Week 4: Adapting to.. making decisions


Today is Sunday night and I’m writing this early because.. I have nothing else to do. Well, not really cause I can watch some dramas or finish the last episode of produce x 101 or perhaps start reading some eBooks or travel inspiration about NZ but oh wells, I shall not procrastinate on my weekly post for the few but somewhat loyal readers.

There are a couple of things that happen this week and the best of it all is that..


Well, apart from having money in my bank and attempting to stop digging into my savings (yes, I got to stop), the next best thing is that I have 11 more payslips remaining before I qualify for a visa extension which I may or may not be utilising.

Sadly, the money was kind of expensed out quickly. I did a 90min thai massage the following day as I decided that I need to find ways to stop my muscles from aching. It was pretty pricey but acceptable in Singapore terms.

Also, I attended my FIRST yoga class in New Zealand!

It was a flow class which was too much for a beginner like me and I couldn’t really keep up with the pace but nevertheless, it was a good stretching and I realised where were the muscles I needed more stretches in. Furthermore, together with the thai massage the following day, I realised that random muscles that I hardly use – lower back and behind my thigh were aching so bad. I guess my work is living up to its name of being a work out.

Giving myself 1 month to rough it out before deciding if I could do it for 3 months. At the same time, my colleague was convincing me that 1 month later, your body should get used to the intensity and things wouldn’t be that bad. To be honest, I really did think of quitting last week cause I’m afraid that my body will break apart and my health will deteriorate in the long term. Completed 9 days of work and let’s see how things get going in the near future.

Another first on the list was that.. I finally met a Singaporean here in New Zealand. It was an arranged meetup, not coincidental but I’m actually wondering when will I be able to meet a Singaporean on working holiday visa by chance. There’s only 200 people a year and in a country so big, I really wonder where is everyone.

So last week, I moved to a new place which was only a 8 mins drive to work. Apart from my somewhat warmer room, and having a study desk where I can type this, I didn’t really like the house because I can’t exactly agree with the cleanliness standards. So last thursday, while I was preparing meatballs for a shared lunch on friday at work, I made the decision that I will move out (giving my landlord 2 weeks notice). I guess my extended time in the kitchen preparing food made me feel really uncomfortable and I cannot imagine feeling unhappy cooking for the next 10 weeks.

I started to be on a lookout for shared houses – where I will most likely be living with people on working holiday visa and perhaps have more people to talk to? At the same time, I also concluded that I would kind of prefer to stay with Asians, as there’s more possibility of sharing food/cooking the same style of things and.. it will make cooking fun for me again.

What my pantry items look like at Week 4. I think it will grow 3x the size as time goes on.

It’s quite sad but I haven’t enjoyed cooking here in my house yet so I guess the only way is to move out.

I feel pretty bad for my landlord (who doesn’t live here) as I know its a pain in the ass to advertise, arrange visitings and assisting with the move in, but at the same time – why should I sacrifice on my emotions?

I kind of secured a ‘bed space’ in a shared house for now and in return, I will save $35/week on rent but I will need to have a higher human to toilet ratio + share room with 1 or 2 others + not having a desk and chair in my room. At the same time, I will have to travel 10-15 mins more to work but there might potentially be house mates working the same place as me – and we can just drive one car to and from work.

I guess this is why the say life is fair. You can always never get the best out of everything and when you get something, you need to give up something so.. let’s hang in there and learn to be adaptable. (Hoping that I won’t be writing about moving house 3 weeks later)

(Today is Monday night and I kind of spend 2.5 hours in the kitchen)

Anyway, for the weekends, it was quite fruitful as I went to sing karaoke at some chinese restaurant place with people that I’ve met for the first time. I was actually talking about it few weeks back with my other friend and she was saying like she have not heard about it. I ended up also finding my next accommodation which I will be moving in 2 weeks time. So I guess it was a rather fruitful weekend despite the cold and wet weather.

I guess that’s about it for my weekly update.

Oh wait, there was two earthquakes that happened – where I felt it.

First one was on Saturday night, 11:51pm and the second one was this morning at work.

It was kind of freaky as you feel that the ground is moving and it’s kind of different from the Japan one. The magnitude was quite low but the center was like within Christchurch, so that’s why we could feel the shake. It was pretty short, about 2 to 3 seconds (thankfully). To be honest, I’m kind of scared of the frequency of earthquake? Twice in 3 days is pretty scary. Finger cross that nothing strong is brewing =/

Okay that’s about it.

Till next time or check out my IGS instead. I’m worry if there’s lesser and lesser things to update because my life is as such.

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