It’s.. JAPAN AGAIN! for the third time in 14 months..


Yes – I’ll be visiting Japan in XX days and this trip will be my 3rd trip to Japan in 14 months.

Visiting the same country many times does not sound new to me at all. Previously, I visited Korea 3 times in 3 years (or rather 25 months). Oh wells.

Anyway, the most upsetting thing about my trip would be the surging YEN.

The previous trip back in June 2015, Yen was at an ALL TIME LOW of 1.088 SGD per 100Y. Now? The rate at Mustafa forex online is 1.283. urgh. This means that my spending power in Japan has decreased by about 20%. I have yet to change any money as I am still praying for the currency to drop. Earlier last month, the rate was 1.214 and I was not satisfied and now it has already risen by another 7%. #life

Similar to my previous 2 trips, I am targeting to keep within my budget of $3,000.

(March 2015 – 5N Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto/Himeji @ $2,987.02, ; June 2015 – 8N Tokyo/Hokkaido @ $3,315)

The current trip is going to be 9D8N long. It’s gonna be tough with things costing 20% more but let’s see how it goes.

Damage so far (All prices are per pax basis)

Air Tickets by JAL Narita – $654.70

1N @ Capsule Hotel – 3400Y
5N @ Airbnb Tokyo – $381
1N @ Hakone – $175.97
1N @ Kawaguchiko – 7780Y

Narita Airport Bus (return trip) – 3000Y
Fuji Hakone Pass + Romance Car – 8890Y

Disneysea – 6900Y
Pink Flowers – 1950Y

Estimated Expenses
Meals ($10 Bfast, $20 Lunch, $30 Dinner) – $60 x 8 days = $480
Transport – $10 x 8 days = $80

31,920Y approx $409

$3,000 – $409 – $1699.67 = $891 left for shopping + other attractions entry fee (Caves, Museum etc.)

*Wish me good luck*


Since it is already my third visit, my wishlist keeps getting shorter. In my previous trip, I completed a somewhat challenging activity/experience – enter a Pachinko Parlour and play a game. It might not sound like a big deal but entering a totally Japanese environment, full of secondhand smokeand a weird mix of crowd.. it’s not that easy. I wanted to do this back in my March trip but my friend backed out the moment we smelt the smoke when the automatic door opened. It’s kind of like a been there done that thing.

Capsule Hotel – gonna check this off my list! We found a relatively new one at Tokyo Station area (obviously catering to the tourists market). It has 3 female-only floors and the toilet looks like it has private shower cubicles. You know this shower thing is not a big deal for Japanese but to many others.. it kind of matters. Despite already having experienced this open-concept bathing more than 5 times (in both Korea and Japan),  I still prefer not having to do it.

“looks like” I will be writing about it when I’m back.

Another thing on my list, but I might not be doing it, would be to visit a Host Club to look/see. I’ve watched tons of documentary in an attempt to understand this culture which is quite unacceptable in usual society. It’s a pretty messy place there and people spend hell lot of money at that place. Will write a full entry about it when I have time but doubt I’ll get a chance to visit such an establishment in the near future. I don’t think I’m comfortable visiting alone so I need to find a very supportive friend that can speak Japanese.

Next up on the list would be Studio Ghibli. Unfortunately, the attraction is closed for upgrading and maintenance works from Monday, May 9 through Friday, July 15, 2016. It’s a pretty long closure so I think we can expect some significant changes when it opens.

A consolation would be that we might be visiting a cute little cafe for Totoro Cream Puffs @ Shiro-Hige Cafe. So cute right? But it is definitely not cheap! 400-440Y each!

Chou A la creme Img Cr:

I am also planning to visit a cafe which has like the best latte art ever – Cafe Reissue(原宿リシュー)

Found the barista on twitter and I’ve been following his updates ever since.

Also, I want to visit the Penguin bar which I didn’t manage to visit in my previous trip. My friend is keen in the Owl cafe too. There’s just too many things to do in Tokyo!

Oh and yes, my accommodation in Hakone is near the Little Prince Museum and I heard it’s a really lovely place especially if you have read the book or watch the movie.

Maybe, only maybe, we will be visiting Aokigahara aka Suicide Forest. If we do visit, it will obviously be in the day and I’m pretty keen check out this mysterious place. I have a friend who visited this place and thinks that it is amazing so I am kind of curious. The itinerary for that day is pretty tight so I’m really crossing my fingers that there’s enough time or that the public transport works well for us. Driving would solve all our problems but nope, we are not brave enough to drive =p Neither have we found a wiling driver yet.

That’s it for now!

Shall blog about the trip when I’m back but if you want to see real-time updates, you can follow my facebook page!

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