Tsukiji Market – Hello, Goodbye & See You Again


Since last year, I’ve heard many people talking about the closure shifting of Tsukiji Market. Before I did my research, I thought that the entire Tsukiji was going to close and I was somewhat bidding farewell to Tsukiji during my trip. I was feeling pretty sian as I thought that all my favourite food will be gone (or relocated to a distant place) by next year.

However, I am glad to announce (in case you don’t already know) that only the inner Tsukiji Market (not the outer market) will be affected by the relocation.

The tuna auction, famed Sushi Dai & Sushi Daiwa will be affected by this relocation but my favourite 100Y Tamago shop, the 1000Y seafood bowl & the restaurant were I ate my Omakase Meal will not be affected. As much as I love sushi, spending 4 to 6 hours in a  queue line is too much effort and I guess I’ll have to catch the Tuna auction in Osaka instead.

Anyway, here are my must-eats for Tsukiji Outer Market

100Y Tamago Shop

Rough Address: 〒104-0045 Tōkyō-to, Chūō-ku, Tsukiji, 4 Chome−10−10 築地センタービル, Japan

How to identify it?

  • It is a corner shop
  • It usually has a super long queue
  • There are queue poles at the shop
  • It has a yellow banner

There are other tamago (egg) shops within this area but there’s only one with a queue. Haven’t tried the other ones to give a fair comparison but.. just queue for this one. the wait ain’t too long and it is definitely worth it!

After devouring this super delicious 100Y Tamago, we continued walking ahead and saw a big group of people crowding this hole in a wall shop. There were a group of taiwanese queuing and discussing on how everything is looking so delicious. I took a peak over and the moment I saw the item on the grill, I knew I had to buy it (regardless of its price). I joined the queue without knowing how much it cost..

Anyway, remember this shop name. It is really super small.

Are you kidding me? Look at this!!! Can you resist not buying it?

See that chunk of Sea Urchin plus many others on that shellfish shell!

My turn! This is what you start off with..

Got to remind you that it is absolutely filling and you need to be a seafood lover to finish it.

Took a video to show you what is the feeling of shiok.

How I wish I could eat this again~~ All these for just 1000Y. How can it get any better..

My friend on the other hand, bought an Oyster which was bigger than her palm! Definitely the biggest Oyster I’ve ever seen.

Shrine @ Tsukiji

If you’re feeling full, take a stroll around the area and visit the countless shrines. The one we visited was Namiyoke Inarai Shrine and you can read more about it here.

The shrine was located beside one of the entrances for the inner market.

If you’re visiting before November 2016, you can enter the inner market and say goodbye.

Here’s the famed Sushi Dai. Many people in the queue were non-local. I was very tempted to ask the people how long they’ve queued..

Do note that they serve an average of 8 to 14 people an hour since most people will do the Omakase course. So if you count and there’s 30 people in front of you, it is minimally a 3 hours wait.

At about 10+am, this sign was already spotted at the end of Sushi Dai’s queue.

Another famed brand – Sushi Daiwa

Well, I didn’t have the luxury of time and patience to dine in any of these well known establishments and I guess I wouldn’t have the chance too anymore since they will be relocating or possibly closing for good after November 2016.


That’s all I have to share about Tsukiji Market! Can’t wait to return to eat my 100Y Tamago and 1000Y Grilled Seafood Overload Shellfish~~

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