Week 8 – And the same cycle repeats


Kia Ora~~ (Greeting in New Zealanders use which can be used as a ‘hi’ but literally means be well/healthy)

Oh wells, I was trying to be fancy but in actual fact, I haven’t exactly say it out loud before. I usually use it more often in sending (mainly jobs related) emails. Trying to act yi ge lah. Oh wells.

Today marks the end of my 8th week here in New Zealand. It is currently 10:31pm right now on a Monday night and I kind of should be sleeping cause I’ve to wake up at 6am for work. Nevertheless, I thought that I shouldn’t give up and continue with my weekly updates (sighs, why am I being reminded of my weekly work meetings where we had to wreck our brains on figuring out what to update our bosses and the team).

Let’s try to recall what were the fun things that happened for the past 7 days.

Workwise, I had a go with the production line where I had to do transplanting. There’s a chance to earn higher than minimum wage wages but to be honest, I don’t think I have achieved the speed yet. No idea when will I be challenged to do the piece rate (which I think I should just give up) but at the same time I’m curious to know how fast my hand-eye coordination can go, if money was an incentive.

I’m also currently working on a blog post about “working in a plant nursery” where I will list out the various duties that I have done and probably listing my happiness and grievances while working. Hopefully it will let you have a better understanding of the tough work behind these visa-extending jobs which was way beyond my expectations. I will only be posting it out after I leave as I’m afraid there might be any conflict of interest so do stay tuned to read up!

Also, there’s a chance that I may be able to relocate to another city if I get the job. Not sharing much details as I don’t want to jinx any possibilities but I’m praying hard. The job ain’t that awesome cause I will be earning lesser with unstable hours but it would give me a chance to work at a place I’ve wanted to worked at before. In fact, it was in my plans prior to my arrival.

As much as I am happy to be able to relocate, I am very sad to leave my house and housemates behind (3 weeks earlier than planned). No idea why I’m talking as if I’ve already gotten the job but that’s how positive I would like myself to be. The other sad thing is that I may be missing out on mid autumn here, which we were talking about having a BBQ (kind of taiwan style). Also, I hope that I’ll be in time to catch the cherry blossoms here in Christchurch. Fingers cross that everything will be in the right time and right place.

Last Saturday – was the first weekend shift for me. Sadly, I was sent home at 12:30pm; only clocking 5 hours of work. Saturday night was awesome cause we went out for Korean food and it was super delicious!

On Sunday, we went to the godley heads walk and I freaked out during the drive there, The road was so narrow yet 2-way traffic and it was so close to the cliffs. If I missed a step or something, that would be the end of my life. Nevertheless, it was a good but scary walk with a lot of scenic views of which photos I shall upload some time in.. the future?

(Photo added: June 2020)

It was a 3 to 4 hour hike and I kind of have muscle ache today from all that walking ><

Wonders when will I ever be fit enough to do Roy’s peak or Tongario (If I make it to the North Island).

Fingers cross that I’ll be going snowboarding this weekend. To be honest, I think I am going to suffer big time cause I don’t know a shit but I guess it’s still an experience! Hopefully I’ll be writing about it this time next week.

Also, I’ve finally graduated form the casino as I’ve utilized all their free credits ($10 new member + $10 app download + $20 x 3 weeks). Hopefully I won’t be back to spend more money but let’s see. I might be greedy and.. oh wells.

Till next week then~

Apologies for my rather boring updates this week. ^^

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