2018 – The year of laziness and procrastination


I guess my subject title sums up the year for me – or perhaps for ‘flyhoneystars.com’ my travel blog/website/whatever you can call it.

It had been a really messy year for me – One of the messiest year I had in terms of managing my own expectations, emotions and practically everything – and yes I am aware but I couldn’t do anything about it. If there’s one thing that I want to remind myself next year (2019), it would be that I shouldn’t repeat my laziness and procrastination of 2018 because this was nowhere near what I wanted myself to be but oh wells, let’s look ahead.

Similar to my yearly ‘reflection’ posts, let’s have a count on the number of trips/days away from home I had in 2018. (Google Trips App is pretty useful in walking down this memory lane)

  1. 4D3N Tokyo
  2. 4D3N Hong Kong
  3. 18D17N South Africa
  4. 7D6N South Korea
  5. 2D1N Malacca
  6. 4D3N Bali

2018: 33 Nights away
2017: 42 Nights away
2016: 38 Nights away

Maybe next year will get better! Let me target to exceed the 33 nights away from home ^^

Anyway, 2018 is really a pretty dry year for me because I didn’t get to go on any media trips due to fewer invitations + inability to apply for last-minute leave due to work commitments. Can’t complain as there are pros and cons to holding a proper full-time job. It’s not easy to walk away from stable income but let’s see what 2019 entails.

For 2018, I think I still managed to break even on my web host/domain fees. I’m forever thankful for the readers that clicked on my ads and affiliate links. This was an area which I wanted to optimize a lot more but I guess it has been pushed to 2019 plans (2018 – the year of procrastination).

Plans for 2019

  • In 2019, I hope to travel beyond my comfort zones (Japan/Korea/Hong Kong).
    I’m thinking of NZ + Polynesian islands, Hawaii, Guam, Canada, Greece? It’s wishful dreaming for some locations but guess what; dreams are free =D
  • I hope to write more – be it a travelogue, day to day random musings or on my favourite drama filming locations. Writing kind of trains me to be disciplined and focus – something I somehow have forgotten as I age.
  • Learn something useful
  • Figure out what I want to achieve for 2020

[alright; i tried very hard to think of something more to write but i can’t seem to continue. i guess this was how boring my 2018 was]

Looking forward to a more fruitful and exciting 2019~ i’m sure it will be.

Thanks for reading 😀

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