Moments of 我的少女时代 that relate with my personal memories


It has been about 3 months since this movie got viral and I guess it’s time for me to catch up on this post which I wanted to write 3 months ago.

“Thanks to one kind soul who filmed the entire movie from the cinema, I can write this article with proper movie reference for the exact quotes and scenes. To be honest, I didn’t think that any movie can linger in my head for such a long time and it is almost a month since I last watched the movie at its preview. With the movie fresh in my head, let me pen down some memories that I have before it’s long gone. “

Alright the above paragraph was written back in Nov 2015 and it is no longer relevant. Well, better late than never 🙂

By the way, this entry got digressed by quite a bit from my original intent. So if you are thinking of reading through, you will need a lot of patience as I got pretty informal and emotional along the way as I look back on my memories which revealed a bit more of my personal life.. Just don’t blame me if you regret reading through this lengthy post =p

1. 扯过最大的谎言是今天要考试但说“我昨天没念”.
The biggest lie we had ever told was on the day of exam we’d say I didn’t prepare.

This phrase appeared pretty early into the movie.. Back in secondary school, I remember having class and common tests every week. The teachers kind of got 走火入魔 with tests and the school eventually introduced a rule to limit the number to a maximum of 3 tests (We had 8 subjects back then.) per week in order to give students “time” to study. In lower secondary, we had common tests on Saturdays too as the five day week has yet to be officiated. So you travel all the way to school for a 30 or 45 minutes test and then go home. With so many tests happening every other day, how on earth do you find time to study? Well, that’s a common excuse as I’m pretty sure most of us did  study anyway but being the humble ones, we always say “I didn’t study much” in order not to be that proud and arrogant show off student. Now that I look back, how on earth did I manage 8 subjects with an active CCA yet have time to catch up on my Taiwan dramas and have occasional afternoon naps? Where did all the good times go..

2. Hanging out at the Basketball Court

In the movie, there was the scene of 欧阳非凡 (The second Lead) playing basketball to the squeals of the girls. There isn’t really a close co-relation but I did spend quite a number of afternoons watching basketball matches for the C and B division. The only difference was that I never had an eyecandy from the Basketball team (well I can’t remember anyone at all) and I was there legit-ly to watch the game. I preferred school matches to NBA games. NBA games are too fast paced for me and the game play is pretty skewed as the players are so tall, running so fast and often end up doing boring slam dunks. On the other hand, school matches have shorter players which can’t dunk but do the more realistic “set-up” which I can relate too. The pace of the game is a lot slower (with more three pointers) and I can understand the game and rules easier. Before entering secondary school, I doubt I touched a basketball beyond PE lessons. I was more into soccer as it was a sport that I watch and my brother plays. However, after watching My MVP Valentine (MVP 情人) with Duan Cheng Feng and Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang) and hanging out with my lower secondary clique and class, basketball became the sport.

Apart from watching basketball matches, we spend many afternoons/evenings at the basketball courts with the basketball. We usually play half court (no stamina to run) with variations ranging from 2v2 to 5v5 or even more. Everyone and anyone can be invited but of course they must accept our substandard caliber. Despite 4 years of leisure playing, I can barely score a 发球线 (penalty line) ball =/ When we were bored or tired, we will play ABC (shooting from various markings). The funniest thing that happens (most of the time) is when our ball get stuck between the board and hoop. There was once my friend threw her slipper up in an attempt to “knock” the ball down and her slipper got stuck in the net instead. The greatest fear we had at the court everyday is when people approach to “challenge us” when the courts are all occupied. Usually when it happens, we will voluntarily leave the court as we all prefer leisure (with lots of laughing) basketball compared to competitive ones. As a result, we are always running to the courts the moment the school bell rings. There was once we even climbed out of the school field via this hole from the drain in order to “chope” the basketball court. There’s also a vague memory of a 20 people (half the class) basketball match where I laughed more than I ran. There was also a period of time where I left house at 730am on Sunday mornings for basketball before my tuition class at 9am. And there was a random discussion on how if you shoot the ball skilfully (without the rebound from the board) the ball will give a “woosh” sound if there’s a net. All these memories sound rather amusing now that I think back on those days..

3. 最大的奢侈是在书局
The most luxurious thing to do was to go shopping in the bookshop.

Bookshop-shopping is a hobby that lasted throughout my life. Primary school bookshops are the worse of them all – there always seem to be a million and one items enticing you to purchase. I’ve bought things like origami paper (you know the ones that only have 1 gold and 1 silver piece) of all sizes, folding stars paper, the colourful crayons that can connect and build airplanes, animal erasers which are not meant to be used, multiple notebooks of different designs, fanciful autograph books (I had my first one in Primary 3/4 and it was of a cat design), colour pens (expensive but you need them to make your autograph book entry fanciful) and I even bought those dress up flat paper dolls! In secondary school, a large portion of my allowance went to buying fanciful letter sets for letter writing. Right now, I still have a huge bag of unused letter sets and tons of stickers. The next “indulgence” would be the frequent visits to Comic Connection. Nope I was not there to buy comics (The only comic I bought was 3 books of the Deathnote series), I was there to purchase idol photo cards. (Oh gawd what did I just admit to.) Back in the days, 5566 was a top favourite (after my obsession with MVP 情人) If I’m not wrong, I had a 孟哲 card in my wallet. Oh wait I suddenly remember I collected 还珠格格 cards back in Primary school too! It was like 20cents/card out of that turning machine.

“好像是谁买了最多照片,长大以后,谁就有资格嫁给他。 你写他三百三十三封(信)他都不会回。”
I’m glad to say that I have never wanted or dream of marrying any of my idols..

I even bought an idol (can’t remember who :/ ) poker cards for my friend from Comics Connection too! There was a time when the badge thing was pretty trendy and my friend gave me a badge with 牛奶 (Energy)’s face! Another frequent purchase of mine would be the colourful Uni-ball 0.38 Signo gel pens that I will buy for notes writing. I am still using this series of pens today.


I used to buy the Play Designer Magazine ($9.90) alongside with Teens and Teenage as long as they contain images of my favourite celebrities (My first obsession was A1, then simple plan, switched over to c-pop 5566, Jay Chou and Fahrenheit飞轮海, Yoga Lin林宥嘉 and later on K-pop). Well, it is only considered a “favourite” of mine if I am willing to spend money to buy their real albums from CD-rama/HMV/Sembawang. Album prices range from $16.90 to $29.90+ and it was pretty expensive and I had to save up just to buy them!  Now that I am older, I’ve stopped buying these dust-collectors and listen to music on spotify/YouTube instead. To be honest, I am still thinking of what to do with all these albums and magazines which I have yet to throw away.. Despite growing up (supposedly more sensible against buying useless items), the shopping for stationery/toys has not stopped. Two years ago, I spent quite a bit on nano blocks (both authentic and LOZ brand from taobao) and I think I still have more than 10-20 boxes unbuilt and untouched for more than a year. With the discovery of Taobao shopping, I started buying more notebooks/diaries (in the name of travel) and stickers (just cause it is cute). I even bought the Secret Garden colouring book together with a box of 36 colour pencils during the 11.11 sale and I barely finish 1/5 of a page. Seems like stationery-buying will still continue for me despite not having much use for it anymore.

4. Chain Letters 

Unlike the movie, the chain letters of my time came in the form of emails and SMS-es rather than physical letter. I don’t think I have ever received a physical handwritten one before *touchwood* I’m glad that the SPAM filters for gmail is good enough now to block out all the stupid Chain Emails. In the past, it is not uncommon to see “If you do not forward this message to XX of people, you will be cursed/bad luck for XX years or something like your crush will never like you and all that stupid nonsense”. Given my bo chap attitude, I’m glad to say that I am not a contributor of any of such Chain emails and SMSes.

4.1 (Side track) SMS in the early 2000s

 (Img Cr)

Chain Letters and Emails aside, I enjoy creating and sending SMS Art back on my old Nokia 2100 phone (Read me handphone memories).


☆.´ `. ☽¸.☆
( , ,)( , ,).

The biggest challenge back then was to restrict such messages within 160 characters. As a result, SMS language started to evolve and ppl kip finding new methods 2 reduce the # of characters typed out.sometimes u may haf 2 reduce alléspacesinursentence to reduce the characters count. Tmr (tomorrow), w8 (wait), luv or <3 (love), pls (please), b4 (before).

I vaguely remember a transition period whereby some phones can send more than 160 characters but it will be counted as 2 SMS sent but if the receiving person doesn’t have that ability, the messages will be split up into separate text messages. Back then, the hardest issue I had was to decide which messages to delete away from my inbox. If I’m not wrong, the inbox can only hold 30-35 messages but you can transfer messages to certain folders like DRAFTS and store more messages. If your inbox doesn’t have any space but there’s an incoming message, you will see this blinking mailbox icon and a text like “There is no more space for new messages. Please delete to receive new ones” or something along that line. The 160 characters count was “forgotten” in the earlier editions of iPhone and i ended up exceeding my SMS quota every month (despite having 1000). I ended up paying for a paid jailbreak app called “BiteSMS” (US$9.95) just to get the character count back before apple rectified that problem.

The worse memory of them all.. receiving your bill and getting scolded by your parents for exceeding the SMS entitlement. It was $5/100 SMS and the most common plan only had 360 SMS if you are Singtel or 300/400 if you are M1 Subscriber. There were friends sending more than 1000 SMS per month and they end up paying $30-50 more and it was quite a lot of money back then in comparison to my weekly allowance. Thankfully, M1 recognized the crazy demand for SMSes and created the 1000 SMS Student Plan which I was a loyal subscriber for many years. Anyway, I think I got scolded quite badly and I started counting the number of SMSes I sent every month? I think the method was learnt from my friend – saving the number of SMS sent as a contact in your phone, usually “A” since it will be at the top if you press the down button on home screen. After every SMS sent, you have to diligently edit that contact info. It was hard work but you had to do it or risk getting scolded.

Back then when I got scolded for exceeding SMSes quota, my mum couldn’t understand why people had to text. She thinks that it is so much easier communicating over the phone and that spending 5 cents to send “OK.” was a waste of money. It cost at least 30 cents to decide on a meetup with your friend if you’re discussing about where, what, when and how. Well, those days are all in the past as now we all use “Whatsapp” or iMessage as the free alternative.

 (Img Cr)

Apart from SMS, you can also send textpics (such as above) to your friends. If I’m not wrong, it cost the price of 6 SMS ($0.30) to send something like that across and the worse part is not every phone can receive it. If I’m not wrong, you can even set it as a “Banner Design” on your phone’s home screen. Nokia 2100 has the textpic editor and you can play around with the pixels until you get the perfect picture you want. Some people even pay money to download cool and interesting designs. This paid download thing used to be so popular in the past – there were advertisements daily on New Paper and magazines and the downloads were definitely not cheap! You could download ringtones, textpics and games (later editions) but I have never downloaded anything before. I was too prudent on my expenditure (aka stingy).

There’s still so much to talk about phones (especially the progressive upgrade of the colour devices) but I guess I shall save it for another time.

  5. Writing Letters to friends/classmates

In the movie, the context was more of chain letters but in my own memories, I’ve written a few hundreds of such letters to my friends, classmates and CCA mates. Now that I look back, how on earth do I have so many things to tell my friends whom I meet on a daily basis? (Oh wait, instant messaging wasn’t that popular back then) I have a box (Girl Guides Cookies Metal Box) of letters for my collection of letters in 2004 and another box containing the letters/cards from 2005 onward. Nevertheless, it was fun and enjoyable to receive letters/presents on your table every morning or when you return from recess. This was extra exciting during the Angel & Mortal game that we were forced to play. I gave my mortals ridiculous presents all the time and it was funny to see how they struggled with it during the day. There was once my gift to my mortal was a beach ball but he was so smart and deflated it. Anyway, since writing letters (you need to know how to fold it in the method which conceals the letter) was cool, buying fanciful letter sets and colour pens and stickers was way cooler. Impress your friends with your wide collection (a huge portion of my money was sacrificed at $2.55/set of 5 from the Bugis Stationery shop. We only discovered the $1+/3 sets from Popular in upper secondary). My favourite collection is the Little Twin Stars letter sets and stickers which I use it sparingly. If you’ve received something of Little Twin Stars from me back then, you must have been somewhat important but my collection grew over time so.. you need to know when was the “golden time”. I was well known for writing long letters with tiny and neat handwriting. Few years back, I attempted reading letters out of my boxes and the conversations were pretty trivial and some were like just “for the sake of writing”. Now that I’m older, I can be honest with myself that half of what I wrote was bullshit. Oh and valentine’s day was a big thing in school because it was aka Friendship Day and people usually prepare things for one another. I vaguely remembered that I handmade something for the whole class before and there was one year in JC I did balloon sculpting of flowers and gave it to whichever of my friends who wanted them..

I love letters/postcards (I still do..) but I kind of got a little more realistic on the writing. Like I wouldn’t be expecting any letter from my friends unless it is Christmas and likewise my friends should not be expecting anything from me. Back in the days when I was in USA, I sent out a couple of letters but no one replied me. I used to bring this red notebook containing my friends addresses when I go overseas cause it’s pretty lame to “ask for address” and your friend will ask you “why” and they know they are expecting something and it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. The most random postcard I sent was to a radio DJ who was so happy that he posted the picture online. Oh, and I remember the postcard I sent home from Niagara Falls reached my mailbox the same day I landed in Singapore. Beautiful Travel Memories – why did I stop? I guess I should start it all over again.

In the new age of modernity and technology, the traditional forms of communication has been replaced by the faster and instantaneous messaging apps. Looking back, I don’t even send emails to my then penpals anymore. If needed, we communicate via facebook status/photo comments or facebook chat. Gone were the days of waiting and anticipation. Everything now just happens. Kind of gotten a little emotional on this topic but let’s move on.

6. Skating Rink

In the movie, the two leads skipped school to visit a skating ring and the guy later on got into a fight. I don’t have any relevant experience on 翘课 as I’m a pretty good student. The “worse” that I have done was to pretend that I’m sicker than I really am and not go to school. Back then, you don’t have to visit a doctor to get a medical certificate to be absent from school. A parents letter will suffice. My only memories of skating would be at the old ice skating rink at Kallang Leisure Park. I think I only skated twice or thrice in my life and it’s been something I was never good at. I was highly dependent on the metal bar for support. Not much memories on this I guess.. I think I was fifteen the last time I skated and it was at the Jurong ice skating rink. Both has been renovated since then.

7. Studying at McDonald (and other places like Airport, Library, Food Court & Starbucks)

Since it is a movie about school, you obviously have to have a “studying” scene and yes I can relate with Studying outside very well. I have snippets of memories here and there and let’s see how it flows. Studying at Macs – I’ve done that at the Parkway Mac’s (especially before and after tuition) and Bedok (Princess Theatre) Mac’s. Well, it was kind of embarrassing to admit that there was once we studied/do homework at their birthday party area for a few hours without purchasing a single thing but nobody chased as out. Airports used to be “well-known” for overnight studying but it wasn’t possible in the later years as they removed the free tables at the viewing galleries. You have to pay for a drink at a coffee place or fast food joint and it can be quite noisy (unless you’re studying overnight). Studying in the public library is one epic experience of a lifetime. There was once my friend came like 20 minutes before the Tampines library open and there was already a queue. The moment the door opens, she had to run up the stairs to grab a seat plus use her bag, umbrella and water bottle to chope the seats for us (as we were late). There were even unlucky ones without a seat despite arriving on time. I don’t mind studying in the library if I’m alone and only needing to read my notes (without needing the table). I frequent the Bedok and Marine Parade library often on weekends to sit down on a couch, enjoy the strong aircon with my earphones and read my notes. Another memory place for me would be Singapore Post Center in Paya Lebar. I used to study there on Sundays, ignoring all the hustle and bustle of the noisy crowd. We could sit there from morning all the way till night.


Photo taken at T3 Food Court while we were studying (See my polka dot pencilcase as evidence). This random small boy came over to our table and bang bang bang..

To be honest, studying outside is only useful when you are practicing math with people either better than you or lousier than you. You can either ask for help from the smarter ones or test yourself by helping out the lousier ones and it is a win-win situation for all. However, when it comes to memorizing subjects like history, studying outside can be a great disaster unless you really have 0 self discipline and you will fall asleep if you’re alone at home.

Anyway, I realised that most of my studying memories were pre-university. Because when you reach university, your school fees are so expensive that they build fanciful libraries and study rooms for you to do have group meetings or study in. To be honest, when you’re in university, you barely have enough time to finish your weekly tutorials and studying is mainly done just before the mid terms or during the recess week before the final exams. Don’t really have interesting memories of university studying; or perhaps I didn’t study as much as compared to my younger days..

8. Visiting the Beach

In the movie, there was the scene which showed the friendship between the two male leads playing at the beach together with a friend that passed on. Although I visit the beach often, I rarely end up in the water except at Sentosa and overseas or during orientation/school camps.

w0oshing.039 w0oshing.038

DSC00402 DSC00414

Maybe my love for the beach started back in Primary School. Most, if not all the schools I attended, have activities at East Coast Park. Be it PE lessons, cross country, camps or cycling or even sports enrichment -wakeboarding, I always end up at ECP at least twice a year. My friends and I also enjoy chilling out at the beach, enjoying the sea breeze, sitting on the breakwater and talk about anything under the sun. There were happy memories, sad memories and ridiculous memories. One of which was that a group of us, went to ECP after our examinations to cycle. We cycled to bedok jetty, sat down on the bench and played the Loot (Pirates) Card Game (A game that never fail to make us quarrel) until there was only 15 minutes left for our bicycle rental before speeding back to return the bikes. (Can’t believe I manage to dig out photos of that very day) We used to play bowling at ECP too – there were two alleys – both gone with the ever changing development. I planned some camp activities at the beach before, I was a marshal for a duathlon, we did prawning at ECP, lots of cycling (even till today – my favourite gardens by the bay route). I guess ECP will be a place filled with many memories and many more to come 😉

9. Karaoke

Although karaoke wasn’t covered in the movie, they visited a “movie box” (dark room with TV screen) which reminded me of many happy days at KTV sessions. I love to sing, though I got to admit that my voice ain’t of competition standard, but at least I dare to sing out/loud and not mumble when I’m holding the mike. Karaoke used to be associated with the sleazy lifestyle but with the entrance of Kbox, it became more of a friends and family kind of fun. I vaguely remember visiting various branches of Kbox – Marine Parade, eHub, Kallang Leisure Park, Marina Square, Suntec City, Cineleisure, Scape, Orchard Parade Hotel and I’m pretty sure quite a number of outlets has closed by now. My most favourite time slot was the KLunch because it was the cheapest time slot. From $9++ (maybe adding up to the most $12), you can enjoy a bento set (nothing fancy), a drink and 3 hours of singing. I brought my family there once or twice and it was funny to hear my dad singing oldies and it came to a conclusion that my family has flat voice =/ My friend introduced me Teo Heng (Katong Branch) back in 2007 and I have been a convert since then. Teo Heng was so much cheaper especially if you are in a big group. Their weekday prices are like $6/hour for the small room and if you get the 1PM to 7PM package (6 hours), it is only $30! It was so addictive that we went almost weekly during the school holidays! Even though it is already 2016, their prices remain low and it is only $8/hour for the small room on weekend! Furthermore, there’s a 5+1 promotion whereby your 6th hour will be free! The best part about Teo Heng is you can bring outside food and drinks inside! Often, I will buy my favourite chicken rice from the basement of Katong Shopping Center (Price has inflated from $3 to $4 for the cheapest) which comes with a lot of “Achar” vegetables. Next, proceed to buy a cup of bubble tea from the shop outside or the banana tart (not sure if the shop is still in operations) from the basement shop. When it comes to Karaoke, some of these singers came to my mind: 周杰伦,曹格,陶喆,FIR,张韶涵,孙燕姿,TANK, 蔡旻佑,罗志祥,蔡依林,杨丞琳,5566,183 Club,林俊杰 and various duet songs like 天天夜夜,珊瑚海 or 今天我要嫁给你。Today, (depending on whom I’m with) we may end up singing the popular Korean songs (I can read hangul as alphabets). I remember my korean friend was surprised when I said I wanted to visit a Noraebang and they got even more shocked when I could sing some of their songs. The best thing about Singapore’s korean songs is that you get to watch the original MVs unlike in Korea where they play “fake MVs” as the copyright issues are pretty serious over there. There are days I will just choose songs from my idols in order to push their songs up the charts or just to watch them on a bigger screen. Good old karaoke days.. I’m glad that I’m still doing it 🙂

10. Idol chasing and buying concert tickets

In the movie, the female lead was smitten over Andy Lau and she writes fan letters and dreams of marrying him some day. For myself, the idea of idol chasing has been pretty much a struggle within my head as sometimes I would rather not associating myself with it. I enjoy listening to music and my first celebrity “crush” was Ben from A1. (Glad to have seen him from afar at HMV couple of years ago) I don’t remember what drew me to him but he sings really well and maybe that’s why, though my friend thinks it was the funny M hairstyle. After that, I discovered Simple Plan while watching their “I’m just a Kid” MV on MTV channel. I thought that song was pretty cool, catchy and probably something I could relate to at that age. Back then, i was their first single and they were not famous back then and suddenly 2 years later after their hit single “Perfect”, they became very famous. I used to listen to Perfect 10 every night on my radio while doing homework and it was the BoyBand and Britney Spears era. After My MVP Valentine, 5566 became a idol group that I took note of. When I was secondary 2, I suddenly realised that Jay Chou 七里香 album is very nice (I didn’t like his rapping and noisy songs like 龙拳) and suddenly I switched to C-pop on UFM 100.3. I still remember bringing my earphones (has the radio function on mobile phone) to school everyday so I can hear Pornsak on radio when I am on my way home. He had this special segment called 泰精彩. Look at Pornsak now, he’s a top host on channel 8. I guess I’m pretty spot on on appreciating budding talents. Anyway, so i switched over to chinese radio. During that time, I was kind of addicted to Taiwan Dramas. My mum and I would pay money to rend VCDs (yes one episode per disc) and binge watch the various dramas and soon she started buying.. The first drama that I saved up for was 海豚湾恋人! It came in this metal box with a zip. I think I still have it around. Anyway, So during this popular Taiwan drama era (where dramas were shown on Channel U every night). My favourites included 恶作剧之吻,王子变青蛙,花样少女少女,命中注定我爱你,换换爱,恶魔在身边,雪天使 and the list goes on and on..

Anyway, for whatever reason I cannot remember, I ended up at 飞轮海 autograph session (my first) at IMM and yes I bought an album. Since it was my first time, I did not know what to do and obediently queued all the way back at the carpark and there were so many people around! Eventually, I decided to give up my queue slot (which I wouldn’t even have made it to the stage) and went to the side of the stage and see them for a short while and I met this girl who just came down from stage with her autographed Lyrics book. I asked her how long she queued and she said she came at 5PM (I came at 2PM). Grrr. Apparently she squeezed her way in moments before they started.. must have been a seasoned 追星族. The session was so badly managed and I’m pretty sure they underestimated the turnout that day. It was such a bad “pre-first” time experience and I thought that I shouldn’t do it again (and it’s something I try to hide from most people around me). Little did I know back then that it was the start of my journey. Along came 林宥嘉 and K-pop (after 2009) and before I know it, I was attending (overseas) concerts, autograph sessions and even meeting up with like-minded fans (some of which eventually became my good friends that I meet regularly).

I used to think that idol chasing is a waste of time and it is ridiculous and embarrassing to be seen doing and I try to not let many people know about my secret obsession. (Not many of my friends read my blog and this entry is long enough to deter people from reading till the end). To be honest, I still do think that it is a waste of time and on a crazy level, I would rate myself as 6/10 and things have toned down by quite a lot since 2011. However, I don’t regret the things that I have done, experiences I had and the coverage I received in my blog while writing about Kpop/drama and more importantly, the friends that I’ve made because of K/Cpop. Met up with a couple of them (including the international ones) and I’m glad to say that we still converse occasionally on Facebook even though we are no longer active in our past obsession.

Moving on.. Likewise in the movie, buying concert tickets is definitely not an easy feat. I only attended my first paid concert back in Jan 2008 (Jay Chou) because it was only then I was capable of earning my own money via my ice cream part time job. Yea, imagine burning a portion of my hard-earned wages for the month of December for Jay Chou. Memories. Apart from the financial burden, do you know how hard it was to get tickets? There was once I couldn’t get through the website + hotline and I went all the way down to sistic counter only to realise that there were many people in the not-moving queue. That was the one and only time I visited a sistic counter on the sales day. Back then, I had to borrow my mum’s OCBC credit card to qualify for the pre-sales. When i eventually applied for my own OCBC credit card, life was so much better. ha. Over time, I gained enough experience and standby with a desktop + laptop + handphone to call the hotline + mobile app. It is often a nerve wrecking experience as you have to decide whether which category of tickets to buy, whether to buy a ticket with a lousy view or risk getting nothing at all. As I speak, the next Jay Chou concert ticket sales will be starting next week and I’ll have to go through this battle all over again.. Well, at least I’m luckier than the female lead in the movie – I get to watch the concerts that I want to. I guess it’s because Singapore’s market is relatively small to begin with.



It feels good now that I’ve written down some of my memories that I haven’t touched for a really long while. I guess I should do more of these throwback entries once in a while. If you’ve read this through till the end, I apologize for the bad english and Thank You 🙂

Next entry will be on my upcoming Aussie trip!

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