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Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this drama which was so popular that a lot of casual viewers were hooked on the drama, watching it ‘live’ as it gets aired in China. I was super late in jumping on the bandwagon and after a newspaper article feature, countless office conversations and endless mentions on social media, I’ve decided to ‘poison’ myself last last weekend and I managed to finish the entire 70-episode drama in 9 days.

Now that I am ‘done’ with the drama, let me recommending my 2 drama streaming links

Note: The links contain a lot of ads!! I couldn’t seem to find any free china app on app store which allows me to download the drama. I guess they protected the rights very well. Also, do note that english subs only exist in the first link of the first few episodes. No idea when they subbers will work on it but hang in there my non-mandarin speaking friends. I’m sure someone will do it up soon!

Disclaimer: I had to fast forward after episode 40+ (cause the dialogues were way too long) and I even fell asleep to some episodes in the second half. Overall, I think it was a pretty decent drama with all that plotting and scheming but they didn’t tie up several loose ends (which was pretty annoying but could possibly call for a sequel).

I was a little hesitant with writing this blog post as I wasn’t sure how appealing traditional Chinese architecture/building would appeal to my readers (who are mainly here for my K-drama loctions) but never try never know right?

The interesting thing about such period dramas is the amount of effort the scriptwriters try to weave it in with the real-life history. As I was watching the drama, I went to google the historical events and people to create spoilers for myself.

That being said, Yanxi Palace was also a real building that existed within the Forbidden City. Similarly to the drama, it was the living quarters of concubines

[THE REAL PALACE in Beijing – Gu Gong]


If I’m in China right now, I would totally organize a Yanxi Palace Tour and bring people through the real buildings and explain to them the various scenes in the drama as we walk around the humongous palace.. Check out the complicated map of the Forbidden City.

[THE FILMSET – Hengdian World Studios 横店影视城]

It is located in the Zhejiang Province, Capital: Hangzhou.

  • Website: http://www.hengdianworld.com/(S(epdsv4quowc0zr55odtssf45))/en/default.html
  • TripAdvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Attraction_Review-g1152434-d1468638-Reviews-Hengdian_World_Studios-Dongyang_Zhejiang.html
  • Price: 178 RMB

According to wikipedia, this is the world’s largest filmset and people associate it as the Hollywood of China.

You can check out the videos of this huge place.

Behind the Scenes Footage

 How to get to Hengdian World Studios?

Nearest Major City: Hangzhou

[Airport shuttle bus] Travel towards Hengdian Resort Hotel (横店度假酒店). (Bus ticket price is ~ 65 RMB)

[Train] Alight at Yiwu Railway Station. Take No. 805 bus in this railway station to go to Jiangdong Bus Station, then catch the local bus (Jiangdong 江东 to Hengdian 横店) in Jiangdong Bus Station and the bus will arrive in Hengdian after approximately 50 minutes.

Information Credit: https://www.chinahighlights.com/hangzhou/attraction/hengdian-world-studios.htm


Have you watched this drama? Feel free to comment and discuss the drama with me!

I’m still having a mixed argument with my friend on whether the female lead truly loves the emperor towards the end or was it out of guilt and gratefulness. hmm.

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