck for my travels and that I won’t be bringing more money in to finance my future worries.

^Cheers and see you next week.

Random book recommendation: I recently completed Nas Daily’s ‘Around the world in 60 seconds’ and I really love it (I listened to the audiobook with his real voice) as I feel like I have a history, travel and motivational lessons all combined in 7 to 8 hours. Disclaimer: I hardly watch his 60 seconds video so most of the content that I listened to, it was pretty much refreshing. Anyway, it makes me wonder about my own life and how I’ve not progressed much while he has 650,000 cash on hand. Life; will I ever figure it out before I fly home?

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