Week 5: Finding a ‘life’ in a slow pace country


I’m back again and it’s Monday night; 9:23pm and I’m kind of yawning already. Let’s see if I can get this posted before I sleep.

Well, I started work at 6am this morning. It’s pretty interesting here. In most countries, overtime is like extending your working hours after your shift but here, they like to do ‘overtime’ before your shift and.. yea; I have to wake up at like 4:40am for thursday and friday last week as well.

Last week was a relatively ‘more chill’ week where I had sitting down jobs but there were two days and a couple of hours of squatting jobs. As always, all good things have to come to an end and for this week, the back bending jobs are back! This wednesday, I’m going to repeat the ‘job’ on my first day of work – which made me feel like quitting before lunch but somehow or another, I’m still here. Jobs are really hard to find in winter. I’ve been monitoring and there are tons of people asking around for job opportunities but.. it seems like there are still more job seekers than jobs in the market right now.

As you can read, my life is getting pretty stagnant and boring as the days go by. Life is getting a little more routine for me now. I have been sleeping a lot more, surviving well without coffee and in my ‘free time’, I visit the grocery store, cook/bake and I’ve finally started watching dramas again cause.. that was kind of my ‘life’ back when I was in Singapore.

This weekend was really fun. I finally did not have flea market obligations and I hanged out with a girl that I met from the karaoke session the previous weekend. We went to the casino and won money from their free $10 credits, had great food and my second cup of bubble tea, plus watched a movie at a really cool cinema. If you kind of know me, I enjoy spending money so.. it was a great weekend.

I finally bought a Kathmandu jacket as well. In fact, I’ve visited the shop countless times ever since I arrived but I always couldn’t bear to part with my money (given that it will be Spring soon) but because I saw the advertising that the winter sale is ending on 31st July (which is this week), I was kind of tempted into buying the jacket before the sale ends.As a result, I paid $299.98 for a 5-in-1 jacket which was half price of the original price tag of $599.98.

At this rate that I’m spending money, I might not even have any leftover cash for my supposed travel plans in the week(s) or perhaps month(s) to come. Oh wells.

We also ate in this place called Afghan restaurant which serves really nice kebab and curry. It was so delicious that I think I might go back to eat it again and this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to repeat a food (apart from Domino’s Pizza).

Last week, I started my post on NZ grocery prices and this week, I’m working on the things that I’ve learned (and still learning) about New Zealand. I’ll be touching on things like their environment consciousness, how much easier it is to get a partner visa than a work visa and any random thoughts that came to my mind through my time here. Hopefully it wouldn’t take too long,

Anyway, next time this week when I’m writing this (if I remember), I will be in a shared house, sharing room and toilets with.. people. It’s kind of like a hostel feel where you get to meet random people and.. I hope I can get used to it. Oh wells, I suddenly remember my hostel stay back in Daegu in May where I purposely chose a hostel cause I wanted to rough it out a little, in case I couldn’t get used to hardship here in NZ.

Excited to be having people that I can share food and alcohol with~~ Hope everything will be awesome and work doesn’t get any tougher alright.

Apologies for the really short post but I really have nothing else to update.

I’m looking for recommendations for cooking and baking so do head to my instagram and share it with me 😀

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