Week 10 – Gearing up for the next move


Hi there, thanks for clicking in to read my weekly updates which kind of gets more boring as the weeks go by. Thanks for sticking around and accompanying me through this adventure of.. my lifetime?

If you’ve been following my updates.. Yep, I’m finally moving from a city to.. a town. I applied for the job about two weeks ago and they only gotten back to me last last week. The start date was slightly earlier than expected and I have to pack my bags and say goodbye to the wonderful memories that I have here in Christchurch. Just as I am beginning to get used to the routine of my current life, I have to go. I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’m happy to get a job in a place that I had been trying for a while but at the same time, this job ain’t gonna give me the hours and money that I will need to ‘save up’. Furthermore, the cost of living is gonna be so expensive. Furthermore, I’m giving up the space I have in this super comfortable shared house and.. I’m still 3 payslips short of my visa extension which I’m gonna have to figure out how to get my next agriculture job. So many things to think about; yet I’m still not as stressed as what my life would have been in Singapore.

Work wise, it was pretty easy to ‘resign’. I was 3 weeks shy of my verbal 3-months commitment but the ops manager had no questions asked apart from asking where I was planning to go. I guess it was a by-the-way question in case I had some grievances to share. It was sad to inform my nice colleagues about my impending departure and many were shocked at the abruptness but I guess this is the life that I’m gonna lead for the next few months – filled with uncertainty and.. a little bit of adventure? Definitely putting in the concept of adaptability into good use.

Last week, the highlight of my week was snowboarding. This week, it was aurora chasing; again.

How can anyone be so lucky to chance upon two southern lights display in a span of one month? The first time, we saw speck of white which appeared greenish on our cameras. This time, the pink and purple colours came out nicely but the light show was a lot shorter than the previous time. I could only capture 2-3 seconds of star time lapse (on my canon s120) before the light darkens to just review the milky way. Also, we also spotted shooting stars (I saw two myself) and the grass was so comfortable that we just lay down on our backs, staring up at the night sky to see the billions of stars shining down on us.

To be honest. aurora is not really visible with the naked eye. All I could see with my eyes were white streaks in the sky. We had to see through the lens of the camera (with long exposure) in order to appreciate the beautiful colours. I kind of knew this before seeing it for real but I’m pretty sure many people will be disappointed knowing that the colours were the result of long exposures.

Nevertheless, my aurora IG posts are doing so well on instagram. It will definitely end up in my ‘top 9’ at the end of the year. Honestly wonders if I can continue to sight more auroras in the rest of the year.. Whoops, do I sound a little greedy?

Also this week, I had to bid farewell to my first Singaporean friend that I met here. She was the one that introduced me to the sharedhouse that I’m currently staying at and convinced me that the further distance from work was not important compared to the nice people here. Indeed, I’ve been on a couple of road trips/outings with these people and they make even the simplest things like grocery shopping fun. I’m so not ready to leave this house and the people behind but.. I’m not here to be rooted at one city. Let’s see how things go in the future?

Today is Monday and I have 4 more nights to do packing. Wish me all the best; and that my new house would be as lovely, or perhaps half as lovely is sufficient.


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