Week 6: New Home, New Friends and Exploration


It’s tuesday night and yep, I’m late for my weekly update cause there was something exciting last night – we managed to catch the aurora australis aka southern lights!

Work wise, I’m into my 5th week of working and yay, I’m 5/12 closer to a 3 month extension – which means that I may not be coming back for christmas, new year and chinese new year. who knows? Last day would be 27th September. Let’s see if I can last until then!

Also, they are hiring more and more asians and I’m speaking more and more mandarin at work. It’s funny how I still like to mix around with asians even though I’m in a westerner land.

Things are also getting slightly better and I’m not getting those aches that I had when I joined for the first two weeks. Then again, work is not as tough as it is heavily dependent on the job and we did have a couple of days of grafting which ain’t back-breaking.

This week as well, I had to bid farewell to my first friend that I’ve met in New Zealand. She was someone that I met on LINE/BackPacker forum and I spent many weekends with her accompanying her on her flea market selling needle-felting handicraft. Her customized items are really beautiful! You can check out her facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/jackelope.handmade

As I get older, it seems like farewell is getting easier and easier cause when you meet people on such a journey, you have the intention that you will part anyway and it’s not that sad actually. No idea when or where I will meet her again but.. life goes on and we’ll just hold on to the memories.

So, if you have been following my IG story or perhaps weekly update, you would have known that I moved house again (to my third house). This time round, I’ve given up my single room and moved into a shared house with 8 other girls (sometimes more) and the life I’m living feels like university hostel days – where everyone is so nice, carefree and spontaneous.

Even though I’ve only been in the house for 3 nights, I’ve been on a road trip to Akaroa and another spontaneous road trip to see the southern lights last night (Monday, 5 Aug). It’s a really different atmosphere this time round and it’s been a long while since I am in such a company but I’m still kind of enjoying it and discovering the joys of living with a lot of people.

The happy and sad part is that my morning drives is now longer, but I have company on my way to work. Oh wells, you gain some and you lose some.

Anyway, so I was discussing with some of my new friends about how nothing has went according to plan since I’ve arrived in New Zealand and they were like saying how it’s the norm here. I’ve spoken to people who crashed their car, got their luggage stolen from their locked car and got cheated into buying a crappy car.

Apologies for the shorter and shorter entries by the week. I guess it’s time for me to catch up with life (what is life?). Oh wells.

See you guys on instagram or perhaps my facebook page when I upload my photos eventually.

^^ see you (whoever you are) next week 😀

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    • hey! It’s a pain to upload photos on my blog but aka I’m lazy. You can check out my Instagram or Facebook app for my updates~ thanks for the comment!