Legend of the Blue Sea – Interior Design


Hoping to see the actual film set for the drama? Well, you can’t (at least for now) as it is probably filmed in a private studio or location.

Let’s pray hard that they will make the film set into an actual exhibition for fans to visit (like what they did to the You Who Came From the Stars) *cross fingers pray hard*

There was a reader that asked if I know much about the ID of the house and I’m like.. nope I don’t think I know but somehow or rather, I stumbled upon the company which sponsors (or perhaps advertise/barter) with the production house!

At least for this company that I’ve found: CHERISH, they openly endorse that popular dramas like Legend of the Blue Sea, Shopping King Louis, The way to the airport, W, Cheese in the Trap and many more in this link have been done/inspired/ID-ed by them. As I don’t know korean, I can’t be too sure that my assumption is correct but I guess if they have floor plans and empty set photos, they must be somewhat important.

legend of blue sea heojunjae house interior

legend of blue sea heojunjae house interior 2

legend of blue sea heojunjae house interior 1

legend of blue sea interior living room

legend of blue sea shia house

Information Credit and Photos from: http://m.blog.naver.com/cherishspace/220868923218

Official Website: http://www.cgagu.com/

Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/welovecherish

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