How to find cheap flights online

If you are a frequent and budget traveller, I’m sure you will always keep a lookout for flight ticket promotions and sales. Usually, flight tickets will be a huge expense in your entire travel budget and of course, the further the destination, the higher will be the price. Please be reminded that each airline sells a different range of flight ticket prices based on the type of aircraft and services provided onboard.
The best way to make sure your travel cost stays within the budget-friendly line is to strategise on how to book cheap flights. There are several tips for you to learn and you should be able to use them and score affordable flight tickets! 

1. Bookmark the Best Search Engines for Flights

There are a number of platforms online that are created specifically for travellers to search for the best flight ticket prices. These platforms function somewhat like a search engine, where it allows users to search for the cheapest flight tickets available for all destinations. You can find many sites that serve as that tool for you and customise various filters including your desired price range, departure and arrival date, destination and more, just at the tip of your fingers.
Once you have keyed in all your travel details, just click on the search button and let the system work for you. You will be presented with a list of airfares from various airlines that offer a journey of your selected route. You can sort the fares from the lowest price to the highest price, depending on the timings, duration and other factors including stopover(s) or not.  You can find the best prices for many airlines including Lion Air and Jetstar flights online. Don’t forget to check out Scoot Singapore limited time promotion.

2. Turn On The Notifications For Cheap Airfares

Apart from using a search engine, another trick you can do is to sign up for newsletter (aka eDM) alerts or notifications whenever there are cheap flight tickets on sale. 
Some airlines even offer special discounts within a specific time of the year, for example, the year end sale. Keep yourself updated with the promotions posted by airlines so that you will not miss any opportunities that come. Apart from just receiving eDMs, you can follow the official social media pages of various airlines in order to not miss any promotions.) You can find Scoot flight ticket with the lowest price via Traveloka. 

3. Be Flexible on Travel Dates 

A frequent traveller should know that air fares are usually higher when the travel date is nearer. Often, to score affordable tickets, you will have to make an advance booking and it is advisable not to purchase tickets on a last-minute basis. Typically, flight ticket prices soar up high during festive seasons because airlines take chances to earn more profits given the high demand. 
Quick tip: Among the recommended days to travel are on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, as these days tend to record fewer passengers, hence leading to lower ticket fares.
Learn to travel smart and fun by spending lesser on flight ticket prices so you can use your money for other travel expenses. Start planning your travel itinerary and search for airfares to any destination of your choice today!
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