DrGL Skin care Review


I’ll be upfront about it, I’m your typical millennial.

Especially so when it comes to my choice of skincare products.

I love products that are personal, customised, simple and more importantly it should be reliable and endorsed by a skincare expert or beauty blogger I trust.

Yes, I’m very picky which is why I couldn’t say no when I was gifted some of DrGL‘s skincare products!

DrGL – Bespoke skincare born of a doctor’s experience

drgl_skincare-rangeClockwise (L-R): DrGL Lightening Cleanser, Restore Gel Mask, Skin Repair Serum, Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder

DrGL® is a range of custom skincare personally formulated for Asian skin types and climate by Dr Georgia Lee. Eschewing the mass for a carefully crafted selection of premium quality products, DrGL® offers the modern busy individual maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

Now, see why I couldn’t say no to this range of products?

  • Customised for Asian skin & climate – this is something I’m pretty anal about as certain international brands tend to carry heavier products that are more suited for European skin and dry weather
  • Developed by a skincare expert with clinical experience, definitely quality and results assured!
  • Rave reviews on the internet with recognition not only locally but internationally
  • It’s a homegrown local Singapore beauty brand – what’s not to love & support?
  • Plus, I really stand by DrGL’s values on how skincare should be simple & her school of thought on ‘Less is always More’

Who exactly is DrGL?

DrGL is simply the acronym for Dr. Georgia Lee, named after the founder herself. She is a renowned and one of the most sought after celebrity aesthetics doctor & I’m sure some of you would have come across the extremely fashionable doctor on her Instagram feed @drgeorgialee. Doctor, mother, entrepreneur, style icon –  the all-rounded Dr Georgia Lee is indeed a figure of inspiration.

buy-a-picture-raise-money-for-aids-awareness-at-this-aldo-exhibitionPic courtesy: Female Magazine Singapore

First Impressions


What really caught my attention is the sleek, deep green, no-frills packaging. It is made out of plastic – but its translucency, sturdiness upon grip and the delicate logo embossing simply exudes quality & sophistication.

Also, I really love the straightforward naming – CLEANSER, GEL MASK, SKIN REPAIR. Again, Less is always More! I’m sure we know how beauty brands love fluffy, bombastic naming just to make their products sound more sexy, differentiated. But honestly, it just gets everyone confused. Haha!

DrGL Lightening Cleanser, S$88; 100ml


Indispensable for uneven skin tones and pigmentation caused by UV rays. Cleans gently and thoroughly, then goes one step further to repair and protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun. On the surface, skin looks brighter, more even-toned; deep within, its defences reinforced.

My thoughts?

+ This is unlike your regular soap-based cleansers that dries up your skin – you can identify this by a squeaky clean & tight feeling on your skin. It is a water-based cleanser that does a good job of cleansing my skin, while keeping it refreshed and hydrated.

+ Fragrance-free, with a slight hint of coconut – most probably from the coconut oil derivative surfactant used. This will be good for all skin types, including sensitive skin 🙂

+ The lightening agent here is the stabilised Vitamin C (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate) – it does brighten up my skin immediately after the 1st wash. I’ve been using this for a few months now and I’ve seen some slight fading of my acne marks.

+/- There are parabens. As much as I would like to be neutral about this topic.. Yes it’s a common preservative system in beauty products & there are no conclusive evidence of its effects yet. But with the recent PR backlash on this, I do think its important for brands to take a leap forward in being socially responsible.

DrGL Restore Gel Mask, S$58; 100ml


Bring skin back to equilibrium with this restorative gel for all skin types. Packed with healing botanicals to help soothe skin, it makes a particularly good travel companion as skin tends to be stressed by changing environments, manifesting signs of irritation such as redness and dryness.


My thoughts?

+ The translucent aqua-blue gel doubles up as a mask & moisturiser. This has since been my travel buddy for my past few trips. The twist-to-lock pump dispenser makes it even more convenient & portable 🙂

+ Fragrance top notes of botanicals which dries down to something sweet. Smells very therapeutic & soothing, perfect for a sleeping mask

+ It is loaded with a lot of natural herbal ingredients (the so called healing botanicals), often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as liquorice & tree peony which are known for their anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties

+ Leave skin instantly hydrated, soothed with a super refreshing cooling effect.

+/- Although it absorbs quickly, it does leave my skin slightly sticky. It takes about ~10-15mins for the stickiness to go away completely. Hence, i would recommend using this as a sleeping mask over a daily face moisturiser especially when you don’t have much time to wait

DrGL Skin Repair, S$118; 10ml


Exceptional serum that lives up to its name – and more. Penetrates deep within to deliver intensive age-defying, skin-revitalizing benefits. Skin regains an incredible glow, looks remarkably younger, feels irresistibly smooth and supple. For those with very sensitive skin, this can be used in place of moisturiser to help speed up healing.

My thoughts?

+ Odourless with no stickiness at all! It comes in slightly thick gel texture, but it breaks into water upon application and absorbs almost instantly.

+ Skin feels incredibly smooth after application. It’s almost as if there’s silicone in there!

+ Lifesaver in a tiny bottle – this truly lives up to its name. It repairs skin! I’ve been using it on some of my inflammed, angry pre-menstrual skin & has successfully calmed them down overnight. I’ve been using this together with the Restore Gel Mask for added efficacy 🙂

++ This is my favourite product out of the lot! 🙂 Although slightly pricey, it is definitely worth the price!

DrGL Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder SPF20/PA++, S$108


Finely milled powder foundation provides coverage against the sun as well as for imperfections. Buildable coverage evens out skin tone while lightly masking pigmentation, scars and blemishes. Never cakey, the luxuriously soft velvety finish gives a natural luminous look all day long.

My thoughts?

+ I’m not a fan of heavy foundation because it tends to get heavy so I really like the lightweight coverage it provides. If you like a heavier coverage, you can build it up with more layers as well.

+ Heal and Conceal – this comes with Allantoin which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient so you can cover up your blemishes while healing them at the same time.

+ Leaves skin with a nice healthy, slightly shimmery glow. Some products are overly generous with the mica, leaving your skin like a confetti party. But this has a really nice natural effect to it.

+ Protects skin with a sufficient amount of UVA & UVB protection.

+/- Again parabens are found in this.

Final thoughts

I must say I’m very impressed by DrGL products & the difference it has delivered to my skin. It does live up to its hype and my expectations (as a picky millennial 😀 ) and they are now slowly becoming a staple in my daily life.

Would I recommend this? Yes, in all honesty, they are expensive. But with the high quality ingredients, clinical expertise and the results it delivers? I would say, go for it & save yourself a trip to the derm in the future 🙂

DrGL products are available online via DrGL online store & Sephora. Also available in Robinsons Orchard, Raffles City, JEM and CK Tangs. For more information, do visit www.drgl.com and follow DrGL on Facebook

This product review was written by my skincare/makeup guru friend who prefers to be known as Anonymous Guest Writer f.
If you wish to have your product featured and reviewed by her, kindly email flyhoneystars@gmail.com for enquiries!

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