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I’d been a long-time supporter of ShopBack since its earlier days and I just recently reached a small milestone after 5 years.

My lifetime earnings from ShopBack has finally reached 4-digits 😀

Technically, there’s nothing to be proud of since it simply means that I’m spending a lot more but well, at least I’m getting back some money from all my online shopping.

Anyway, in case you’re not an active ShopBack user and you’re wondering how on earth I remember to shop via ShopBack every single time I make an online transaction, let me introduce to you this must have – CashBack Buddy. With this CashBack Buddy, it is quite impossible to forget ShopBack when you shop as they will pop-up at one corner whenever you are at an eligible page, prompting you to click on the ShopBack icon.

As I am using Google Chrome, this Shopback Browser Extension is just a click away.

Note: This feature is also available in FireFox and Safari as well.

Well, I was doing some food delivery orders earlier on and I was prompted with a small pop-up which indicates that I can activate 2.5% cashback.

All you have to do is to click on the ‘Activate 2.5% Cashback’ button and you will be redirected and the page will auto-refresh.

When it is successful, the ShopBack icon on the right side will turn green (see example below). When you see that green icon, it means that your cashback is successfully tracked and you can proceed with your payment.

Another improvement of ShopBack that I would like to highlight is that they will send you emails regarding the status of your cashback.

Once your order is placed and it is successfully tracked, they will send you an email with ‘Your Latest Transaction’

Here’s my recent purchase list from my email:

After the long waiting period, where your purchase is being subject to refund policy etc., and after ShopBack has confirmed that the purchase was legit with the merchant, you will receive an email like the example below. After seeing this email, it means that your cashback is in your account and you will be able to request for cashout should you hit the minimum amount.

Like I mentioned before in my previous article, the wait may be long, but it is definitely worthwhile when you look back at the amount of savings you have made along the way.

With the upcoming 11.11 single sales coming up, don’t forget to check out the list of cashback promotions on their website.

One of my favourite website that I shop from during 11.11 would be TaoBao. The tricky thing about the ShopBack & TaoBao is that not all items purchased on the website is eligible for cashback. To be eligible for cashback, you can only shop from sellers which is found from and sometimes, this gets rather confusing.

By using the ShopBack extension, they created this additional search box which will make searching for eligible products easier.

Sometimes, I really feel bad wanting to ‘earn’ cashback from TaoBao as the items are already so cheap.. Oh wells, never say no to saving money.

Anyway, I would like to end of this post by sharing the list of favourite websites that I frequently shop/make purchases with ShopBack

    • I use this platform occasionally when purchasing air tickets as the price can be similar or even cheaper than the airline websites.
    • I use more frequently than as they have a stay 10 nights free 1-night program where I’ve enjoyed quite a number of ‘free nights’ to date. Effectively, I’m getting 10% + Shopback Cashback (ranges between 4 to 6%) and perhaps another 3 to 10% cashback when I pay via my preferred credit card.
  • Lazada
    • The only way to get cashback is when you shop via the Lazada app after clicking on the ShopBack app link. It might be a little confusing at the start but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy.
  • Qoo10/Shopee
    • I’ve been frequenting these 2 online marketplace rather frequently to get affordable items, sometimes even grab codes! Although the cashback amount is not substantial, every single cent matters as I aim towards my min. cashback amount for withdrawal.
  • Food Deliveries – Food Panda/Deliveroo
    • With the recent wet weather, the urge to laze at home and order-in is very high. Thankful for the cashback that I get but the only pit is that GrabFood and Honestbee is not yet on board ShopBack.. maybe sometime soon they will come on board!

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