Japan – May 2016 – Tokyo + 3D2N Fuji Hakone Free Pass


It seems like Japan has been my top favourite travel destination for the past 2 years and I’m back from my 3rd trip in 14 months.

As usual, here’s the expenses breakdown:

Exchange rate used: 100Y = $1.26

Prices displayed are for 1 person and all rooms are twin-sharing except for the Capsule hotel.

Details Price (Yen)  Price 
Airfare (Singapore to Tokyo Narita) via JAL $654.70
Travel Insurance (Premier Plan with MSIG) $38.50
Data Passport with M1 ($2 activation + $10)
Price has since been revised from $10 to $25
Accommodation – Capsule Hotel near Tokyo Station

Accommodation – 5N at Airbnb in Shinjuku (Twin-sharing – $76.20ppn)





Accommodation – 1N in Hakone (Half Board with Private Onsen)

Accommodation – 1N in Kawaguchiko (Includes Breakfast, Shared Toilets)





Transportation – Airport Bus to and from Narita (1,000Y per way) 2,000 $25.20
Transportation – Rides within Tokyo (includes Disneyland) 3,000 $37.80
Attractions – Disneysea 7,400 $93.24
3D2N Fuji Hakone Pass + Romance Car Train + Bus to Shinjuku
*Price could be cheaper @ 8,890Y but I made a mistake at the counter
9,170 $115.54
Attractions – Hakone Open Air Museum + Little Prince Museum + Fujizakura Festival + Bus to Mt Fuji 5th Station 6,400 $80.64
Food – includes 4,000Y Omakase Lunch Menu at Tsukiji Market
6 Breakfast, 8 Lunch, 7 Dinner, Snacks, Sake & Supper
36,193 $456.03
Shrine Purchases + Praying + Lot Drawing 6,550 $82.53
Shopping – Food Souvenirs, Presents for People & Self

*Includes emptying my wallet at the airport duty free*

66,504 $837.95
Total $3,131.97

Exceed the budget of $3,000 once again.

My last 3 hours at Narita Airport was pretty intense – I spent almost 20,000Y during the few hours.

Places that I visited in Tokyo

  • Tsukiji Market
  • Asasuka – Sensoji
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • 豪徳寺 (Gohtokuji) – Fortune Cat Temple
  • Shinjuku
  • Akihabara
  • Disneysea
  • Tokyo Dome

What I ate

  • Omakase Sushi Lunch @ Tsukiji Market
  • Totoro Cream Puff Cafe – Shiro-hige
  • HARBS @ Tokyo Station – Fresh Fruit Cream Tart
  • Ichiran @ Shinjuku
  • Ippudo @ Iidabashi
  • Pablo @ Shinjuku
  • Pablo Mini @ Akihabara
  • Latte Art Coffee @ Reissue Coffee (Harajuku)

Itinerary for 3D2N Hakone + Kawaguchiko aka 360 views of Mt Fuji

Day 1

[8:53] Romancecar Train from Shinjuku (Odakyu Line) to Hakone Yumoto Station
[10:36] Arrival at Hakone Yumoto Station
[10:50] 40 mins Bus ride to 元箱根 (Moto Hakone) at Lake Ashi
[11:42] Walk & Explore Hakone Shrine + Tori Gate in Water
[12:42] Lunch at random restaurant
[13:20] 30 minutes Pirate Boat ride to Togendai
[14:06] Ropeway from Togendai to Owakundani and down to Ubako
[14:44] Bus transfer to Souzan
[15:18] Tram down to Gora Station
[15:29] Walk to Hakone Open Air Museum
[15:45] Hakone Open Air Museum (Close at 5pm)
[17:13] Bus to Accommodation – SHINANOKI ICHINOYU 『品の木 一の湯』

Day 2

[9:20] Bus to Little Prince Museum
[9:28] Reached Little Prince Museum
[10:40] Bus to Sengoku
[12:03] Arrived at Sengoku + waited
[11:40] Bus to Gotemba
[12:03] Arrive at Gotemba
[12:08] Bus from Gotemba to Kawaguchiko
[13:39] Arrived at Kawaguchiko Station
[14:05] Queueing + Lunch at Noodles Restaurant opposite the station
[15:01] Bus to Pink Moss Flowers Festival
[15:34] Arrive at Festival Venue
[17:00] Bus back to Kawaguchiko Station
[17:45] Board Last Red Line Retro bus to Komaya Ryokan
[18:07] Alighted at Music Forest Museum Bus Stop & Walked to Komaya Ryokan
[18:47] Walked out to find Dinner
[19:14] Dinner @ Unagi Restaurant

Day 3

[9:15] Left Komaya Ryokan
[9:24] Board First Red Line Retro bus to Natural Living Center
[9:32] Arrival at Natural Living Center
[9:42] Board Red Line Retro bus to Kawaguchiko Station
[10:09] Arrive at Kawaguchiko Station
[10:50] Board bus heading to Mt Fuji 5th Station
[11:45] Arrive at Mt Fuji 5th Station
[12:40] Depart Mt Fuji 5th Station back to Kawaguchiko
[13:25] Arrive at Kawaguchiko Station
[13:30] Lunch at Tempura Restaurant
[14:40] Board Green Line Retro bus to Saiko Bat Cave
[15:21] Arrived at Saiko Bat Cave + Start Aokigahara exploration
[16:00] Got out of forest and found Lake Saiko
[16:19] Board bus to Kawaguchiko
[16:43] Arrive Kawaguchiko Station
[16:55] Depart by train to Shimo-Yoshida Station
[17:14] Arrived at Station and walk to Arakura Sengen Shrine + Chureito Pagoda
[18:55] Train back to Kawaguchiko
[20:30] Bus back to Shinjuku


As usual, I’m gonna take quite a while to finish up my blog entries for my trip so here’s my rough itinerary and the places that I’ve visited.

If you have any burning questions or tips request, do leave a comment below.

Otherwise, do check back again for more updates. I should be writing about my first ever capsule hotel experience Fuji Hakone in full detail, including the purchase and complexity of booking, Aokihagara Suicide Forest trekking, where to see Mt Fuji, my magical 13 hour-day in Disneysea etc.

Till then.

Plan your holiday by saving these landmarks on AwayNation by using the link below:

Other articles (In progress)

I hope I can finish writing about the above by National day =)

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  • Can you share which airbnb you stayed in shinjuku? how was it?
    Planning to use airbnb in shinjuku as well . Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I am heading there next year april, Hakone 3D2N and Lake Kawaramaguchi for 2D1N.

    I saw that you’ve also purchased the Fuji Hakone Free Pass, would like to check with you if Fuji Hakone Free Pass able to allow us to take the buses from Gora Station(Hakone) to Lake Kawaramaguchi included in the pass if we were to get the Fuji Hakone Pass.

    As i’ll be heading Hakone(08/04-10/04), then Lake Kawaramaguchi(10/04-11/04). But understand that the pass only valid for 3 days, so will you recommend me to use the pass on the 09/04 as I can when I head over to Lake Kawaramaguchi on the 10/04?

    And also, I saw about the round trip of YEN8,000 to Shinkuju. can I purchase that if I am heading to Shinkuju from Lake Kawaramaguchi??

    Sorry for the long questions, appreciate your help! (:

    Celeste Heng

    • Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment but I’m afraid that I am unable to help you as I am not familiar with Lake Kawaramaguchi as I’ve not been there before.