Week 19 – Getting comfortable by myself


It’s Tuesday night right now which only means that I didn’t write my weekly update as scheduled on Monday night. It’s totally not easy to be disciplined but for the fact that I sustained this weekly blogging thing for so long feels pretty amazing. The next thing on my list is to add in photos but I’m not sure if it will get anywhere because the wordpress app ain’t working to well for me. Oh wells.

Continuing my story from last week, I took a half day on Tuesday to fix my car tyre. The mechanics took out a screw (about 1.5cm long) from my car tyre and patch up the hole. It took about 20mins and cost me $40 >< To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how such things cost but I have no other choice but to pay up.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to waste my half day doing nothing. A friend from Wanaka came to do her car’s WOF so we hanged out at Warehouse, New World (what’s new) and had dinner. We even went to the Alexandra clock (again) and walked by the clutha river for a while, just chilling and doing nothing much.

On Wednesday, I went back to work and my greatest fear happened – I fell from the ladder. It was a risky ladder position and it was slightly downhill (which was wrong) and I kind of stretched too much and the next thing I know, I fell vertically down while my ladder fell sideways. I was lucky; I fell on the grass which was rather cushioning. The unlucky part was.. I had multiple blue-blacks on the left side of my body together with abrasions on my face, arms and legs. Nevertheless, I am thankful that it wasn’t anything worse. I continued working despite the fall; no idea why i was so garang but I really felt fine. The blue-blacks looked pretty scary (with many colours) but it is recovering pretty well as of now.

We were also on contract for that week (and judging from my payslip), I kind of earned $26/hour instead of the minimum wage. But of course, there were others hitting $29-30+/hour and apart from us working really hard, luck plays an important part as well – whether you are assigned to a fruitless or fruitful tree row. I’ll probably do up another entry for my working experience as an apricot thinner when I complete my work this friday. So, do check back for it! Yep, it will be my last working day this Friday. Well, I wanted to quit like on Monday, as I only needed one more pay slip but might as well earn more right? Sadly, we will be on hourly rate for the whole week (plus a compulsory wednesday off cause they having a meeting) which means that I’ll only get 4 days of minimum wage. Oh wells, still money and.. I have no other plans too.

Okay apologies for the digress.

On Saturday, I went out to have lunch in an indian place and ohmy, it was the spiciest curry I’ve ever tasted over here! It was followed by a visit to the Alexandra clock (again; my 3rd time). Later on, we drove over to Butcher’s Dam which was really pretty but the walk was pretty average.

It was clear skies (really hot) but with really strong winds and I was so afraid of losing my cap. Ended the day with drinks.. for the whole night. Thankfully, I made it back home in one piece. Okay, I didn’t drink much.

On Sunday, I drove all the way to Queenstown to do a day trip with a friend that flew in from Christchurch. I guess that’s how my life is gonna be for the next few months. Cause Clyde/Alexandra is too boring and I’ll end up driving far on my off days to.. enjoy. My itinerary for QT was pretty wholesome. We started with pork ribs for lunch at the Flame Bar followed by my beloved Patagonia Hot Chocolate. Then, we went for the Gondola + Luge which I ended up buying a season pass for it cause it was on 50% this month. I truly wonder if I’ll go again. Haha. Next, we had Mrs Ferg gelato ice cream plus did some souvenir shopping. Bought FergBurger (yay, they gave me 10% local discount) and went back to my friend’s hotel room to chill for a while before heading back home before the sky turns dark.

To be honest, driving is super expensive over here. My return trip to QT cost me about $25 just on fuel. I need to get used to these fuel prices. Oh wells. It’s only gonna get worse right?

Next week, I will be starting a new job which may potentially last for one day. It is said to be the toughest job in the vineyard and I have no idea if my body, back, knees and thighs can take it. On a side note, I always wanted to work in a vineyard so it’s kind of exciting now that it could possibly come true; even for one day.

Nevertheless, I’m still proud of myself for lasting so long in this thinning job which is exposed to the weather elements and subject to constant climbing up and down of a heavy ladder. Hopefully I grew stronger over the few weeks and built up more stamina? I still have 2 more work days to go; so fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly.

When am i going home?

I have no idea, and I have no idea when I will have an idea so.. I don’t have any answer. Well, I came to NZ without any expectations at all and I did not have a single bucket list which means that.. even if you ask me to leave NZ right now at this moment, I could. Cause I don’t have anything that I really needed to do or a place that I had to visit. I’m still staying here right now because I am growing to like the lifestyle of feeling relaxed and being pretty stress-free. I know it is only temporary but even so, the thought of going back to the lifestyle I had back in Singapore scares me a little. It’s not like I have a job waiting for me (I could but I would be subject to deadlines which I hated) but I am still undecided on whether I should head home for CNY. Well, I was supposed to head home for christmas (if I stayed for 6 months) but that thought got thrown away after I arrived.

Then again, the summer heat could be forcing me home cause I really hate the heat. Only time will tell.

Gosh, it is barely 10:15pm and I am yawning and my eyes are closing. I guess it is time to.. zzz

See you next week 😀

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  • OH DEAR! Sorry for your bruises. You really need to watch “Man of the Vineyard”. (2006 starring Oh Man Soek and Yoon Eun-Hye) It’s a great Rom-Com with a wonderful ending. You would definitely get some laughs out of it. Take care of yourself!