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Are you intending to purchase your first luxury timepiece?

Why not consider buying it from Japan? With its tax-free shops, dedicated and inspiring customer service, Japan has long been the destination of choice for tourists looking for some serious retail therapy. With recent devaluation of the yen against many foreign currencies, like the Singaporean dollar, there never seems to be a more compelling time for us to head there to make that next big purchase.

Carrying a range of brands, from Rolex to Casio, The Watch Company (TWC), a relatively new Japanese-based luxury watch boutique, is already making waves in the luxury watch retail scene. Since starting in 2015, TWC has been committed to making its name in providing the discerning buyer a wide range of options. According to them, there will always be a timepiece to match every budget, and really, chances are that you can get it cheaper at TWC.

And the cost savings are convincing. You can save around 8 percent with tax savings for any watch priced above 10,000 Japanese Yen, which would mean that their watches are usually more affordable than your usual duty free buys.

Check Availability: Rolex – Cosmograph Daytona Daytona Blue/Platinum G Ø40mm


Check Availability: Rolex – GMT-Master-II GMT-Master II Blue Black/Steel Ø40mm

TWC also offers special limited edition watches, vintage watches and used watches to cater to your specific whim. If you are not looking to buy but to sell, TWC is also providing a buy-back service, where you can trade-in your old luxury watches at a fair valuation that is guaranteed by their in-house experts. The multilingual staff on duty will ensure that your entire experience is comfortable and enjoyable. If you are unable to travel to Japan, TWC’s online shop offers the same level of cost savings as its brick-and-mortar counterpart, while delivering and shipping to the rest of the world.

A luxury timepiece is not just for time-telling, but a statement of presence, personality and class. If you are considering a well-made option that is well-worth your money, do check out The Watch Company which is located at Nakano.


5-58-6, Nakano, (8,064.16 km)

164-0001 Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:30


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