Fish & Chips at Fremantle Harbour – Cicerello’s


Either Fish & Chips ain’t my cup of tea or there’s really nothing special about the Fish & Chips here. In fact, I cannot understand the fascination with how delicious fried food can be. It is after all food that is fried with batter and oil. Well, like it or not – it is the choice of food when you visit Fremantle Harbour. Located at a boardwalk area, it holds a few established restaurants within the same vicinity. Kaili’s and Cicerello’s serve the same thing – Fish & Chips while Little Creatures Brewery (looking pretty fancy) servers craft beer.

Do note that there is no free parking (and not a lot of lots either) in this area and it’s about 2 AUD for parking per hour.

We chose Cicerello’s over Kaili’s simply because they had a higher Google rating. Apparently, it is proclaimed to be Western Australia’s Number 1 Fish N Chips. right.

Upon entering the restaurant (it’s free seating by the way), you will be greeted with this huge saltwater tank which is really well maintained! They even have displays and information about various fishes.

Took a photo of the price menu to show that the pricing. I felt it was quite expensive (since it was our first meal place) but over the days you will start to realise that this pricing is the norm over at Western Australia.

There were 5 of us but we only ordered Seafood Tray, Traditional Fish and Chips and Salt & Pepper Squid. Unlike in Singapore where you will receive free flow of tatar sauce, the sauces here in Australia had to be bought for $2. Otherwise, you’re just eating your fish and chips with salt and vinegar (the traditional British way).

To add on, drinks were priced at AUD 3+ per bottle. I might sound whiny but after all this was the first stop for our trip. We needed more time to get used to the pricing.

To be honest – I would give this place a miss in future. I can’t seem to understand the fascination with Fish & Chips but I guess it is still an australian food after all. Oh and if you’re intending to visit this place, you might be able to get a discount coupon from Hello Perth tourist brochure! There was a 10% discount coupon but we forgot to use it.


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