Perth – Expectations and Pre-Trip Planning


It’s been a long 5 months break from traveling (last trip was in Sep 2015 to BKK) and I still can’t believe that my first and confirmed trip of 2016 is Perth. To make thing more complicated, this is my first family trip in 5 years and the first trip with our newest addition to the family – 13 month old baby girl. I do admit that throughout the past years, traveling with family has not been in my plans as we are already all grown up and earning our own income. Traveling with friends is definitely more fun and my parents also enjoy traveling themselves too so I didn’t see it as too much of an issue. Last year, I suddenly had this thought that my parents were getting older and it’s time I spend more time with the family. If possible, I hope to dedicate at least one trip a year or every other year to my family. Initially, I was keen on traveling to Japan since it is my mum’s favourite place and possibly the country that she had confidence to travel free and easy in. After careful selection, we chose Wakayama prefecture as the destination as it was one of the few places that both of us has yet to visit. However, before we could book the tickets (I was at fault with the procrastination), my brother invited my parents to join them in Perth with their granddaughter. To be honest, I wasn’t keen on Perth at all and the past few years of my travel had been focused on Asia. As usual, the grandchild always wins and poor aunty has to pay $593.20 to tag along.

We bought the pricier SIA tickets this time round and to be honest, with that amount I could fly to Tokyo/Seoul too but nope I’m going to Australia.. I hope to keep this trip within $2,000 all in but it seems kind of hard as we’ve already spent $1,280.20 [$593.20 (air tix) +$481 (3N Fremantle, 3N Margaret River, 2N Mandurah) + $206 (8 days car rental)] per pax. That leaves me with $80/day to purchase 3 meals + attraction tickets for each of the 9 days. Sounds like exceeding the planned budget will happen. We shall see.

Now that air tickets and accommodation has been secured, what’s the next in line? If you read my blog often, you should be able to guess it – securing data when I’m in Australia! After my research, I found several options and I’ll be testing out and reviewing them when I’m there.

  1. M1 Data Passport – preferred Partner Vodaphone (
    Pay $2 (Activation) + $10/billing cycle month, you will be allowed to use your local date plan overseas.
    I own a m1 mobile data plan (inside a Huawei mifi device). Sadly, the customer service team is unable to assure me that I can successfully use the data from the mifi device as it was unable to select the preferred network settings. There’s this issue with the network lock thing which I can’t understand  but it doesn’t matter, I will try it out and inform you guys again.
  2. Buying from the Airport (Perth International Airport – Terminal 1)

The plan is that I will be using my m1 data passport and my brother will purchase the Optus card. Perhaps if it is really only $10 for the cheapest card, I might be getting one myself to compare the network. We shall see how it goes.

Target List for Perth – Fremantle – Margaret River – Mandurah 9D8N trip


Twilight Hawker Market

(Img Cr: Facebook)

Ever since visiting artbox in Bangkok, I kind of like the idea of attending local flea markets and I guess it’s really lucky that I will be around the area on Friday (or so I hope). Nothing is too certain when you’re traveling with a baby!

  • Website Facebook
    Every Friday till April 2016, 1630 – 2130 hrs
    Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Caversham Wildlife Park

(Img Cr:

This is one of the more popular farms in Perth that most tourists will visit.

  • Website
    Daily, 0900-1730 (Last entry 1630)
    $27 (A)/$12 (C)
    B/99 Lord Street, Whiteman WA 6068, Australia

Very photogenic Blue Boat House

The blue boat house @ Matilda Bay #westernaustralia #australia #blueboathouse #perth #australiagram #thisisWA

A photo posted by Adelaide Food Blog @ EPL19 (@eatpraylove.19) on

Instagram Location Link:

How can I forget about the photogenic random blue boat house which collapsed one day and brides were fumbling to find a new photo shoot location? According to the photos, it seems like it is still in construction. Hopefully it will be done by the time I visit!

  • 2 Kings Park Avenue, Crawley

Watertown Brand Outlet Center

Outlet shopping in Perth. The reviews looked pretty average but I guess I can find out more when when I do visit. Hopefully they will be doing a clearance on summer clothing since it will hopefully be autumn when I visit.


Fremantle is an approximately 30 mins car ride from Perth and it is the place that we will be staying at for the first few nights. I didn’t really know much about Fremantle before I started planning. I only knew it was a popular port in Australia during my intern days in a shipping company. All I know was that my brother asked me to book the accommodation in Fremantle cause it is likely to be less crowded and cheaper than Perth city. It seems like a small township with a famous Fremantle market and nice coastal area with good Fish & Chips. Hopefully the reviews live up to my expectations and I’ll be back to share even greater gems!

Fremantle Market

(Img Cr:

I don’t know much about this place but I know that there would be a lot of food available. Hopefully the things here are affordable and not too touristy. *fingers crossed*

  • Website Facebook
    Fri, 0800-2000; Sat-Sun, 0800-1800 (The Hall opens at 0900)
    Corner South Terrace & Henderson Street Fremantle, Western Australia, 6959

Penguin Island

Photo Cr:

Most people will choose to visit Rottnest Island over Penguin Island as it is bigger with more trekking trails and more to explore but if you’re traveling with an infant, you have to choose the less adventurous Penguin Island. I’m pretty excited to see these “wild” penguins up close. The more adventurous ones can choose to swim with the dolphins or the glass bottom cruise to spot penguins and sea lions.

  • Website
    Daily from 15 Sep -end June, 0830 – 1700
    [Ferry Only] $15 (A)/ $12.50 (C)
    Take a 5 min ferry from Rockingham Wild Encounters
    153 Arcadia Drive (corner of Penguin Rd) Shoalwater, WA 6169

Food that I hope to try:


  • Taka Shafto Lane – Nice Jap Food
  • Corica Pastries – Apple Strudels
  • Tuck Shop Cafe – Popular Brunch Place


  • San Churros – possibly the best churros in town?
  • Cicerllo: Fish and Chips / Cockles
  • Little Creature’s Brewery – Pizza/Beer

(On the way down to Margaret River)

The drive down to Margaret River from Perth is approximately

Bunbury Lighthouse

(Img Cr)

We’re stopping by because it looks cool.

  • 6230, 3 Marlston Dr, Bunbury WA 6230, Australia

Busselton Jetty

Another location that is “on the way” and this place definitely looks touristy with the fanciful train along the 2km (possibly the longest) jetty.


  • Simmo’s Icecreamery – a highly recommended ice cream place.
    161 Commonage Rd, Quindalup WA 6281, Australia
  • Cape Lavender – Tea/Coffee and Lavender shop
    2 Canal Rocks Rd, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia
  • Canal Rocks – beautiful rocky coast
    97 Smith’s Beach Road, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia

Margaret River

Eagles Heritage Raptor Wildlife Center

(Img Cr:


  • Watershed Winery –
    Bussell Hwy, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
    Cellar Door:  Mon – Sun,  10am to 5pm
    Restaurant & Cafe: Mon – Sun, 10am to 4.30pm
    Lunch Service: 12pm to 3pm
    Mains from $32
  • Windows Estate –
    4 Quininup Road, Corner Caves Road
    Yallingup, Western Australia 6282
    Open Daily 10am – 5pm
  • Leeuwin Estate
    Stevens Rd, Margaret River, 6285 Western Australia
    Open daily for lunch & Saturday evenings for dinner.
  • Voyager Estate Winery
    41 Stevens Rd, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia

Down South

Hamelin Bay

Alright I found out about this place on Instagram while I was searching through picture via location. How much cooler can it get? In my previous workplace you need to pay like $38 for a 20 to 30 minutes ray-feeding interaction. I really hope my brother is willing to make that extra 30 minutes drive down south to this place and that we will be really lucky to spot them. Smooth Ray & Eagle Ray.. Let’s go! Read here for more useful information!


That’s all for my planning! I’ve bookmarked a lot of locations on my Google maps and let’s see how this trip will turn out to be.

Wish me luck ^_^

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