South Korea – May June 2017 – Full Itinerary


I do not know if I will ever have time to write a proper post on my trip, so I’ve type out my entire itinerary so in case if you’re desperate and eager to know where I’ve been, you can find your information below.

Day 1 – Wed – 26 April 2017

[12:00pm] Original Timing for flight departure
[5:55pm] Scoot flight finally departed to Taipei after countless delays due to various reasons
[10:21pm] Arrival at Taoyuan International Airport
[11:05pm] Depart Taipei

Read my experience on Scoot’s delayed flight to Taipei 

Day 2 – Thu – 27 April 2017

[02:37am] Landed at Incheon International Airport
[03:11am] Collected luggage at Belt
[03:40am] Private Transfer from Incheon to Seoul

[04:30am] Supper (ate Bossam) at 송가네 감자탕 in Hongdae area
(Address: 258-3 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

[05:30am] Check-in accommodation @ ROINhome (Mangwon/Hapjeong Station)
< Bathe, Pack & Sleep> Read my review of ROINhome

[12:37pm] Left Guesthouse

[1:38pm] Lunch @ famous Samgyetang Restaurant To Sok Chon 토속촌삼계탕토속촌삼계탕 in Anguk
(Address: 5 Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Sajik-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
[2:20pm] Bus transfer to Buam-dong

[3:26pm] Arrive at Sanmotoonge Cafe (Coffee Prince Filming Location)
[5:51pm] Left the Cafe

[6:26pm] Dinner at famous Fried Chicken Shop at Gyeyeolsa 계열사 Buam-dong
(Address: 258-3 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
[7:15pm] Bus transfer to Myeongdong
< Walk, Shop, Talk, Change Money – rate was 807>

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[8:30pm] Supper (Bingsu) at Sulbing in Myeongdong
[10:00pm] Train back to Hapjeong
[10:43pm] Arrive at accommodation, ROinhome

Day 3 – Fri – 28 April 2017

[10:50am] Left Guesthouse (packed clothes for 5D4N in a backpack)
[11:20am] Visited Korean’s friend office
[1:20pm] Arrived at Gangnam Express Bus Terminal – buy tickets to Cheongju

[2:15pm] Lunch at Shake Shack at Gangnam
(Address: 452 Gangnam-daero, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
< Walk, Shop, Explore >
[5:00pm] Left Express Bus Terminal for Cheongju
[6:40pm] Arrived at Cheongju Bus Terminal
[6:51pm] Check-in at Museo Hotel

[8:09pm] Taxi to Dinner Place (Some meat place we found online)
[8:32pm] Dinner (Grilled Meat) at Myeongin Galbi 명인갈비
(Address: Juseong-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea)
[9:51pm] Bus back to accommodation
[10:41pm] Arrived at Hotel
< Just in time for Produce 101 which started at 11pm >

Day 4 – Sat – 29 April 2017

[10:30am] Left Hotel for Friend’s Wedding at Cheongju Church
[10:40am] Boarded the bus
[11:02am] Breakfast at convenience store
[12:00pm] Church Wedding
[4:08pm] Taxi back to Hotel, collect backpack and change
[5:00pm] Tea Break @ 52LAPLACE
[5:40pm] Depart Cheongju for Gunsan
[8:20pm] Arrived at Gunsan
[8:50pm] Found an accommodation via walk-in at Hongin Motel

[9:20pm] Dinner (ate Dakdori tang – spicy chicken and poatato stew) at 윤파전야식
[10:32pm] Back at Motel

Day 6 – Sun – 30 April 2017

[07:55am] Left Motel
[08:01am] Reached famous Bread Shop entrance but it was too crowded
[08:03am] Took taxi to Gunsan Ferry Terminal

[09:00am] Ferry ride to Seonyudo
[10:36am] Arrive at Seonyudo
< walk around the island >

[12:16pm] Watch my friend do zipline
< walking around the island >

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[1:30pm] Most expensive (seafood) meal in Korea (35,000W)
[4:00pm] Ferry ride from Seonyudo back to Gunsan

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[5:21pm] Arrived at Gunsan, Took Taxi to Famous Bread Shop
< Queued about 15-20 mins to buy the famour red bean bread, drank famous milkshake too >
[6:35pm] Back at Motel to collect backpack
[6:40pm] Taxi to another accommodation in Gunsan (another area)
[7:00pm] Check-in Paradise Hotel
[7:30pm] Walked and explored 철길마을 some abandoned railway tracks with murals
[8:15pm] Shopping at e-Mart
[10:00pm] Back at Hotel

Day 7 – Mon – 1 May 2017 (Children’s Day)

[08:48am] Left Hotel for Bus Terminal
[09:20am] Left Gunsan for Boryeong
[10:00am] Arrived at Boryeong Bus Terminal
[10:40am] Bus to Daecheon Ferry Terminal
< Ferry to Anmyeondo was cancelled due to tidal changes >
[11:00am] Walked to Daecheon Sky Bike
< Sky Bike was closed on Mondays >
This was like my suay-est day of the entire trip because I specifically wanted to do this sky bike + take the 30 mins ferry to our accommodation at anmyeondo. Not only did I not manage to do the Sky Bike (They don’t even have any website for me to check the operating hours) plus we ended up having to do a 3-hour bus transfer to get to our accommodation. Well, we had to get to the accommodation since it was booked and paid for and non-refundable. I was super tempted to forfeit and return back to Seoul for one more night.

[11:51am] Lunch (Seafood noodles) at restaurant near beach

[12:00pm] Looked at Daecheon Beach
[12:56pm] Bus back to Boryeong Bus Terminal
[2:20pm] Bus from Boryeong to Taean
[3:40pm] Arrived at Taean Bus Terminal
[3:50pm] Depart Taean for Anmyeondo
[4:40pm] Transfer Public bus from Anmyeondo Bus Terminal to Accommodation
[5:04pm] Arrived at Bus Stop, waited for accommodation host to pick-up

[5:30pm] Finally arrived at accommodation after 3 hours 10 mins
Check-in at Gallery Pension (Sea View accommodation)
< BBQ Dinner – prepared by Pension >

Day 8 – Tue – 2 May 2017

[10:00am] Left Pension
[10:20am] Bus to Anmyeondo Bus Terminal
[10:50am]Anmyeondo to Seoul
[2:00pm] Arrived in Seoul (Nambu Bus Terminal)
[3:00pm] Check-in at accommodation (ROinhome)
[4:00pm] Train to Myeongdong

[4:58pm] Lunch (Bibim Naengmyeon) at Yuk Ssam Naeng Myeon (Myeongdong) 육쌈냉면 (This is a chain)
(Address: 3-6 Myeongdong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea)
< Shop around and spend money on skincare brands >

[9:55pm] Dinner (Jjimdak) at  Andong Jjimdak (Myeongdong) 안동 찜닭 명동 (This is a chain)
[11:15pm] Back at accommodation (ROinhome)
[00:02am] Midnight Laundry (Coin machine) 크린토피아 마포서교점

Day 9 – Wed – 3 May 2017 (Buddha’s Birthday)

[11:15am] Check out of Accommodation
[12:00pm] Arrived at Yongsan Station and bought ITX tickets (Free-standing)
* Note: Reserved seats tickets were sold out as it was public holiday
[1:00pm] Board Train to Chun Cheon
[2:18pm] Arrived at Chun Cheon Station
[2:36pm] Boarded a bus in the wrong direction

[3:06pm] Alighted near a famous Dakgalbi Restaurant (waited 60+ queue numbers)
[4:01pm] Lunch (Dakgabli + Makguksu) at Tong Namu Jib Dakgalbi 통나무집닭갈비
*Note: This place is not near the main area of Chun Cheon.
(Address: 763 Sinsaembat-ro, Sinbuk-eup, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea)
[5:00pm] Random walking to some dam cause we were too full
[5:38pm] Flagged a cab

[5:50pm] Arrived at Gubongsan Mountain Observatory – A Twosome Place
(Address: 139-57 Janghak-ri, Dong-myeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, South Korea)
< taking photos and watching the sunset >
[7:25pm] Cab to Goodstay Grand Motel
[7:45pm] Check-in at Motel
[8:25pm] Got out of Motel and walked for very long
< Visited Myeongdong Street (in Chuncheon) + bridge + random park >
[10:40pm] Arrived back at Motel

Day 10 – Thu – 4 May 2017

[9:15am] Check out of Accommodation
[9:45am] Went Chuncheon Bus Terminal to buy tickets for Sokcho (for the next day)
Note: We decided to buy the tickets early as 5th May was a Holiday (Children’s day)
[10:20am] Deposited backpack at Accommodation – 5inn

[10:50am] Lunch (Stired Fry Chilli Pork with Rice) at random place near train station
[11:50am] Took an anyhow whack bus
[12:02pm] Alighted at somewhere random and started walking along the bicycle path

< Spotted another dam along the way and took photo for a group of cyclists >
Waited very long at the bus stop but no buses came..
and then we waited super long trying to flag a cab.
ended up having to ask someone to help us call for a cab.
[12:51pm] Finally boarded the cab

[1:01pm] Alighted at a beautiful cafe – 어반그린 Urban Green (which we found off instagram)
(Address: 578-5, Hyunam-ri, Seo-myeon, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do)
Note: I loved the chill out vibes so much that I would very much like to return to this cafe for future visits.
[2:40pm] Took a taxi (booked by cafe staff)

[3:08pm] Visited a glass-bottom Uiamho Lake Sky Bridge
< walked along the lake, until we found a bus stop >
waited super long for the bus and.. flagged a cab instead.
[4:00pm] Flagged a cab to a place which the cab driver (from the night before) recommended

[4:08pm] Arrived at Sam Sam Ma Dang (some artsy place)
< after we were done, attempted to take the bus but it was once again non-existent >
There were bus arrival timings screen but the bus we had to take did not appear on the screen as it probably haven’t even left the terminal. Even the online apps doesn’t show any bus arrival timing. Why, Chun Cheon, Why? (I believe the frequency of the buses in Chun Cheon is 1 hour)

[5:20pm] Cabbed to the famous Soyanggang Skywalk of Chun Cheon
< Was super crowded so we did not pay and do the walk >
[6:25pm] Finally found a bus stop with buses that brought us to our destination

[7:05pm] Dinner (Charcoal Dakgalbi) at Myeongdong Dakgalbi Street
< Walk, Shop and drank ‘Juicy’ fruit Juice >
[9:04pm] Took a bus back to accommodation (I guess the buses appear in the city area, not in the random outskits we explored)
[9:20pm] Check-in at accommodation – 5inn

Day 11 – Fri – 5 May 2017 (Children’s Day)

[7:30am] Check-out and guesthouse owner fetched us to Bus Terminal <3
[8:00am] Took the bus from Chuncheon to Sokcho
[10:00am] Arrived at Sokcho Bus Terminal
[10:27am] Took bus to Sokcho Express Bus Terminal
Note: This is the ultimate confusion of it all. We had to get a refund of bus tickets as a result. Our guest house was located at ‘Sokcho Express Bus Terminal’ but our bus from Chuncheon alighted us at ‘Sokcho Bus Terminal’
Sokcho (Intercity) Bus Terminal (Older looking – cheaper) brings you to Dong Seoul Bus Station
Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (Newer looking – slightly pricier) brings you to Gangnam Express Bus Terminal
[10:50am] Deposited backpack at WITHU Hotel & Guesthouse
[11:00am] Bus to Seoraksan
[11:45am] Arrived at Seoraksan Bus Stop

[12:05pm] Bought Cable Car Tickets for 3 hours 20 mins later
Note: It was super crowded since it was a long weekend holiday.
< Had lunch, went for a short 3km trail (Biseondae) to see some rocks >
[3:20pm] Took the Cable Car up the mountains
[4:50pm] Took the Cable Car down

[5:30pm] Visited Abai Village via hand-pulled 30 seconds boat ride

< Ate Sundae innards/squid/rice =s >

“Delicious even when it’s cold” as quoted by my friend.
[8:30pm] Bought the famous fried chicken from Manseok (white box) which everyone else was buying
[9:20pm] Went to random cafe for Bingsu because #thenightwasstillyoung and the weather was good
[10:30pm] Check-in at accommodation
Random thoughts: Freaked out the moment I saw my room. There was no TV and it was Friday night plus it was the first elimination for P101. Thankfully I found a live stream eventually.

Day 12 – Sat – 6 May 2017 

[9:51am] Check-out and explored Sokcho Beach
[10:40am] Bus from Sokcho to Seoul
< There was a very bad jam. Usually it takes 2.5 hours. >
[2:30pm] Arrived at Gangnam Express Terminal

[3:20pm] Lunch (Dakhanmari – Chicken Soup) at somewhere near Korean University
[5:15pm] Check-in back at ROINhome
[7:40pm] Visited Common Ground for Beer Festival

[10:20pm] Dinner (Grilled Meat) at Insadong
[01:00am] Noraebang at Hongdae
[04:00am] Back at accommodation

Day 13 – Sun – 7 May 2017

[12:00pm] Shopping at e-Mart

[12:37pm] Lunch (Mandu Noodles) at Hapjeong Station

[1:20pm] Chilling at Cafe – Belief Coffee Roasters
[3:20pm] Shopping at Lotte Mart
[5:00pm] Back at accommodation
< Unpack and Repack >

[6:30pm] Dinner (Grilled Meat)
[7:30pm] Train from Mangwon Station -> Digital Media City -> AREX -> Incheon Airport
[8:40pm] Arrived at Incheon International Airport
[10:56pm] Flight Depart Incheon
[12:15am] Arrived at Taipei Airport
[12:40am] Flight Depart Taipei
[06:06am] Flight Arrived Singapore

If you have any questions with regards to my itinerary, feel free to leave a comment!

Alternatively, you can continue reading on my article on costing and budgeting for my trip – I spent less than $2000 for my entire trip!


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  • Hi,
    May i know what bus did you take from boryeong to gunsan and where do you board the bus from? there is very little information on the internet regarding taking transport out of boryeong.

    • Hello, there’s a bus terminal in Boryeong where you can take the bus from. You can just go to the counter and there will be a lot of timings and destinations on the board and you just buy tickets from the staff on duty.
      Just so you note – I took a bus from Gunsan to Boryeong, not the other way around, but I guess buses should run in both directions.

        • Yes, do try the buns when you are there! The filling is super ‘gao’ and the bread layer is thin so it feels value for money! Can try the milkshake too – at 2,000W.