Week 14: Undecided; as always


It’s Monday night Tuesday morning right now (1:11am) and I’m still being pretty committed to writing my weekly updates. I kind of enjoy writing such piece as I know lesser people read it (compared to my IGS spam) and I know that I’ll definitely be reading these entries some time down the road and it will definitely bring back some happy memories to my future-self.

Another week zoomed by again (time seriously flies fast when I’m doing nothing much) and I’ve passed my 90-day mark! This means that I have less than 3 or 6 months (if I’m doing a visa extension) to go here in New Zealand, on my.. adventure of a lifetime.

My job search (unemployed in 2 weeks) is going no where. I got rejected from two cherry farms and a vineyard and I don’t know how many more rejections I’m gonna face. Tomorrow (if I don’t get lazy), I”m gonna have a go with walking-in to various farms and whatever places that come along to see if I can get anything out of it. Sounds pretty thick skin and shameless but I guess this is the way things run here.


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(103 days) survived the storm and scaled the runs. #flyhoneystarsNZdays

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(Work update) I’m into my third week and it was pretty boring for me as I didn’t get to ski at all. The winds were really strong and there were snow on some days plus I’m not really a fan of being out in the open when it’s freezing. Well, the good thing was that I got a little tiny weeny bit more hours but to be honest it’s so insignificant. I also received my pay (for 2 weeks) and it was urm 30% lesser than my previous back-breaking nursery job. We work so little hours now that the season is ending but this job is still like a dream job which is highly sought after and I shouldn’t complain a single bit about it. (I must be kidding since complaining and whining is like part of my daily life). The weather for this week is gonna be pretty erratic as well and I’m not confident that I will be able to get any ski days as well but let’s just see how things go. Even if I don’t get to ski again, I’m still pretty thankful and satisfied with whatever that I have achieved. Well, the hope was that I wanted to do a green slope and I kind of achieved it last week already. I only have two more weeks (9 working days left) and I don’t have any plans after that.

I’m pretty lazy to type on all the various possibilities that I have after the season ends but for now, I’ve decided to move out of my current house in 2 weeks. This means that I’m gonna stop excessive buying at the grocery shop and probably start clearing my fridge and current food pile.

I have wanted to stay longer in Wanaka but nothing seems to be working right for me right now. 1, I can’t seem to find an affordable accommodation which allows for short-term stays. Most landlords and homeowners prefer long-term and for whatever reason, they rather leave their rooms empty for summer. Furthermore, I haven’t gotten much positive responses from the enquiries I made; probably less than 50% of the people replied me but then again, it could be my fault cause I didn’t give a good introduction of myself. Renting rooms here (aka the search for flat mates) is something that confuses the shit out of me. Due to the limited housing available, landlords can afford to be picky and finding a house could mean that you will have to meet and convince the landlord that you will be a perfect fit for the family. Something like an interview? But of course, this is not a true representation of every single landlord here but I’m still finding it so weird to ‘sell myself’ for the sake of finding accommodation which I have to pay for it anyway. Often, you will be expected to chip in to the housework (despite paying a lot of rent) and some houses even have duty rosters and checklist. I still find this whole experience super weird but.. I guess this is what trying to understand other people’s culture/habits is about?

What’s next for me? I have no idea.

I came to New Zealand without a bucket list and I dont have a checklist of places to visit or things to do. The good thing about this is that I can leave NZ anytime with no regrets cause I don’t have anything that I wanted to do or visit here. Even Hobbiton is not in my list cause it seems pretty too mainstream for me. Furthermore, I don’t like to visit a place cause the whole world visits it. My current travel destinations all happen cause it just happened (like it was part of someone else itinerary or perhaps it was just on the way) and that’s how I floated through the days.

Anyway, my ‘weekend’ had been pretty awesome these two days. On Sunday (my last work day), we ended up playing this chinese card game (3 kingdoms kill) and I reached home at 12:15am (was this the latest ever?) It was so late that I didn’t wash my hair cause I couldn’t blow dry it as it would have been too noisy. I did contemplate on whether I can skip the showering but I couldn’t do it in the end. Today, we (random group of friends) went on a mini excursion tour around Wanaka and it was kind of farewell to another two people who will be leaving on Thursday. To be honest, I think I feel like leaving cause the people that I know are all slowly leaving as well. Guess I’m slowly getting used to farewells by now.

On a side note, my blog views have been dwindling ever since I came to New Zealand.

I kind of know what’s wrong but I can’t seem to find time to improve the situation. I should be uploading photographs, writing list-icles instead of heart-felt posts which only I can relate to. Furthermore, I haven’t been watching Korean dramas and/or writing about famous filming locations cause that was one of my highest views but as sad as I am to watch the numbers drop, I don’t want to fuss and stress about profitability and status cause this ‘break’ that I’m having is for me to enjoy and relax; and I don’t have anyone to answer to; but myself.

Next week this timing, I won’t be writing any updates as I would be on a road trip; possibly the first and last time for some friends as everyone is going everywhere. Took an additional day off work for this road trip cause I concluded that money can wait but memories can’t.

Let us all not forget the joy of living in the moment alright?

^^ Cheers

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  • If it’s any consolation to you, I can’t relate to current practices of renting and hiring in my own country. I particulary detest the move to “stratas”, which is just a fancy way of extracting a massive “homeowner” payment, then charging rent and running your life by committee. This is not home ownership at all. In the job market, the “group interview” was just coming into fashion when I left, and it sounds like it has invaded the rental market as well. It’s all about removing individual choice and responsibility, and submitting you to the will of the pack, which I do not see as positive at all. I love your musings, and hope your journey ends well. :-))

    • Hey, thanks for your comment! Whereabouts are you from anyway? I guess it’s always a demand and supply kind of thing. If there’s too much people looking for houses, home owners will get picky and the prices will go all the way up!