New Zealand Mobile Line – Skinny and earn 4gb Data


Use Reward Code: (my reward code is no longer valid as I have left the country) and receive FREE 4Gb Data!

Read Pro-tip below and find out how you can get 6gb of data at only $24 per month!

Looking for a New Zealand mobile line?

Are you on a working holiday visa or staying in New Zealand for an extended period? In New Zealand, it is kind of necessary to have a local mobile number. It seems like the people/recruiters rely heavily on SMS and Phone Calls (especially for Job interviews) instead of messaging apps such as WhatsApp/Line/WeChat/KaKaoTalk.

After a lot of research and complicated calculations, I’ve decided to go with Skinny for my mobile plan.

I’m a huge user of data (my current plan in SG is 10gb/month) and I foresee myself suffering in NZ with the no/low connectivity but we shall see.

  • At $26, Skinny offers 2.5gb data and should this be insufficient, I can opt for the $36 plan for 4.5gb data.
  • There’s this thing called ‘DATA BINGE‘ where you can enjoy unlimited data for a certain amount of time! 12 hours cost $4. I really love this flexibility!
  • You can also top-up your credits using a credit card via the Skinny Mobile App (as seamless as it can get).

The best part of it all – it has a REFERRAL buddy rewards which allows you to earn $20 credits and your buddy (that you referred) will receive 4gb data!

[PRO TIP: If you are a high volume data user, you can purchase a $66 plan which gives you 30gb of rollover data and then downgrade to the $16 plan thereafter. If you’re using for 6 months, you will get to enjoy ~6.7gb of data (including the free 4gb) per month at only $24.33/month on average!]

If you want more readings, you can refer to the comparison post by BackPacker Guide which is pretty comprehensive.

******** My purchase experience *********

I landed in Christchurch airport and upon entering the arrival hall, there was a ‘SPARKS’ booth and I almost bought the wrong SIM Card. Thankfully, the staff was nice enough to not charge me after I took out the ‘SKINNY’ mobile app and asked her what should I do – that’s when she realised that I wanted to purchase SKINNY and not SPARKS.

Well, fret not! You are able to get a SKINNY sim card right at the convenience store opposite the SPARKS store. The sim card costs $6 if you buy physically but it is only $2 (sometimes free) if you buy online and have a mailing address that they can send it to.

After buying the sim card, you can use your own debit/credit card to do a top-up or setup a recurring deduction.

I purchased the $16 for 4 weeks plan which gives me 1.25gb data. This averages out to 44.64mb per day which is.. obviously not enough. Thankfully, the Skinny Referral code will enable you to receive 4gb free data (valid for 365 days) and I’m pretty sure this will come in handy for a huge data user like me who.. IGS every single shit.

Anyway, the 4gb free data is only applicable if your plan is more than $16 so.. please don’t forget to key in the referral code AFTER you make your first plan purchase. My code is JXHZV3H and the promotion will end 31 Mar 2020.

All the best and do message/email me if you’re in New Zealand too 😀

I personally feel that the coverage of Skinny is pretty decent. In my work place (fruit orchard), I have 2-3 bars of reception whereas my colleagues on Vodafone has no reception. Then again, every place is different so.. just your luck!

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