Week 2: Living like a local


It’s monday night again and here’s my update for the week. I’m not sure if this will get published tonight as I’m supposed to sleep at 10pm and its already 10:08pm but I guess I’ll type till I’m tired.

The biggest summary of week 2 is that I’ve bought a car (and sent it back to the dealer to fix some problems today which is like my Day 4 of ownership) and that I got offered a job in a nursery!

Apart from those two things, my life has been pretty routine.

Last Monday, I went for interview(s) and I rejected the first job cause I wasn’t confident in driving the long and winding road twice a day. Furthermore, the hours were pretty short and it was possibly 30+ hours per week. For the second job, they only contacted me on Friday afternoon and I spent the rest of the other days applying for a lot of other jobs. The job search in winter is so tough and I’ve blogged about my agony in my previous post if you haven’t read about it.

Apart from my job search, I also helped my host with some work including so-called computer work and house work. It has been ages since I did more intensive housework like cleaning toilets and wiping the entire kitchen cabinets. The work was fine but I ain’t complaining as I managed to save 1-2 weeks of rental. Especially with the purchase of my car – money has been pretty tight. I kind of suspect I wouldn’t even have enough money to pay for the bond of my rental.

Now that my car search is done, job search is done, I’m planning to move to another accommodation by this weekend. Hopefully somewhere nearer to my workplace. My ideal scenario is a 10-min drive.

I also did a lot of grocery shopping and cooking. I did egg tarts, re-did the cookies which failed – and it was successful. I also splurged on expensive seasonings and chilli. Also bought lame crap like frozen prawn which was somewhat a regret.

For the weekends, I went to help my friend with her flea market selling needle felt handicraft. I also visited the museum and the art gallery (which were free) and I also caught the super rugby final game at a heartland pub.

I’m kind of living life like a local right? Sometimes I feel like if I continue, I will slowly sink into it and give up traveling in New Zealand. Maybe all my 6 months will be spent in Christchurch, feeling satisfied with routine. We shall see how things end up.

No plans for now. Don’t even know where I want to go as the cold is kind of making me not want to go out at all =/

There had been places I wanted to explore but I just ain’t feeling it cause of the bloody cold wind. It’s kind of funny how the temperature you thought you could be happy about turns out to be nothing but a nightmare when the wind blows. The wind speed here is certainly no joke and there was one day where it rained the entire day and night and the wind was just howling non-stop.

I’m just praying for no rain and no wind.

Okay that’s about it and I guess it is so short cause there’s nothing to update – cause everything is just.. a routine right now. Let’s see if my following week will be more exciting.



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